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Erica was both nervous and excited. She was camera shy, but wanted to take these photos, just for herself if nothing else. Mostly to see if she could see what so many other people, including her husband, seemed to see that she could not. 841 more words


my naked lover of hard pleasure 

My naked lover of hard pleasure fingers me open with a hot touch, kinky kissing of ears and chest, slowly stroking, squeezing bare balled, taut nipples licked wet, then… 29 more words

6 Steps for Overcoming Anxiety About Oral Sex

The level of vulnerability and intimacy involved in cunnilingus can feel uncomfortable and even intrusive to many women. But when we start thinking too much about going down on our partner or having them go down on us, it ruins any chance of pleasure. 683 more words

Love + Sex

Make love to me.

Meet me by the door when you come home after a long day at work.

Reach out and stroke my face with your fingertips before sliding your hand… 495 more words


First Date

I promised you tales of my past sexual exploits and to start off I thought I might tell you about the time I gatecrashed a first date while out for a drink with a friend and ended up getting fucked. 1,135 more words


Diary entry: 8/25/17

Perfectly polished rose gold glitter nails against the erected darkened flesh is, without a doubt, something to marvel at. Reflecting candlelight from around the room, the skin dances in delight. 59 more words