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I had been camping for four days in a remote area.On my way back to Tofino I stumbled upon a pod of Orcas! I couldn’t believe my luck! 8 more words

Tofino Wildlife


The adult female was making a kill of a Californian Sea Lion. They weigh in at 1/2 ton. The entire group shared in the meal.It would be like you inviting your poor hungry cousins over for Thanksgiving & watch them devour the Turkey in a few seconds. 17 more words

Tofino Wildlife


Many times I’ve found Orcas will jump or tail slap after a kill is made!

Tofino Wildlife

Podcast: Orca Update: SOS & RIP Sonic

When we set out to launch the Skaana podcast there were 83 Southern Resident orcas in the Salish Sea.

Today there are 76.

We’re losing matriarchs, we’re losing babies.  67 more words

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