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Ch.21 Oath of the Brotherhood part 1

Month:12  1th  15  day 1200 AD Time: 21 hours

Entrance Exam Room

During Telepathic link, ” I am glad your alright. Based on your voice, it seems like you managed to have a fruitful hunt. 1,306 more words


Ch.20 Sound of Silence part 3

Month:12  1th  1  day 1200 AD Time: 5 hours



Lineage  Orbis Name Ajak Xiao Age 15 years old Sex male

PROFICIENCY 2,094 more words


Ch.19 Sound of Silence part 2

Month:7  4th  18 day 1200 AD Time: 6 hours

Eight days had passed. Within the given time, I was watching the behavior of rank A to AAA horned rabbit. 1,247 more words


Ch.18 Sound of Silence part 1

I went to the west gate and let the guard have my  Guild ID card then return it.

I was running with steady momentum towards the purple meadows. 1,339 more words


Ch.17 Lone Wolf part 6

Ajak POV

I was already wearing my new adventurer outfit. I wore first the main cloth then cover it with leather breast plate.

My leather boots has a similar color to the brown breastplate.  1,540 more words


Ch.16 Lone Wolf part 5

I went back to the dark library to get the information that I need but the only clue that I have was dated back 1000 years ago. 1,384 more words


Ch.15 Lone Wolf part 4


Date and Time Month:4, 2nd , 9 day 1200 AD Time: 18 hours Purse 3501  small silver coins Storage elementary 50/110 lbs

I was surprised that all the things inside the basket are now in my windows and the weight is 50 pounds. 1,664 more words