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Houston, we have landed!- Part 2

Scrolling through the brochures in the hotel lobby, I came across one for the Space Center, Houston. It talked about a tram tour and a new exhibit at the… 1,247 more words


OSIRIS-REx is on its way!!!

OSIRIS-REx, the hotly anticipated asteroid sample return mission bound for asteroid 101955 Bennu, has blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Station’s SLC-41!

Rocketcam footage of liftoff: 386 more words


The Philae lander has been found!

The Philae lander, lost shortly after touchdown on the Comet 67P Churyumov/Gerasimenko, has been found.  ESA mission controllers had been able to broadly narrow down its location, but until now have been unable to find the lander itself because Rosetta has been too far away to take pictures of sufficient resolution. 144 more words


KTRU Tuesdays: Space Shuttle Enterprise Orbiter

Today’s clip comes from Stan Barber’s special on the Space Shuttle Enterprise orbiter from 1977. He spoke to NASA engineers Dwayne Koontz and Dick Hoover about the orbiter’s launch, its controls, and Enterprise’s mission. 13 more words


Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi Purpose Floor Machine

The Oreck Orbiter® makes it simple to sand, refinish, strip, scrub, wax, and polish all floor surfaces, as well as clean your carpets. The brush head rotates in a random orbit for easy-to-use fingertip control.
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Oreck Orbiter Hardwood Floor Value Kit

The Orbiter Hard Floor Kit helps you clean hard floors. Use the carpet bonnet and Timberworks® to clean and polish your hard wood, linoleum, and laminate floors!
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Paving the road to Buran

On September 17th 1976 a competely new type of spacecraft first rolled out its hangar. The United States Spaceship Enterprise was the first reusable spacecraft in history and the next big thing after US won the race to the moon in 1969. 1,031 more words