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The Dreamer - Very Short Story

Madness is simply the description given to those that refuse to be a product of their time; to think boldly and to dream of things yet existing. 874 more words


Something Amis

In 1966, a Motown singer of moderate success called Jimmy Ruffin first posed the question ‘what becomes of the broken hearted?’ And it was in that same year, according to Martin Amis, that humanity discovered sex. 1,753 more words

Swapping Orbs

The year will end in shards of shining glass—

the days of life now known, now longed, now lived;

the crystal balls once full and promising… 78 more words

Earth's Wrath: The Rage of Fire

I have lived in darkness for the past three days.

I am alone in this small room with nothing but a bed, a pot for my wastes and a door. 779 more words

摩天楼オペラ (Matenrou Opera) - Orb Translation



After I kiss you goodnight, I wish only for one thing,
I pray for the happiness I wish for you, I pray for you. 294 more words

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Cloud Gate

Made up of 168 stainless steel plates welded together, its highly polished exterior has no visible seams. It measures 33 by 66 by 42 feet (10 by 20 by 13 m), and weighs 110 short tons (100 t; 98 long tons). Source: wiki


Circle of Life

An orb may represent the sun or eternity where there is no beginning and no end. It is also recognized as a symbol of faith. 6 more words