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Heads, shoulders, knees and jizz

My bedroom ceiling is low, and he’s short. Not ridiculously so – though you wouldn’t know it from the fuss he’s made about it – but short enough that when he stands on my bed and puts a hand in the air, he can touch it. 538 more words


The Effects of Osteoporosis medications on Oral Health

The decisions that your dentist makes can be influenced by the medications that you are currently taking. Letting your dentist know all about these medications is very important prior to getting a dental treatment. 31 more words

Three Homemade Toothpaste Recipes – Better Oral Health for Less Cost – #Organic https://t.co/85pncokoZc

— Organic Lifestyle (@OrganicLife) May 25, 2016


Sertifikasi Halal apakah pada Makanan Saja ?

pengertian halal adalah diijinkan dalam mengkonsumsi makanan/minuman yaitu halal zatnya, halal cara prosesnya, halal cara penyembelihan hewannya, halal cara memperolehnya. Sertifikat halal adalah pengakuan dari pihak ketiga (dalam hal ini MUI=Majelis Ulama Indonesia untuk Indonesia) terhadap produsen makanan/minuman. 185 more words

Dear _____, - Journal Entry #8

Dear _______,

Visions of you float through my mind, as I lie back on my bed and make myself comfortable. I wonder just what you are doing right now. 674 more words

Journal Entry

Lick it!

I want to start this post by saying it contains explicit content, as I give you a step by step through oral sex. So if you are young and don’t want to know about oral sex please don’t read any further! 757 more words


Sex. Let’s talk about that for a minute.

I wish, when I was a teenager ready to make that leap, that someone had told me things about sex that no one talks about, other than abstinence, std’s, and safe sex. 369 more words

Everything Inbetween