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Orbán Brings Bad Luck

Hungarian journalists have long noticed that Orbán is the black cat of international politics. His visits tend to precede disasters and surprise election defeats, his endorsements are a kiss of political death. 411 more words


Orbán Endorsed Trump

“I listened to what Donald Trump said and I couldn’t have put it better myself.”

–Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, July 2016 180 more words


Alla Difesa del Parco

Le mie finestre danno sul cortile di dietro del palazzo: il cortile sarà largo si e no un metro, non si può farci un giardino perchè ci son grandi pietre squadrate appena sotto il terreno, messe chissà da chi e in che epoca, ma ci crescono due alberi spontanei, non sono querce ma nn si può avere tutto dalla vita, sono uno grande e uno piccolino, come dei fiori di campo, con gli uccellini che cinguettano e larghe fronde che mi fanno ombra al mattino quando batte il sole. 915 more words

Politica Ungherese

Medien: Noch immer eine „Artillerie der Freiheit“ in Europa?

Medien vermitteln uns Politik. Sie üben zudem eine Kontrollfunktion aus, indem sie z.B. Machtmissbrauch von Politikern aufdecken und bloßstellen. Als Tor zur Freiheit bildet die Presse- und Medienfreiheit den Kern des liberalen Weltbildes. 781 more words

EU Agenda

Power Grab in Jobbik

We have reported about Jobbik leader, Gábor Vona’s surprise move to purge Jobbik’s leadership from its more radical elements, but it wasn’t immediately obvious whether it was 1) a move to sanitize Jobbik’s extreme nationalist image or 2) a power grab by Vona. 574 more words


Why Bill cost Hillary the vote of Polonia

Oh, Bill, don’t you just love to ignite controversy? First Paula Jones, then Monica, now destroying his wife’s own presidential campaign for the second time in eight years. 738 more words



Some pics which we snapped a few years ago of a large bombard, sitting outside the wall of the “Throatcutter” castle (RumeliHisari), a few miles from Istanbul-Constantinople, overlooking the Bosphorus.   235 more words