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Drinking From Her

Her lovely fingers

Running through my hair

As she rides my face

Her sweet core

Grinding against my mouth

My tongue buried deep

As I drink her delectable cum

Creative Writing

Dancing Out Of Town : Strippers Giving Head On The Dance Floor?

I met a really nice person a few weeks ago and he asked me a really confusing question. The question was basically “What’s more important? Respect or money?” This question was confusing to me because I guess I assume everybody thinks I don’t respect myself since I’m a dancer, but the longer I dance the more I see crazy things. 1,603 more words

Adult Entertainment

"Please Sir, Please Let This Filthy Slut Cum"; My First Sub - Part Two

The hotel was inexpensive but pleasant. I arrived about an hour early with refreshments for later, to look at the space, to work out what I could utilise to tie Naomi up to and to ensure we would be okay there. 1,833 more words


Perks of Dating a Co-Worker

My shift at the store was with Israel today. Sooo nice. We were pretty unprofessional and had millions of cuddly PDAs and shit, but who cares. 1,013 more words


Submissive Is Dominance - An Excerpt

-Bound and Blindfolded-

The room is dark.

She is nervous, but foremost, she is excited.

Her body tingles. This is an enormous step. She is ready to completely embrace her wild. 206 more words

Amazon Kindle

After having my crush cancel on the Opera, and then dealing with his nonsense during the day via text, all of us girls at work were pretty hyper. 1,063 more words