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Orangutans in the Balance

Rainforest destruction, usually due to the demand for palm oil, is driving one of humankind’s closest relatives to extinction: the orangutan.

Orangutan means “person of the forest,” because when the Indonesian and Malaysian peoples first noticed them, they thought they were people hiding in the forest to escape becoming slaves or having to work for a living. 1,041 more words


What's the deal with palm oil?

It’s in cosmetics, food, toiletries, and dozens of products you probably use every day. According to Say No to Palm Oil, it can be found in 40-50% of household items. 1,001 more words

Green Living

Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue in Indonesia

This destination holds a special place in my heart. Ever since I saw its founder Dr. Willie Smits in a Dutch television show talking passionately about his dedication to fight deforestation, protect rainforests and rescue wildlife and the orangutan in particular, I knew I wanted to contribute to his work myself.  608 more words


Malaysian Borneo, Days 102 - 108

Borneo has planted itself firmly in the top 3 of our list of favourite countries, although it didn’t exactly get off to the best start. We had to get a taxi from the airport in Kota Kinabalu to our hostel, but when we got into the car our driver definitely did not look as though he was old enough to have a license! 1,502 more words

Round The World

The Problem with Palm Oil: Sustainability

This is Part II of an article I wrote about palm oil in December 2015: Palm Oil: Heart of Darkness — Doc Antle

A World on Fire…

1,086 more words

Daily Celebration of Forests... or Why Avocados and I Aren't Involved Anymore

Because every single day should be a celebration (read me finally awakening from my winter depression) I decided to indulge in a little challenge with you guys: celebrating each day’s hidden purpose. 836 more words


Sumatran Orang-utan

These ‘people of the forest’, so remarkably like us, meet us at their level in a carefully designed enclosure that makes for a satisfying encounter on both sides of the glass. 250 more words

Endangered Animals