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"Our Lady of Death"

So i have finished my most recent little “doodle”, shown in progress in my previous post. I really am considering adapting and making this part of a larger image, changing her pose slightly to make her a little more dynamic, and getting some proper setting in there. 22 more words


The Prince of Zeltros, The Future heir of the Throne and head of the Family Name. Bard Colin

If you had read my previous post this follows directly afterwards. We begun setting up for our first DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) Campaign. We all have some experience in some form, thankfully, so the set up takes no more than a half hour. 282 more words

Orcish Executioner

Isn’t that a cheerful way to fill in some time between paintings? I’ve just had this image of her in my head for a few days so I need to get her out before I can concentrate on getting other work done.  44 more words


Sketch, "Getting There," from Tock the Gnome

An account of my trip to NY Faerie Fest will be up soon, but for today, here’s a sketch of Tock and Onna from my project… 35 more words

Kromlech, Greatcoat Orc Squad Leader

Geatcoat orc squad leader painted and added a backpack.

If you want this model, you can buy it at : Kromlech


Kromlech, Orc Pilot Bust

This bust was very nice to paint, very good details and solid.

if you want this model you can buy it at : Kromlech