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Fourth baby orca spotted in J pod off the coast of B.C.

GALIANO ISLAND, B.C. – It must be something in the water!

Researchers say a fourth baby has been born to an endangered population of killer whales found off the British Columbia’s coast. 471 more words


WATCH: Fourth Southern Resident orca calf spotted in three months

It appears as though the Southern Resident orca whale pod is going through a bit of a baby boom.

There have been ongoing concerns about the pod’s survival, particularly when it comes to water pollution and contact with humans. 146 more words


What Never Gets Old? Seeing Whales in the Wild

Sighting of a pod of orcas! There’s just something about the mere mention of orcas that sends everyone flying out to the decks with cameras in hand. 87 more words


Hanson Island Life Lessons

Every week and a half the fridge begins to look bare, the tortillas are gone, the beer and wine but a distant memory. The marine weather report is lit up in crimson, gale warning in Queen Charlotte, storm warning in Johnstone Strait, rain, wind, small craft advisories. 630 more words


Beneath the Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld, and the Truth Beyond Blackfish

Over the course of two decades, John Hargrove worked with 20 different whales on two continents and at two of SeaWorld’s U.S. facilities. For Hargrove, becoming an orca trainer fulfilled a childhood dream. 189 more words

Blackfish - Gabriela Cowperthwaite, 2013

In 2010 the caged killer whale Tilikum killed Dawn Brancheau, one of his trainers at SeaWorld Orlando. The documentary Blackfish digs into her story and asks many involved people how that could have happened. 235 more words


Black(and blue)fish - Stop Orcas in Captivity

I’ve never had pets of my own. To go to someone’s house for a sleepover and find out they owned a cat or dog was the most devastating news I could hear, and ultimately it meant I would have to go home. 456 more words