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Orcas and Lopez Island

These are some gorgeous flowers we rode by on Lopez Island. 191 more words


A beautiful day of viewing Cetaceans- Humpback Whales and Orcas ~ the A24's!

The fog lifted today as we left the Bay to reveal a beautiful calm sparkling sea. We headed out to the back of Malcolm Island where we heard there were orcas to be found. 372 more words

Humpback Whales

A fantastic day with so much going on ~Humpback Whales, Orcas, Dolphins, Porpoise and swimming Bald Eagles........!

Today was an incredibly interesting day with so much to see beginning with sightings of bald eagles, pigeon guillemots, black oystercatchers, black turnstones, gull species ++(glaucous-winged, mew and herring) and hauled out harbour seals and then 100’s of gulls massed together (with common murres and rhinoceros auklets), sitting on the water, while 100’s more were flying in circles, as were bald eagles, all of them gathered where herring had also gathered in the flooding current passing through Weynton Passage into Johnstone Strait. 672 more words

Humpback Whales

Magic once more with Orcas in Blackfish Sound, the A34's with A46 ~ sightings that memories are made of!

The mist and rain did not keep our happy spirits away for there was too much to see in the way of cetaceans and sea life today. 286 more words

Humpback Whales

A fabulous day viewing A-Clan Orcas: A24's, Humpback Whales and bow-riding Dall's Porpoise!

We enjoyed seeing some lovely cetaceans and other fauna today. It was a peaceful morning with harbour seals bobbing about in kelp forests, bald eagles (juvenile and adult) were soaring high in the sky while black turnstones and black oystercatchers could be heard calling across the water. 336 more words

Humpback Whales

Crying, beached orca freed to cheers after dramatic nine-hour rescue in northern B.C.

When a young orca whale stranded on some jagged rocks on B.C.’s North Coast cried out in pain, Janie Wray felt sorrow run through her whole body. 951 more words