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Orca Whales In Captivity

On Feburary 24, 2010 Tilikum, a killer whale, killed SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau. Ultimately this changed the support of Orca Whales in captivity and for entertainment to a socially deviant phenomenon. 2,839 more words


Watching the sun rise with Orca off the Starboard Bow in the Galápagos

As the sun rises an announcement plays over the ship’s tannoy, advising guests that two Orca are feeding off the starboard bow. They are feeding on a green sea turtle, which they will play with before they eat in order to disorientate it. 38 more words


Day 3: Contiki Wild Western - San Diego

The Mexican ‘feast’ we had in Old Town San Diego was lush – and kinda of how I expected Mexico to be. I’m sure it’s not, as lets face it, it wasn’t Mexico. 443 more words


Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer Review

Well, I can definitely taste the caramel. This is a very sweet root beer, approaching butterscotch, but I don’t dislike that. It’s a nice drink, but the aftertaste is a real downer. 22 more words


As an active participant in conservation, I enjoy going down to the beach to pick up trash. However, I don’t throw away everything that I find. 104 more words


Fisherman captures orca whales on video

A local fisherman has quite a story to tell, and the video to prove it.

There was a rare encounter with orca whales in the waters south of Molokai yesterday. 142 more words