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UFO caught on camera inside Florida space museum

TITUSVILLE, FL – There are some strange things flying around in the night, in the dark.

Some people call them orbs. Others say they are just particles of dust, or moths, or bugs that get picked up on camera. 181 more words


Awkward bathroom moment.

I was sitting in the bathroom, minding my own business when I had the distinct feeling that there was some male presence in my hallway… 100 more words


Thoughts For Your Hole- "Instead Of...." by Smith Q. Johns

I think the names of pretty much all churches are god awful stupid (no offense God) but I think Church of Christ, Scientist is one of my favorite ones. 144 more words


Sabotage, plus cool photos of orbs and flowers.

If you think that me having my magic on makes me immune to the human condition, get ready for disappointment.  I’m fatally flawed. I’m a saboteur. 462 more words


dark sphere

Meaningless, except for having fun.


My 8-year-old son's fairies, orbs and otherwise.

Nearly every night I’m out taking orb photos and conducting experiments. Many fail, yet the one that seems to be liked by the spirits is what I call the  343 more words


trying to achieve more complex energy.. not sure if its working? ~

A bit over the top? Maybe you can help me decide with that..

I was trying to capture a real psychadelicy vibe.. These were done on illustrator, so it’s a bit hard to capture all the detail in an overall shot.