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royal opera house orchestra has risen from the pit !

I was very lucky to be at this time of the year when the royal opera house orchestra moves from the pit to the stage to listening to a program exploring life, death, community and friendship – the night started with Antonio Pappano ‘s wonderful introduction of the intention of this program – he told us a story about a man who’s obsessed with his wealth and with the fear of death in Frank Martin’s Sechs Monologe aus Jedermann that was intended to be an opera – the god condemned him to death but allowed him to take a companion – but this man had no companion – it was through the music we were learning to connect with communities – Richard Strauss’s Metamorphosen sounded just like walking in a dense fog with a stressful mental state – the sound was full and warm on the strings with tension underneath the warmth – the heavy vibratos painted a blurry and foggy image – the second half was much cosier – I loved how the orchestra controlled its volume in Shostakovich’s Eight British and American Folk Songs besides the fact that coming thru the rye was in it – the volume went comfortably with the singer – then we appreciated how Elgar painted different characters of his surrounding people in his enigma variations – Ashton has given me a vision when I listened to this music :)


Monday, April 23rd

Why not begin the week with something beautiful?

Samuel Barber (1910-1981), Violin Concerto (1939); BBC Symphony Orchestra (David Robertson, cond.) with Gil Shaham (violin), live, London, 2013… 9 more words

Music Clip Of The Day

hestia’s journal #7 (apr16-22)


Was meant to have a patch session for the recording of the concert we played yesterday, but since we just happened to play the piece that well, it was called off. 719 more words


Magnolia (1999) A Powerful And Messy Orchestration Of Emotion

Sprawling, melodramatic, often pretentious and certainly overlong. Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia is the type of film that would have been a complete train wreck in the hands of a less talented filmmaker. 455 more words


Mahler's last dance

in feebleness – created by long , steady and sour sound on the strings – Mahler visioned a dance – that brought liveliness to the feeble feeling – in the first movement of Mahler no.10 tonight – altho at the end of the first movement that imagination of dance developed into a headache sound with ringing ears – in following movements Mahler developed this dance with joy – sometimes the dance was like on tip toes – as the flute and the clarinet were saying – but gradually this joy was developed into a haunting sound – untill the bomb-like drumming hushed the orchestra into silence – the liveliness of dance was gone – the feebleness was back – the orchestra was quiet and scared by the bombs – then a beautiful flute came with sweetness that revived the orchestra back into life – after more ears ringing headaches – Mahler ended this piece in calmness – the scary bombing sound was very unexpected – I also loved the pink lake in the rose lake by Michael Tippett tonight – the rumbling rototoms sounded just like waves beating a boat and the shore – my favourite part was how this pink lake turned into such a purple colour in the end with dimming lights on the discontinuous sound on the trumpets – another moment I loved was how the drums in the back started a wave – to be continued on the thick sound on the strings – so happy to see the passionate Simon rattle with his handsome hairstyle :) – so sad that I didn’t see Mr Gareth Davies in the first piece I almost thought maybe he changed his orchestra – so happy that he showed up on the Mahler suddenly


Poem 75: Concerto for heart and orchestra

(This poem continues my decision this month to post poems I wrote fifty plus years ago – this week’s poem was written around about when I was 19.) 26 more words


Zerstreutes Hinausschaun 《窗前恍惚》 (2017)

for soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and orchestra (or piano)

  • premiered by Timothy Sun, Hugo Loi and Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra in Macau Cultural Centre, 1 January, 2018.
  • 173 more words
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