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An apple a day

This year (I tend to think in academic years rather than calendar ones) has not been easy, for many reasons. I have felt exhausted a lot, and have lacked confidence on many occasions. 635 more words


PWR BTTM @ CCA, Glasgow, 15 Apr

Originally published for The Skinny.


PWR BTTM’s Ben Hopkins makes a crucial observation about the difference between British and American crowds halfway through tonight’s show at Glasgow’s CCA: that Americans will scream in your face and maybe even throw a cheeseburger at you if they enjoy the show, whereas British people will tell you ten reasons why they found it interesting. 196 more words


Understanding Roots: Discover How to Make Your Garden Flourish by Robert Kourik

Organic landscaper and author Robert Kourik sheds light on the fascinating world of plant roots in this wonderful resource for gardeners. At over 200 pages, this large book is packed with a wealth of information on how roots grow, collect nutrients, and interact with their environment, and how that knowledge can be used to better care for plants -be they ornamental trees and shrubs, or fruit and vegetable plants in the garden. 375 more words

5 Stars

Spring in the Orchards

Spring time in orchard country can be very beautiful. One of the things that I find very interesting is the progression of blooms and foliage on the trees. 278 more words


Orchard - lets start with an Apple

We have started the Tuscan -” lets eat drink & laugh” vibe – so there are 10 different fruit trees, a grape vine – olive trees and a BIG hand carved apple!

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In The Garden At Uccello Lane

In Praise of Mulled Apple & Blackcurrant Juice from The Apple Farm of Tipperary

Spring has been here for some time. Indeed, before most people notice, the seasons shift subtly. And yet, the last few days have seen weather which makes it feel more truly spring, in the sense of spring as a herald of summer. 252 more words