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"Wife Swap" now available on Kindle Unlimited

Wife Swap ( 26,300 words) In a plot similar to their 1969 movie namesake, two couples Bob & Carol and Ted & Alice decide to open up their marriage and share some of their most intimate fantasies. 333 more words

Erotic Stories

Experience report: oral final exam

This past spring I taught a standard data structures course (stacks, queues, binary trees, heaps, asymptotic analysis, that kind of thing). Inspired by a group I participated in exploring pedagogy and course design—led by the wonderful… 1,996 more words


The Drip

My hand on your back holds you face down over your friend’s kitchen table, as I enjoy feeling your ragged breathing through it, and the diminishing gripping, twitching of your orgasm with the fingers I have in your cunt. 506 more words


Dick Phobia

I suppose dick phobia is an actual thing so big apologies to those that have ended up here thinking I’m legitimately scared of dicks. If it makes you feel better though, I do *kind of* have issues in the ‘loving penile’ department. 510 more words

Rambling Goat


Travaille les quatre notions du bac oral et ton expression d’anglais !

Stage chez Where is Brian à Draguignan pendant les vacances de Toussaint pour les élèves de Terminale ! 73 more words


"Performance Complex" by Saemon

Yuuma’s little step-sister Mayu is better than him in virtually everything, so he has a massive inferiority complex and takes out his frustrations on her. When she gets the top score on the latest test results, it’s the last straw. 77 more words