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Hungary's Orban welcomes Netanyahu, vows to fight anti-Semitism

BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday that his country stood firmly against anti-Semitism today after the “crime” of failing to protect its Jewish citizens during World War Two.

PM Orban tells Israel's Netanyahu Hungary has zero tolerance of anti-Semitism

BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Tuesday told his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu that Hungary may have committed “crimes” against Jews in the 20th century but will never again tolerate anti-Semitism.

Orban courts voters outside Hungary with grants, cheap loans

CANTAVIR, Serbia (Reuters) – Antal Kracsun was about to convert a barn next to his house into a pigsty to make ends meet, when a Hungarian government grant gave his small welding business in northern Serbia a shot in the arm.

Hungarian Jews ask PM Orban to end 'bad dream' of anti-Semitism

BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Hungarian Jews said on Thursday Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s billboard campaign against migration and foreign influence, using the image of U.S. financier George Soros, was a proxy for anti-Semitism.

Sallis is Right Again: Farstreaming

Orban moving right.

Read this.

Recall this?

Well, my comment that Jobbik is to Orban’s right no longer holds, because Orban has continued farstreaming to his right, while Jobbik has been mainstreaming to the center. ¬† 56 more words