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Animals Abound in Sepilok

One of the great places to see in East Malaysia is Sepilok. Sepilok has no real town to speak of but the reason you might find yourself there is to watch nature, and boy is there a lot of nature to watch! 408 more words


Cat statues and more monkeys- 5 days in Borneo

We’re on our way back to the Malaysian mainland after five days on Borneo. Borneo has always conjured images of Survivor-worthy remote jungle frontiers and we certainly caught glimpses in our brief time here. 738 more words

Architect Designed Orangutan Enclosure, Perth Zoo

In the world of architect designed homes, no client is off limits. Here is the home designed for Orangutans at Perth Zoo by Iredale Pedersen Hook


Sandra The Orangutan And Her Human Rights

Buenos Aires Zoo has yet another high-profile resident, in addition to Arturo the depressed polar bear.

The Association of Professional Lawyers for Animal Rights (AFADA) will soon make their case in court on behalf on… 261 more words

This Is Normal Animal Behavior, Right?

Well if the lazy fuckers at the zoo aren’t going to take care of business, SOMEONE has to.

Via Animals Media


On Saving "the Man of the Forest"*

“Kenapa orangutan perlu dilindungi?” Bahwa hal ini menjadi pertanyaan saja merupakan sinyal bagi kita untuk melakukan sesuatu. Sekarang pertanyaan ini yang muncul. Bagaimana jika nanti pertanyaannya menjadi “kenapa manusia perlu dilindungi”? 444 more words

Cop School

Sarawak - Borneo

For the second leg of our Borneo trip we flew into Kuching, Borneo’s most stylish and sophisticated city which brings together a selection of cultures, crafts and cuisines. 592 more words