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Oral Bacteria Linked to Increased Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

NEW ORLEANS — Researchers have known for years that poor oral health, including bleeding gums and lots of missing teeth, is associated with a higher risk of getting pancreatic cancer. 376 more words


What Your Trusted Irvine Dentist Can Do for Your Oral & Overall Health

There are a great number of people that do not undergo regular dental check ups. These people do not recognize the importance of keeping a healthy mouth. 101 more words

Medic or dentistry?

Perubatan atau pergigian?

Ha ha. Tentunya menjadi satu dilemma untuk pelajar yang nak jadi doktor ni. Saya nak share la masa saya dulu sebelum ambil dentistry, pernah terfikir nak ambil medic. 381 more words

April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April of each year marks Oral Cancer Awareness month as sponsored by various health organizations and the American Dental Association (ADA) in an effort to shed a brighter light on this often deadly disease affecting thousands each year. 134 more words