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160 Orb Summoning in Fire Emblem: Heroes

My mum is not a big fan of games, but for some reason she loves doing the orb summonings with me on Fire Emblem. So for the last month and a bit, I saved up all my orbs, so when she came to visit me in Melbourne, we could do one mass summoning! 303 more words

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Standing in the kitchen, staring blankly out the empty black hole that during the day is a large picture window looking out into our small part of the world. 272 more words

Magic Moments

Synchronicities, Seeing Signs and Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

According to Dictionary dot com, the definition of synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of causally unrelated events and the belief that the simultaneity has meaning beyond mere coincidence. 700 more words


A Quick & Easy Makeover

Here’s one of the quick little projects I’ve done recently.  I spotted this little scroll decor piece on one of the local buy/sell pages for $1 and just couldn’t pass it up.  120 more words


UK citizens approve of May #Brexit plan

A majority of the UK citizens approve of the government’s approach to leaving the European Union, a poll indicated this week after the Prime Minister Theresa May declared her priorities for negotiations. 235 more words


Can't Sleep?

I’ve never had a problem sleeping at nights. Not until recently. For the past week, I swear I’ve heard this scratching sound. But I passed it off as raccoons or such. 492 more words

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