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Seaworld Bubbles

SeaWorld and their Orca’s celebrating the International Blowing Bubbles Day! How about that! We love it! 7 more words

Bubbles Worldwide

No Mulligans In Retirement.

there’s something about retirement. Most people look forward to it when they’re younger. As people get older they often start to worry about the transition from working to retiring. 137 more words


Trent University environmental students look to halt twin-pad arena development

Environmental science students at Trent University in Peterborough are calling on the school and the city to drop plans for the proposed twin-pad arena which is slated to be built on university property in 2019. 429 more words


Hello? Hello Wikie!

To say ‘hello’ is nothing special to us–but, if you’re an orca, it’s news! Wikie, an orca in Antibes, France, can say ‘hello’, he can count to three, and say “bye bye”. 828 more words

1293. Upfest 2017 (127)

This is a gorgeous piece by Majilina that if I am honest I don’t recall very well from the festival itself, but have had time to scrutinise from the luxury of my PC. 153 more words


Library Monitors Board - Feburary

This board was designed and created by: Isabella, Beth, Tallulah, Grace and Erin in Orca class, Year 6. It is their 5th board and is inspired by… 57 more words

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