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New Itzhak Perlman Documentary to be Released in Theaters Next Month

A new documentary film, entitled ‘Itzhak’, about the life of violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman, is set to be released in theaters next month.

Directed by filmmaker 

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Calling All Dawns

Christopher Tin has a new album coming out next year, To Shiver the Sky, a source of great anticipation for this one.  Unrelated, though, I have been listening to his first album, … 179 more words


About my Composition Whisked Whistle for Symphony Orchestra

The sounds of the string section carry along my first orchestral composition, ten-minute Whisked Whistle (2011), commissioned by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Actually, one of the extended string playing techniques even lent the work its title! 1,146 more words

Max Savikangas, composer

I enjoy contemporary music with its constantly renewing challenges, improvising, listening to the world, experimenting with sounds—and composing. As a composer-musician I have wanted to expand the means of expression of my own instrument Viola with new playing techniques and experimental live-electronics, which has led to studying these possibilities of other instruments as well. 146 more words

Concert Etiquette and Diversity

I’ve been having several conversations these days with friends and coworkers about the state of classical music and diversity. There are a million things related to this topic (classical music is still really white, programming is still largely music by dead white men, many orchestras charge ticket prices that most young adults, parents, and people stuck in a lower social class can’t afford, etc.), but one thing I’ve been thinking about lately is concert etiquette. 1,001 more words

Classical Music

Ulterior Reveal (The Misinformationists)

This is a String Orchestra piece based around minor tonalities and diminished passages all incorporating 3rd relation shifts to emote suspicious & insidious intentions. Instumentation is a String Quintet: Violin 1 & 2, Viola, Cello, Contra-bass. 19 more words