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Unsustainable palm oil production

The palm oil industry has been linked to major issues such as deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty, indigenous rights abuses and many more, in countries where it is produced. 355 more words

Baby boy orangutan born at the zoo!

During our field trip at the National Zoo last Saturday, the researcher told us that a baby orangutan was being expected anytime. Here’s the good news from the zoo earlier today: 126 more words

Field Trip

Trekking jungle trails: Orangutans in Sumatra

Seeing Orangutans in Sumatra: A Travel Guide

The hardest thing about travelling in Indonesia is working out where to go. When Anjali and I arrived back in Jakarta, we were tired and hungry. 1,205 more words

Play, Newness, and You: How our environments help sustain – or squelch – innovation

What leads us to try new things? Although there are clear individual differences in our openness to novel experiences, an often overlooked factor that shapes –– and either propels or stalls ­­–– our readiness to explore and to innovate is our… 65 more words

Idea Landscapes

Orangutans and Technology

They’re very similar to humans — but can they game like us too? Katie Cincotta meets some orangutans at Melbourne Zoo who are doing just that. 341 more words


Adopt An Orangutan

Today I adopted my first Orangutan from WWF-Australia. His name is Koyah but he represents all the members of his species that WWF helps. I am very excited about this opportunity as the prevention of habitat loss in Borneo and Sumatra is something I am very passionate about. 98 more words


Wild Things at the Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Toronto

Canada’s first festival of its kind will host it’s second annual viewing September 16-18, 2016. The Festival will showcase content producers and storytellers of virtual reality and immersive 360 degree videos. 92 more words

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