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An End of Summer Surprise – Killer Whales Make Northland Discovery Boat Tour Memorable

At the end of summer, I took what would be my third Northland Discovery Boat Tour in just over a decade. It was my first without an iceberg (given the lateness in the season this was to be expected), but was I ever surprised by the number of whales I would see and the show the orcas and humpbacks would put on for me! 532 more words


My Wolfpack: 3 Animals To Protect Me From The Wild

Huge animal guy here. Nature is the scariest and most savage thing out there. It’s right in front of us and it goes unnoticed in most cases because we’ve accustomed ourselves to live with one another. 2,033 more words


Boycotting the tanks

Today is bittersweet, as while we celebrate SeaWorld hosting their last orca show at their San Diego park, news has emerged that Tilikum, one of the orca’s still confined at their Orlando park,  461 more words



We here at White Hippo USA are animal lovers and the great bull orca known as “Tilikum” was one of our all time favorites. Unfortunately the great Tilikum, AKA- Tilly, AKA- the KILLER whale from the documentary, “Blackfish”- has died. 111 more words


Tilikum Another Victim at SeaWorld

‘Tilikum had, and will continue to have, a special place in the hearts of the SeaWorld family, as well as the millions of people all over the world that he inspired, my heart goes out to our team who cared for him like family.’  545 more words

Animal Cruelty

Tilikum: The Long Horror Is Over. RIP.


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Six SRKW deaths, young and old, in 2016.This fragile endangered population cannot withstand this kind of disaster. 1,152 more words

My Orca Lab Playlist

Music and Orca Lab don’t often mix. When you’re passively listening around the clock, an earbud can miss that first whispered call. But music ties me tightly to this place because for much of my life I’ve had an iPod in my pocket. 1,649 more words