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Book Haul: A Gathering of Ravens by Scott Oden

The Awesome Scott Oden was nice enough to send me a signed copy of his fantastic book, A Gathering of Ravens! Everyone needs to read this book! 1,105 more words


Piggins of Porphyra

Porphyra is a world with two distinct types of land mass. There are the indigenous territories that have been present since the lost formation of the world in the age before the Elemental Lords and there are the Landed Territories. 432 more words

Sketch of Rolain

I thought that it would be nice to post something today! I drew this earlier this year while listening to Shayfer James’ song Battle Cry. … 294 more words


The Land of Ash [basic information]

The barren wasteland beside the see where plants do not grow and life does not thrive used to be a lush and prosperous kingdom; but greed brought the calamity to them. 191 more words


Passage Into Wanwardor

– by Renmir, geographer and scout to the Senate, 161


To re-evaluate possible passages into the lost land by way of the western Ephel Duath. 844 more words


A Beast of The North (Part 2)

Why hello again! I sorted out those shaman shenanigans from the other day, and I think it is time to finish the tale of Alanon, and the White Beast of the North. 973 more words


Orc Attack At The Stone Clock

– Renmir, Car-ohin, EruhantalĂ« FA 169

Circumstances dictated that I lead a ragtag expedition to Ithilien for Bergil’s observations at the Stone Clock this autumn. With Findegil being otherwise engaged at the citadel, and the delicate trade mission Tommin has taken to Pelargir, it fell to me to guard Bergil and the van this year. 446 more words