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Vegetables again???

Every day I order the steak…

But all I ever  get is fruits and vegetables…

I am going to complain to the management…

Or maybe I will just eat some bugs…

Whatever, man…


Fast Food And Face Wash Might Drive Orangutans To Extinction By 2026

Palm oil is pretty useful stuff. It’s solid at room temperature, lacks trans fats, it’s cheap, and it yields the most oil per acre. So it’s in everything from fast food to soaps to biofuels. 224 more words

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World Orangutan Day

About a week ago we celebrated World Lion Day. Today we celebrate a different, long-limbed animal that likes to climb trees, the Orangutan. There are two species of this magnificent arboreal ape, both of which are facing potential extinction due to deforestation, poaching, the illegal pet trade and forest fires. 664 more words


The San Diego Zoo Puts A Bubble Machine In The Orangutan Enclosure

Bubbles are the best toy money can buy. Why? They’re cheap and EVERYONE loves them! Even orangutans!

The San Diego Zoo introduced a bubble machine into the orangutan exhibit for a little afternoon fun! 56 more words


Malaysia in 10 Days (12 days with travel time)

In a Nutshell:

  • SUPER cheap once you’re there :)
  • Fantastic, reliable, easy to use public transport (just avoid taxis in KL – rather use the trains).
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