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New things in Porcelain packaging (2 of 2)

Recently, Dan told me he’d seen a photo of Cass using a custom roll-top framebag from Porcelain Rocket. Without much forethought, we had purchased regular zipped frame bags for our trip. 242 more words


Never Be a Beta Orbiter

If you’re still on it, go to your Facebook or Instagram feed.  Look at the profiles of 2 or 3 attractive girls you know.  Look at the mind-boggling amount of activity on their pictures in terms of likes and comments.  665 more words


Day 4 Log: Honeywell Educators @ Space Academy

Day 4: Log

Another incredible day!  We started with an activity that I really want to use in my own classroom.  It is called the Thermal Design Challenge.   1,075 more words


Knitting on the bus

World Knit In Public Day was last Saturday (13 June), and to celebrate, Sally Blake (Riccarton High School Library Manager), Catherine Boyd and Heather Chambers (Upper Riccarton Library) joined 23 other crafters on the Orbiter Bus. 99 more words


MESSENGER ends its mission, crashing into Mercury - movie

NASA’s MESSENGER orbiter of Mercury ran out of fuel and crashed into Mercury on May 1, 2015, ending a very successful mission. The craft slammed into Mercury’s surface at about 8,750 mph and created a new crater on the planet’s surface. 143 more words

06. The Terrestrial Planets: Earth, Moon, And Their Relatives

Flying Tigers II

When I was 11-years old I “designed” a space ship.

It had a modular design (see above right, drawn today from memory), which allowed for the center section to be disconnected from the front control module and the rear engine module.   355 more words

Mushroom Cloud Spotted On Mars

India’s Mars Orbiter satellite recently photographed a mushroom cloud on the surface of Mars. Emanating from the Valles Marineris canyon, the cloud can clearly be seen… 76 more words