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Kitchen Hint of the Day!

Orange you glad……..

A cleaning hint for the oven – A self-cleaning oven can leave an odor after its done. Eliminate the lingering smell by turning down the oven to 350 degrees when it’s finished cleaning, then putting orange peels on a baking sheet inside. 22 more words


Citrus Eclipse

Come forth the winter’s peak. Although at first quarter of year, it is maybe a last of freezing cold climax before snow melts and the season tends its way to symphonies of Spring. 469 more words

Xmas Coffee!

Dear Friends! Oh it was such hard working season for me, that I did not write to you since ages! I promise this will not happen again! 118 more words


Why to do compost

I am happy to end the forth year of composting on the balcony. No worms added by me (but the nature brought 2 types), so only the summer Belgium warm and humidity are enough to transform my waste in soil and food. 125 more words


Halftime orange peels not enough to overcome 10 goal deficit

Hammond, IN-The Mighty Bits junior soccer team, currently ranked dead last in the 6-8 year old division, disappointed their loyal following yet again on Saturday after being left for dead by the Mini Cobras on a neglected soccer field in rural Indiana. 206 more words


Orange peels

Ways to use orange peels 🍊How to freeze oranges🍊

How to dry orange peels🍊

How to make dried orange peel powder🍊
Orange peel is full of vitamins as healthy as orange plus there are so many ways can be used. 299 more words

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

Use those Orange peels……

After you’ve peeled an orange, stick a small of the rind in a sealed container with brown sugar, fresh herbs, or anything else that easily dries out. 14 more words