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How Can Planting a Tree Save an Orangutan?

How can planting a tree save an orangutan?

That is the same question we asked our friends at Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) when we heard about their Tree Planting Project—and the answer will amaze you. 1,234 more words


Race Preview: 2016 Outpace Extinction - Race For The Redheads

Outpace Extinction – Race For The Redheads is not a benefit for Axl Rose, Nicole Kidman, Bonnie Raitt, Conan O’Brien, Shaun White, Reba McEntire, Ron Howard, Mick Hucknall, or any other ginger-haired celebrities, nor is it a campaign event for Donald Trump. 220 more words


Did you know...

We bought National Geographic Kids magazine recently, because it has an article called Awesome Orangutans.

It contains lots of facts and cool photos all about orangutans and their habitat. 118 more words

Save the Environment in 5 Petitions

It’s difficult to always be wary of the environment – nowadays I can hardly eat due to avoiding palm oil, air freighting, milk, meat… So sometimes just taking a few seconds to sign a petition is an easy way to make the world around you a better place. 143 more words


In Borneo I was on a two week volunteering project that concerned the conservation of Borneo’s rainforest and the wildlife that calls it home. Borneo’s rainforest is rich with biodiversity, some of the most extraordinary in the world, and unfortunately deforestation and tourism are putting it a lot of it at risk of becoming extinct. 2,621 more words

Who wants to know about spiders? - Kinabatangan Jungle

Semporna is a world away from Mabul, the water brown with the saddening site of floating litter, clapped up cars chugging through the streets and daily life passing by for many fish and fruit sellers lining the street. 1,195 more words

O is for Orangutan - #AtoZChallenge

Here are three facts about orangutans:

1: A male orangutan can stretch his arms 7 feet wide.

2: Orangutans sleep in a nest made out of leafy branches in the trees. 12 more words

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