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How to make a dried orange wall hanging

At a previous post I showed you how to make lemon potpourri roses! It was still summer then…..! Now that the winter is so close, at home we started drinking again fresh orange juice every morning. 217 more words

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Orange Peel Waste Can Help Remove Mercury Pollution From Oceans

It’s estimated that the world yields 110 million tons of citrus fruits annually, with oranges accounting for more than half of that production volume. Given that not every part of the fruit is put to use, that’s a lot of waste. 6 more words



One of those “Aha” moments hit this morning while reading on existentialism and the absurd. From Thomas Nagel:

Why is the life of a mouse not absurd?

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Orange Peels

Orange Peel Inspiration

Now the fun post!  Here’s a few ideas for arranging your orange peel shapes.  If have seen (or sewn) an orange peel project you like, please link to it in the comments! 233 more words

Snowflakes Freezer Paper Shapes

Why you should not throw your orange peels in the garbage anymore!

Next time you think about throwing away one of these peels, you may want to have this information handy. ↓Read below↓

Who doesn’t love a delicious and juicy orange as a snack? 665 more words

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What you didn't know about Vitamin C.

Top 10 things to NOTE….

1.Studies have shown that Vitamin C can actually improve your mood.

2.Smoking reduces the amount of Vitamin C in your body. 96 more words


Orange Peels Spray

Post Credit To Mary Alice Smith-Nebraska

orange peels diced, rinsed and on the stove barely covered with water.. bring it to a boil with fresh water three times (you can save the pretty water for a spray bottle.. 7 more words