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Pass My Mouth Around

We talk dirty while we have sex. We tell each other dirty things. What we like, and what we want to do, and what secretly turns us on. 808 more words


Kindred Spirits

The last few days have been rather interesting on both my and Ben’s end. On the weekend, we were visited by Amy, who we hadn’t seen for quite some time. 860 more words

Sex - Orally Speaking


 I remember Tony, a lifelong friend who I loved so much and miss dearly. Tony died from HIV/AIDS in 1995.  The early information on this horrible disease slowly came out in small newspaper articles, but was largely ignored until the number of infected and deaths were too many to ignore.   679 more words


Murray Duty #68 - The Two Wizards Who Hate Eachother

Grubbs and I decided to get drunk and talk some shht to eachother. We told some stories, read some texts, and then played a game of magic. 16 more words


Dear Diary: I Still Don't Have the Hang of Casual Sex

I had let myself out of Max’s house the next morning.  I had the day off and was trying to play catch up on life.  Happy to be in Kansas City I was replying to texts from Peter for my weekend agenda.  1,016 more words

Some of the pitfalls of learning the lifestyle

Not all in lifestyle just works. It is very hard to have a 4 way click with a couple without someone taking one for the team. 587 more words

Masturbation Meditation

I like to lay in fresh washed skin, slowly fingering my cock. A tumbler of whiskey rising and falling with each long deep breath. I focus on the golden waves rolling in the glass. 248 more words