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Organic Toothpaste

Do you much prefer organic food versus conventional supermarket?

Judging by the meteoric rise of the global organic movement, the chances are that you’re a an active believer . 289 more words

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Daenerys Targaryen Has Perfect Teeth

Khaleesi The ‘Dragon Queen’

Has Immaculate Chompers

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Mombella Octopus Doo Teether


Octopus Doo was created in 2015 after two years of extensive research done by the creator of the Mombella brand. It is Mombellas’ very first teether toy so as there are tons of teething aids on the market already, some of which are classed as high end, how does the Mombella Octopus Doo compare? 399 more words


All Of Us At Neesh Dental Are Fluent In The Language Of Patient Banter

Other replies include …

  • How ‘Bout Those Riders?
  • WURBGUR (awesome)
  • Did You Watch “Game Of Thrones’ Last Night?
  • DWIGIT (did I?!?)
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Toothpaste, mouthwash or the dentist? THIS is the best way to whiten your teeth

IF TEA, coffee and red wine are regulars on your shopping list, the chances are your smile isn’t as pearly white as it once was.  Even if you only indulge in them occasionally you might still be hankering after a gleaming mouth, because teeth naturally get yellower with age.   229 more words


Deep Cleaning: What it means to you

You’re a good person – you pay your taxes, pick up litter, and make it to the dentist every 6 months. Now you’re being told you may need a deep cleaning…but don’t you clean your teeth every day? 646 more words

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