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Eating ass technically isn't a sin

Eating ass technically isn’t a sin, as sodomy by definition is the contact of the anus or mouth with a sexual organ. The tongue is not a sexual organ, so anus-to-tongue contact is not a sodomous act. 26 more words


Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease: Part 3

Blog Highlights Doctors and dentists recommend postponing any dental treatment until at least six months after your heart attack In some cases, patients may need to have their teeth treated in a more controlled hospital setting Mixing medications can lead to undesirable and potentially dangerous results Research has shown that oral health and cardiovascular disease are related. 8 more words

The Roommate

The club had been too loud for them to talk so they’d come back to Megan’s house and spent about three hours chatting, watching cartoons and looking at Megan’s drawings and art collection. 2,987 more words


Bored in Bed...

So this is my first post. I should say more and give some background, but I’m scatter-brained at the moment. Thinking about leaving my husband. He doesn’t make me orgasm anymore, doesn’t even try. 398 more words