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Blue Morpho Butterfly Cupcakes

Written by Georgie Baker

I’ll be honest: I don’t know if this is purely an expression of creativity or also an opportunity to flex on you all via a cupcake. 941 more words


Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

What’s not to like about chocolate orange?! Absolutely nothing! I’m not going to pretend these are healthy – there is no fruit in them. Being on a diet makes it really hard to keep the blog going, after all it wouldn’t be fair if I couldn’t taste everything I’ve baked…Its also hard to find ‘healthy’ recipes that are tasty and appealing – answers on a postcard though would be appreciated, drop me a comment. 333 more words


Colossal Carrot Cake

For the birthday of a friend who loves carrot cake and the Great British Baking Show, I made Ian’s Colossal Carrot Cake from season 3 (series 7 in the UK).  401 more words