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Look into my eyes...

Sometimes you get a spirit or liqueur that is so pretty and tasty that it deserves a bit of love and attention. Especially when it isn’t very well-known… 325 more words

Cocktail Recipes

my name is vesper ... vesper bond!

strictly a vesper today is not what monsieur james bond would have had at the time when the books were written … simply because the recipe of one of the ingredients has changed over the years (as probably tastes have changed too)! 202 more words


Walnut Liqueurs

We have a couple of walnut liqueurs in the cupboard that we like to use occasionally to add some nutty complexity to cocktails. Oddly enough, neither is “regular” walnut – one is a nocino made with green walnuts and the other is black walnut. 638 more words

Angostura Bitters

cocktail dreams ... blue moon and bellini

cocktails are adorable! they simply always look pretty :)

high on the cute and wonderful scale for me is the blue moon

i mean what could look nicer than something purple with a glowing frozen raspberry inside? 425 more words


Satan's Whiskers

Following up on yesterday’s Grand Marnier post, I figured I’d share these photos of the Satan’s Whiskers cocktail I made:

A recipe for the Satan’s Whiskers cocktail taken from… 86 more words


Molinero Lite

I have to admit a deep and abiding love of shitty bears. Maybe it’s because I was raised in the Midwest, where for a good many decades a “microbrew” was Miller High Life. 227 more words

Summer Cocktails

The Manhattan Cupcake

Rich chocolate cupcakes with a hint of orange bitters, topped with a smooth, velvety, bourbon-infused buttercream frosting and a maraschino cherry – these cupcakes are a take on the classic Manhattan cocktail and are perfect for a celebration. 490 more words