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memories in a paper cup ... Orange Julius (Pineapple and Strawberry versions too)

Sitting at a traffic light not long ago, I looked up and saw something I hadn’t thought of in years: Orange Julius. Those frothy whipped orange drinks were a large part of my teenage years due to the enormous amount of time I spent at the local mall. 892 more words


Gramma Donna's Orange Julius

Well, not really.

Orange Julius was my favorite thing to get at the mall when I was a kid. I think that they used to put real milk and eggs in them.  420 more words

Raw Milk

Quick Hits

I don’t have a particular topic for today’s post. This is going to be a post of quick hits. I’m sharing some stuff that’s on my mind that either doesn’t merit a full post or might but I don’t feel like writing it. 893 more words


Orange Julius

Orange Julius Recipe

1 frozen banana

1 room temperature banana

1 cup frozen pineapple

1/2 cup orange juice

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 tsp vanilla… 13 more words

Cocktail Hour: {Orange Julius}

It’s the mall-walking drink from our childhood. That creamy, frothy orange goodness that we begged our mom money for while she got just one more store under her belt. 99 more words

Vegan Creamy Orange Smoothie

One of the easiest drinks to make and so creamy! It has been years since I have had an Orange Julius from the mall but this is exactly how I remember them tasting! 50 more words

Fully Raw

Refreshing Treats for Hot Weather

Check out my latest blog post for Martin’s Supermarkets: Pool Party! As the summer winds down, everyone needs some refreshing drinks and treats to cool down. 42 more words

Party Food