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Sunday Painting

Painted with some MOPAPA friends this past Sunday. Pink carnations in a green glass vase. 9×12 oil on Centurion panel.

The Shooting Star

Taking inspiration from the universe I have tried to create a dish inspired by the concept of shooting starts. It’s made up of orange cake, strawberry coulis and coffee crumb. 344 more words


Blueberry Orange Walnut Scones

Lots of people cook, but not everyone can bake. There is something really wonderful about baking. I love the smell of aromatics from the kitchen, especially on a toasty morning with chilly briskness in the outside air. 226 more words

The Low-Glycemic DIet


Blood oranges are still in season and they add an amazing flavour to this warming stew. Along with the smoked paprika, you are left with a warm, sweet and smokey stew that will give you the pick me up we are all hoping for this time of  year! 211 more words

Easy Recipe

Pieced Prototype Placemats

I’ve had a hankering to do some piecing and quilting lately, so prototypes it is! At this stage, I’ve been working on placemats made from two different sizes of squares. 102 more words


Light, More Light

Light, more light with each day is seen!  My cats, meek and mild and mostly quiet the cold Winter long, have come alive.  Bonkers they drove me yesterday!   303 more words