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Wolves of the Sea III

The Orca of the Kenai Fjords,

Deadly hunters one and all,

Yet as family oriented and caring as any human being,

They are just as curious of us, as we are of them… 79 more words


Stepping Back

When I first came to Orca Lab in 2008, I expected some sort of sign. Some sort of intimate and personal encounter with the whales to justify the sacrifices, work, and effort I had gone through to reach this place. 1,160 more words


Serenity on a mountaintop

I spent one month researching killers whales atop a cliff.

One month probably doesn’t sound like much, just four or five weeks in the scheme of decades, yet that month gave me a taste for serenity and solitude I’ve hardly felt since. 161 more words


San Diego!

Yesterday we went to the San Diego Sea World. Now Tom and I have been to ALL the Sea World parks YAY. I remember being a little girl and thinking Sea World was THE park for me. 263 more words

Family Life