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What Might Happen to the California Coastal Commission?

There’s some upheaval in the California Coastal Commission – the governing body that controls land use on California’s 840 miles of coastline. Today (February 10) the Commisssion is meeting to decide whether Charles Lester, the man who is currently the executive director of the Commission, will stay – or if he will be fired. 418 more words

Would you like to be free or caged with no way out ?

The Orca Awareness Project is a minute long animated Public Service Announcement (PSA).It is being designed by three Media Arts and Animation students from the Art Institutes International Minnesota. 58 more words

Our Planet

Orca "Marine Mammal Surveyor" Training Day

Yesterday I had the pleasure to partake in a cetacean identification course hosted by Orca, a fantastic charity dedicated to researching whales, dolphins and porpoises in British waters and further afield. 680 more words


Close Encounters of the Orca Kind

Back in the fall I shared a post about a couple in a kayak that had a breath-taking encounter with a breaching whale in the Monterey Bay.  54 more words


Buckeye Belle

Mangrove Buckeye butterflies were enjoying the unseasonably warm weather while collecting nectar from the flowers alongside the trail at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area (ORCA).


How to use Orca

This is a short tutorial of how to read and understand what is an MSI using orca.exe. 456 more words

Salmon found to be primary food source of certain Killer Whales

In the first study of it’s kind, scientists have been able to analyse the diet of an endangered Killer Whale population based on fecal samples, with salmon showing to be their primary food source. 441 more words

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