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Cats can get oral papillomas too….

We had two of these cases within a few months of one another; luckily this publication had just come on-line……

Munday JS, Fairley RA, Mills H, Kiupel M, Vaatstra BL. 119 more words

Interesting Cases

Proposed Timeline

1: FORMS & CRAFT – PROSE. Andrew Zawacki. Essay. Written Work: 1/23/17.

2: AFRICAN-AMERICAN. Ed Pavlic. Essay.  Written Work: 2/20/17.

3: WORLD/VICTORIAN. Tricia Lootens. Teaching Portfolio. 13 more words


Bad Breath In Dogs Is History So At This Point The Modern Dog Gains From Oral Health

The association humans have with dogs could be the most outstanding relationship between man and animal in the history of time. The domestic dog dates so far back research reports some radically different observations. 29 more words


Oral Implications of Cancer Treatments

Most people know that cancer treatments may cause hair loss, but are less familiar with the oral issues that such treatments can cause.

What to Expect When Healing after Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is hard on the mouth, which is very sensitive. The healing is often gradual, so it is important not to rush back to normal mouth activity.

Oral Survival Guide

Aaaand we are back with the survival guides, since writing the last one about anal sex was so much fun. Today’s topic is oral sex. And I’m only writing about oral that is performed for the penis and the nearby areas. 1,690 more words

The Passion

Ikorodu Oral Hygiene Project

Our teeth are some of the most important tools in our body. Not only are they useful for biting, cutting, chewing and grinding food items, but are also important for the proper articulation of speech and for showing our happiness to the world, through smiles. 500 more words