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Petition: Ban The Use Of Orangutans In The Boxing Ring

Please sign and share the following petition to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha of Thailand

Ban The Use Of Orangutans In The Boxing Ring

“Orangutans are interesting and amazing animals that should be living happily in their own natural habitat, climbing from tree to tree in fun and to forage for food.  511 more words

Animal Rights

Durrell: Monkeying Around

One of my most beloved of creatures are primates, from the critically endangered mountain gorillas to the orange man of the forest and the mohawk toting macaques to the ones with most hauntingly beautiful of songs – the gibbon. 1,032 more words


Why should I donate?

Well, for one, so we don’t have to post any more pictures of dead Orangutan’s killed because some fat kid wants skittles.  And more importantly, because rainforest is being cleared at an alarming rate to make way for palm oil plantations. 110 more words


There is definitely a buzz about Singapore.  It’s got that busy-bee vibe.  The busses are packed full of sweaty commuters whose shirts are wetter than a seal’s belly.   463 more words


Welcome to the Wild West....Northern Sumatra...

So we went to Sumatra. We had heard mixed reviews, one from a backpacker (negative) and one from friends who had gone to Lake Toba on holiday. 4,370 more words

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the zoo

my friends and i had it all planned out
when civilization collapsed
someone had to release
the animals at the zoo
some of that plan fell apart… 217 more words


Forest Forays and Food Fest in Kuching, Borneo

Arriving in to Kuching in the early afternoon, we immediately noticed the haze wasn’t as bad as Singapore (hooray!). We checked in to our hostel, Singghasana Lodge, decorated in a typical Sarawakan style with some great spaces for socialising including a rooftop bar, and headed out to find lunch. 1,630 more words