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Pruning By Numbers

Pruning an apple tree can be a daunting prospect, but try not to give into your fear.  Planting a tree and walking away to leave it to its own devices is not advisable. 345 more words


New Tree — Rescue 'Rooter' Pear

My apologies to whoever named the beautiful Rescue pear and to Rescue Rooter for borrowing their name, but my dad, who names all our trees, just couldn’t help himself. 385 more words

Farm Updates

The Return of the Light

Imbolc: the light is on its way back to us in the Northern hemisphere – here is the proof!


A crescendo of sweetly scented plum blossom

I’ve been off down an internet rabbit-hole again. This time following the trail of plum blossom hydrosol. A hydrosol is a distilled floral or herbal product and apparently plum blossom essence is what ‘freshness’ smells like. 584 more words


Securing the future of cider

Once-upon-a-time the countryside from Dorset to Herefordshire would have been filled with traditional orchards. The west country was at the heart of England’s status as an apple superpower. 359 more words



The pears are all gone along Hi Gait Farms Road in South Glastonbury, Connecticut.  The trees were chopped down right after the September harvest.  Decades old roots yanked from the fertilized earth.  377 more words

Hazel flowers

Nic Cairns sent in some excellent close-ups of Hazel (Corylus avellana) in flower, taken at St.Ann’s Community Orchard.

Firstly, the male flowers (catkins), not yet fully open ….. 37 more words