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Sybil - Do you have an alternate personality?

Years ago, I read the story about Sybil, a woman with 16 distinct personalities, both men and women. Sybil was a child from an abusive family environment and used alternate personalities to cope with the many problems she dealt with. 333 more words

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You Sent Your Kids To College to do What?

Probably to get an education, but the students at Alpha Tau Omega chapter at Indiana University had other plans. The fraternity was suspended after a video depicting a hazing ceremony appeared on Twitter. 36 more words


Essential headings on the most proficient method to eat a young lady out

With regards to the ideal lick, it is savvy to focus on a couple of critical realities: how to fabricate trust, how to unwind your mate, and have some learning about affectability of the vulva zone by and large. 486 more words

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Release: "The Secret of Us Under The Coat Ch.3" by Ayakawa Riku

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

After the abrupt cliffhanger in the previous episode, what will become of Mikoshiba and Kusano’s relationship? This is the conclusion to the series. 50 more words


Release: "Jealous Heart" by Hanafuda Sakurano

Keita and Yuri are in a long-distance relationship. They’ve been apart for six months, and Keita is worried about the increasing emotional distance between them. He springs a surprise visit on her; however, Yuri seems to be upset over something. 44 more words


We had a fun night, and morning ;)

My uncle had a party so I drove the hour to go to that and then I met up with him at a bar in town, there was an awesome band that played. 580 more words

"Wife Swap" now available on Kindle Unlimited

Wife Swap ( 26,300 words) In a plot similar to their 1969 movie namesake, two couples Bob & Carol and Ted & Alice decide to open up their marriage and share some of their most intimate fantasies. 333 more words

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