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17 Rules to Handle Orbán's Regime

The subject of this article is not to label Orbán’s regime, or to debunk their lies and deception. It is an attempt to describe how to relate to his system – as a private citizen, a member of the opposition, or as a concerned western politician. 1,541 more words



Dallo spogliatoio del circolo tennis di quartiere ormai diventato il mio rapporto più diretto con l’ungherese tipo, ora che nn lavoro più negli uffici pubblici comunali e che nei peggiori bar della capitale se rivolgo la parola a qualcuno mi ritrovo con uno che mi ruba le noccioline dicendo eh ma erano proprio qua, sotto il mio naso.. 426 more words

DING DONG the EU is DEAD: Salvini and Italy boot borderless BankersReich

By John Miller

Friday the 1st of June 2018

Who wants to spend the next month drinking pints and watching the soccer as Italy hangs greedy Bankers and treacherous EU Bureaucrats from lamp posts with piano wire for looting and destroying their country? 390 more words

Az Orbán-Netanjáhú tengely

A magyar politika és Izrael viszony meglehetősen érdekes. A 90-es években a balliberális oldal szisztematikusan magáévá tette a Nyugat-fétist. Ebbe beletartozott az amerikai neokonzervatív külpolitika kritikátlan támogatása, minden valódi baloldali gondolat szisztematikus elhallgattatása és az antikommunista hisztéria csúcsra járatása, valamint a kritikátlan Izrael-rajongás. 787 more words


The World We Leave Behind

Now I Walk in Beauty

(After Native American chant)

Sphagnum models the woods,

every knoll,

fallen limb,


It cries its appeal to the birch on which it climbs, 919 more words

Orbán Has Taken EPP For a Ride (Again)

European politicians have too much on their plate so they are willfully naive when it comes to Orbán. When will they learn to deal with someone who lies? 689 more words


Is Orbán Soros' Most Successful Agent?

Think about it! If Soros really has agents as Orbán claims, Orbán must be one of them. And if Soros really has a plan to facilitate mass-immigration into the EU, Orbán is executing it. 1,343 more words