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China's first orca breeding base

The anti-captivity campaign has made considerable ground at SeaWorld over the last few years, but clearly there’s a long way to go in the rest of the world. 47 more words

Marine Archaeologists on the Sunken German High Seas Fleet

Diving on the German High Seas Fleet Scrap Sites, Scapa Flow, Orkney

On Friday 17th February, marine archaeologists from Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology ( 295 more words


An encounter with rare ecotype-D orcas

On May 13, 1955, 17 killer whales washed up on Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand. The stranding attracted extra attention because of the whales’ strange appearances. Instead of the sleek, streamlined bodies of typical killer whales, these ones had large bulbous foreheads, almost like a pilot whale, and where killer whales generally display large, white eye-patches, these stranded whales had tiny post-ocular eye markings. 1,869 more words


The Orcas of Norway

High-quality footage of orcas that is in tune with the values of this blog is hard to come by. So much is either about Sea World, faraway views of fins, or not… 124 more words


Bubble Up Review

A nice and sweet lemon-lime soda. You could probably just get a 7-Up, but this is in a fun green bottle, and it’s called Bubble Up, so why not? 6 more words


Outdoor Recreation Council of Alberta created to weigh in on crown land use

A new group has formed to represent what it calls the majority voice of Alberta’s outdoor enthusiasts.

The Outdoor Recreation Council of Alberta (ORCA) launched Thursday to represent the interests of those involved in non-motorized activities on crown land. 311 more words


Watching the sun rise with Orca off the Starboard Bow in the Galápagos

As the sun rises an announcement plays over the ship’s tannoy, advising guests that two Orca are feeding off the starboard bow. They are feeding on a green sea turtle, which they will play with before they eat in order to disorientate it. 38 more words