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NAMIBIA: Peaceful And Expensive, Be Aware Of Tourist Robbery Always Coordinated By Taxi Drivers.

Namibia is in Southern Africa, bordering South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Zambia and the Atlantic Ocean.

Formerly a colony of Germany, Namibia was administered by South Africa under a League of Nations mandate after WWI, and annexed as a province of South Africa after WWII. 7,307 more words

Fish River Canyon, Namibia

STOP 30 | Day 92 to 93 |

Just when we thought we had seen all the beauty Namibia had to offer, we were in awe of our next stop – Fish River Canyon. 475 more words


A Blog Post About Human Development. And Town Meetings. And A Question about Cricket.

Being in the middle of nowhere has its perks.

I’m surrounded by endless desert on two sides, a perennial soul-soothing river to my south and a mighty, frigid ocean to the west. 1,402 more words

Orange River & Fish River Canyon

We were a few days into our trip and across the border into our first country – Namibia! Excitement levels were high and we only had a short distance to cover to get to our camp, Felix Unite Provenance Camp on the Orange Fiver. 283 more words