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Malaysia & Thailand: 7/2 - 7/8

(Malaysia) Manana Beach >>> Kota Kinabalu >>> Sepilok >>> Sunau >>>
Kota Kinabalu >>> (Thailand) Bangkok

7/2- Enjoying Delectable Delights around Kota Kinabalu
7/3- Travel to Sepilok Jungle Resort and Movie Mania! 3,248 more words


Non-Human Medicine

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a doctor is a bright person in a white coat with a stethoscope around their neck, right? 289 more words

The Gentle Giants of the Forest


Their very name means “man of the forest,” and anyone who has ever seen an orangutan up close and personal will understand why these highly intelligent primates, with their human-like features and their acute sensitivity, are considered to be one of our closest living relatives. 536 more words

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The 46th book in the Elementary Explorer series, Orangutans covers the physical characteristics,  life, habitat, behavior, and conservation of orangutans.

Vocabulary: captivity, climate, conservancy, critically endangered, diurnal, endangered, extinct, mimic, omnivore, predator, solitary, territorial


Just came back from Borneo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, sorry for not posting anything. It’s because after I published ‘Journey Begins’ I went I a school trip only thirteen people went (including me) we went to Borneo I saw so many animals especially my life’s wish . 155 more words

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Orangutans-Endangered Species

The only way to keep the currently endangered Orangutan species from going extinct is to speak up about this incredible animal. This week lets learn a little bit more about Orangutans. 854 more words

Endangered Species

Help Carex come clean over palm oil, rainforests and orangutans

A Greenpeace video giving a slightly different view on the company. Make up your own mind.

Will you sign the petition and get Carex to do the right thing to protect our rainforests? 84 more words