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The “In Defense of National Identity” Argument: Comparing the UK and Hungarian Referendums of 2016

In 2000, the Hungarian academic Laszlo J. Kiss wrote, “By the end of the twentieth century, ‘nationalism’ had become a loaded term, generally associated with xenophobic ethno-nationalism and smacking of genocide and ethno-territorialism.” It is for this reason, he continued, that “there is a tendency to avoid discussing nationalism, national identity and the power of ethnicity in shaping policy” (Kiss 2000). 2,406 more words

European Union

Also in Media: "Viktor Orbán discovered the culprits of bolshevism in western europe" – Hungarian Spectrum - February 27, 2017

Orbán’s critics are up in arms. What an incredible leap from Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels to Lenin and Stalin. Accusing Western European politicians and intellectuals of being responsible for Stalinism or Maoism just because in the second half of the nineteenth century a German social scientist and philosopher developed a social model which years after his death was transformed in Russia into something that had nothing to do with Marx’s theories is preposterous.

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21st Century Feudal

The Gambit Of Welcoming European Refugees

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Hungary will welcome European refugees:

Of course, we shall let in true refugees: Germans, Dutch, French and Italians, terrified politicians and journalists who here in Hungary want to find the Europe they have lost in their homelands.

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La locomotiva

Alessandro Grimaldi

Annamaria è una giovane sindacalista del Magyar Szakszervezet Szovetseg il più grande sindacato ungherese, si occupa di giovani, pubblico impiego, pensionati, insegna all’università. È appena tornata da una conferenza a Tallin. 364 more words


Breve storia dell'Ungheria (post 89)

Mattia Collini

Ungheria, da una transizione di successo ad una democrazia autoritaria

“Orbán”, “euroscettica”, “autoritaria”, ma anche “filorussa” ed “anti-immigrazione”, la politica ungherese di oggi è per molti questa. 654 more words


Stipendi più alti per tutti

«Se ritenete che il sabotaggio sia tutta una commedia, quali sono allora secondo voi le vere cause dello stato insoddisfacente delle nostre industrie?» «Salari troppo bassi», rispose Rubasciov. 641 more words