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Town Uses Huge Fake Killer whale to Scare Sea Lions

An Oregon community is bringing in some unusual help to try to fix their sea lion problem. They’re hoping a fake killer whale from Bellingham, Washington, will do the trick. 100 more words


Don't you hate when Orcas interrupt your paddle boarding session?

Just kidding, this would be amazing, as long as he wasn’t hungry.


A Holy Shit Moment Unlike Any Other

Some would say it’s God, others like me would say it’s luck! And damn pure luck at that! :O

Viral Videos You Have To See To Believe

Nature can be an amazing thing, but it can also be a bit terrifying. Two different people learned that this week when they had a surprising encounters caught on camera with a whale and a bear. 262 more words


#1069 - Nature Documentary

With the school talent show out of the way, we can get back to what’s really important, like BBC nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough.

Sketch A Day

Watch: Killer Whale Takes Bite Out Of SUP Board

Thats about as close as you want to get to a killer whale unless its is triumphantly passing above you in an incredible escape to open ocean after years of cruel captivity. It was a different time…


Up close with an Orca!

How excited would you be if you came across an Orca (a killer whale) whilst on your stand up paddle board? 28 more words