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Visit These Places To Get Close With Endangered Animals in Asia

But hurry, because they may not be there in the near future!

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Slow Loris: Endangered and in my backyard in Cambodia… 839 more words

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Discoveries in Leeds Discovery Centre

This is the second year that I am teaching my module on the history of animals in colonial Asia. For this year’s class, I thought that it would be fun to see what local resources there might be in Leeds on the topic, and so my students and I took a trip to the… 677 more words


Let's Talk Sunday- Stories the media isn't reporting

Not too long ago I got the idea of doing posts on Sundays that involve me, just ranting or talking or creating discussion around important ideas or sometimes, not so important ideas. 1,253 more words


Major companies falling behind in the fight against unsustainable palm oil


Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world and its uses are ever-expanding, but its production continues to cause devastating destruction to the environment and wildlife. 658 more words


Singapore Zoo: Ultimate Paradise for Animal Lovers

Now you might think, what is so special about Singapore Zoo. There are zoos almost everywhere in every city but what makes this one unique? 657 more words


Orangutans, Unique Tea, Acceptance; Experiences in Borneo

Coffee stop 2: Borneo. I’ve gotta say that our trip to Borneo was not on top of the list for coffee but what we did find was a jewel for tea stops.   425 more words

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