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Orange Moon

Above streets nobody cares for
against a cigarette smoke sky
like an Easter egg or a burn
orange moon


Orange Moon

Driving with my Mom, every once and a while she would say:
“look at the sky!”
“an Orange Moon!” we’d reply.
Then with our little eyes we would notice the Orange orb as it warmed our path, 111 more words


I saw an Orange moon it reminded me of you

I saw an 
Orange moon
it reminded
me of you
I love it when
that happens

My Thoughts

312 - Cloudy Moon

The moon tonight looked beautiful with its orange glow behind the light clouds. Unfortunately, the moon is too far away to zoom in on with the iPhone and get a crisp picture. 6 more words


A Quick Post of the Moon

A Quick Post of the Moon

Night Time Photography

I hunted for my 70-210mm lens, the biggest one I have and it is an antique almost. 126 more words


Falling Leaves

There are leaves falling
From the skies top
Swinging about in a dance
Rowing silently up and down
When the orange sun sets
And the sad squirrels sat… 68 more words