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A Camp Site Orchard in Raub, Pahang

Many can only dream about quitting their jobs and leaving the rat race, buying that beautiful piece of land somewhere far from the stresses of civilisation. 555 more words


Wild Cocktails in the Black Mountains

What better way to kick start July than sipping cocktails made with our delicious Apple Verjuice. The foragers Andy Hamilton and Liz Knight teamed up with… 175 more words


Winter in Orange

This week I am having a break from uni and visiting family in my hometown of Orange, New South Wales. This is the place where I grew up so it’s always special to spend some time here wandering amongst my memories. 98 more words


The Orchardist

The Orchardist is an amazing story about William Talmadge, a quiet man living an isolated life in a Washington orchard until one day 2 pregnant girls start stealing food from him. 250 more words

Published 2012

Dream Nails at Femrock Festival in Brighton, UK (07.01.2017)

Dream Nails will play at Femrock Fest tonight with Porridge Radio, Orchards,
Suggested Friends, PASTE, Wolf Girl, Fresh, Just Blankets, Winnaretta & Sit Down in Brighton (UK).

Dream Nails

Project Transformation, Day 1

I remember my first week as a camp counselor. I had just finished two years in a very intense children’s home. I had done summer camp before. 268 more words