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The Guns of Constantinople

By Roger Crowley

Gear, Military History

Early in 1452, a Hungarian cannon founder by the name of Orban arrived in Constantinople, seeking his fortune at the imperial court. 3,106 more words

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The Man Who Wasn't There

Hungarian daily Népszabadság published an interesting article titled „Kövér has had enough of Habony and Rogán, preparing for serious talk with Orbán”

According to the newspaper’s sources, Kövér (speaker of the Parliament and living conscience of Fidesz) is concerned about the less than transparent increase of  wealth of Orbán’s younger key men: Antal Rogán, propaganda minister (officially called the Minister leading the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister), and Árpád Habony, a man without any formal position or link to government or Fidesz, but who is believed to be one of Orbán’s most important advisers. 688 more words


Caro ministero, che cos'è un migrante?

Il ministero della pubblica istruzione ungherese ha emanato una circolare chiedendo ai presidi una lista dei “migranti” che figurano tra gli studenti del loro istituto. 364 more words

How the left has enabled the far-right

Donald Trump – the 45th President of the United States.

Picture that for a moment.

His face on all the TV screens at every American airport, welcoming you to what will officially be the country he’s running; he’ll preside over an office that was previously held by Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt; he’ll be the most powerful man in America, his home will be the White House, he will fly around in Air Force One, he’ll be… 1,245 more words


Propaganda Camp

On July 24, 2016, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held his annual speech at the Tusványos Summer University and Student Camp (Tusványos Nyári Szabadegyetem és Diáktábor… 2,294 more words


Orbán Brings Bad Luck

Hungarian journalists have long noticed that Orbán is the black cat of international politics. His visits tend to precede disasters and surprise election defeats, his endorsements are a kiss of political death. 411 more words


Orbán Endorsed Trump

“I listened to what Donald Trump said and I couldn’t have put it better myself.”

–Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, July 2016 180 more words