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Warcraft Orc Previewed

by AJ Adejare

(Via Wired and Legendary Pictures)

Yes, Warcraft and WoW fans, you can say wow (how original).  This image of Orgrim a CGI orc from the Warcraft movie came from Wired’s exclusive talk.   92 more words


First "Warcraft" Image is Not of Human

The video game adaptation Warcraft actually finished shooting about a year ago, but its near 20 months post production length is looking to push the CGI featured in the film towards some next generation stuff. 129 more words


"Why are you still playing that game?"

The semester having ended, I took a break from work during the first week of May to catch up on WoW. Specifically, I wanted to get my Tauren “one of each class” characters not just into their level 2 Garrisons, but also all the way through Frostfire Ridge. 1,226 more words


The Red Jewel City

Hello! In this post we touch a bit on the capitol city Ariantar, of the land called Ryk’um, home to the somber desert elves of the Aridium Desert, as well as the relationship between Lokyate and Spectre. 1,350 more words

Mated to the Orc

Talia is a young elven scout who has been given a dangerous assignment. She must venture into the depths of a mountain in search of a long-forgotten passage. 136 more words


Comic Quick Look: Orc Stain

Orc Stain is a comic series that was first published January of 2010. There are a total of seven issues that have been published and a trade paperback version of the first five issues was published in June of 2013 called Orc Stain Volume 1. 708 more words


Concept Sketches

I plan to one day illustrate a comic with these two as the main characters. I have drawn many, many different sketches of the two but this one is my favourite because of the simplicity.