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Alternative Apes

Sometimes I wonder what humanity would be like if we had split off from a different species.  How many of the problems that afflict us as a species are the result of our unique evolutionary heritage? 1,084 more words


First days in the forest (Mar 14 2015)

(I’m entering some backlog here – couldn’t update from the forest.)

I made it to the forest after a slow 5 hour hike Mar 12, and my botany assistant joined me March 13. 340 more words

The Search for Palm-Oil Free Products: Shampoo Edition

I’ve mentioned before that palm oil lurks in all sorts of unexpected places. Unfortunately, there’s another factor that makes it even harder to avoid – the variety of monikers it can take on an ingredients label. 509 more words


The Marvels of Malaysia

It has been so refreshing to experience a different culture for the last ten days. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Malaysia as a holiday destination. The weather is beautiful, it’s clean, the people are friendly, the food is delicious and the wildlife is mesmerising! 2,933 more words

Weekly Updates

Friday Haiku: Budi & Jemmi

Budi and Jemmi
Love rambatan and guava
Gets kinda messy

(*Note: Sad story but they got rescued- Mashable.)

Find Out If Your French Fries, Lipstick, and Laundry Detergent Are Killing or Saving Orangutans and Tigers

Original post from Take Part

‘…….A ranking of fast-food, personal-care, and brand-name products shows whether companies are obtaining palm oil from deforestation.

(Photo: CIFOR/Flickr) 558 more words


Happy Ape-ril!

Ah March, I can’t say I’ll miss you… You and your awkward is-it-winter-is-it-spring weather games, teasing us one day with a warm, sunny afternoon and the next with gloomy snow flurries. 359 more words