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Bigger Boat

This time I started work on a nice little cruiser for the orcs. I think one this has some potential.

ORC - Week 6 Reveal- Part 1

The 6 weeks of the One Room Challenge are over now and it’s time for the final reveal. My reveal is going to be a two-part post because I’m not quite done building and we were still having frost warnings last week so I’ll be waiting to plant. 196 more words


Do you need more DAKKA?


Here is your new friend, the Shoota Ship. A Tiny escort with a honkin’ big GUN.

It is similar in style and size to GW’s Ravager ship for Battlefleet Gothic so you can play our mean and green friends. 24 more words


Brushing some Orc

This is a short Video of how I try to find a nice ship form that still says “I like Dakka, but RED is also FASTA! 52 more words

A Few Thoughts – Why I did not like ‘Shadow of Mordor’ but am excited for ‘Shadow of War’

With The Lord of the Rings – Shadow of War being announced recently with a good trailer followed by several good content information videos courtesy of IGN’s ‘IGN Firsts’ series, I thought it was time to go back and replay the 2014 ‘Game of the Year’ winner that was ‘The Lord of the Rings – Shadow of Mordor’. 1,459 more words

A Few Thoughts