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On track for a record-breaking species year list from Noss NNR?

Midsummer (‘Simmer Dim’ in Shetland) seems a good time for an update on how the season has been going so far, and looking forward to what else is in store on Noss. 1,023 more words

Scottish Natural Heritage

Lego mock mini build

Okay this little mini was inspired by the minifigs and the hubby built this. I really love it and I have decided that I will try to make my own mini mocs soon. 10 more words

Marine mammals prey on livers for buoyancy

In recent months, four bodies of great white sharks have washed up on the western shores of South Africa. Each shark’s liver had been “surgically” removed, along with the hearts in two of the cases. 136 more words

New Path Around Audubon House

As part of the ongoing native landscape improvements at Audubon house we are installing a pathway system which will highlight the retention gardens on the East side of the Audubon House and unify the butterfly/pollinator garden, the wetland demonstration garden, and the retention gardens. 56 more words

Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area

The Road Trip Checklist

Four days, friends, FOUR DAYS! Seems like a good time to get serious about those last minute details I have all too easily ignored up til now. 252 more words


Watching the sun rise with Orca off the Starboard Bow in the Galápagos

As the sun rises an announcement plays over the ship’s tannoy, advising guests that two Orca are feeding off the starboard bow. They are feeding on a green sea turtle, which they will play with before they eat in order to disorientate it. 39 more words


Fuzzy Fritillary

Make them a little bigger and domesticate them and the Gulf Fritillary looks like it would make for a psychedelic furry pet. Note how the proboscis is rolled up and stored away as this Gulf Fritillary strikes a relaxed pose.