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Concert Etiquette and Diversity

I’ve been having several conversations these days with friends and coworkers about the state of classical music and diversity. There are a million things related to this topic (classical music is still really white, programming is still largely music by dead white men, many orchestras charge ticket prices that most young adults, parents, and people stuck in a lower social class can’t afford, etc.), but one thing I’ve been thinking about lately is concert etiquette. 1,001 more words

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Ulterior Reveal (The Misinformationists)

This is a String Orchestra piece based around minor tonalities and diminished passages all incorporating 3rd relation shifts to emote suspicious & insidious intentions. Instumentation is a String Quintet: Violin 1 & 2, Viola, Cello, Contra-bass. 19 more words


A solo, with friends: William Boan returns home for SSO performance

When you ask Saskatoon violinist William Boan about his approaching concert with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, he shows no sign of jitters.

When you mention that he’s sharing the bill with Polaris prize winning throat singer Tanya Tagaq, who usually sells out, he still doesn’t flinch. 455 more words

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Choirs, soloists combine to deliver powerful performance in Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation

The CPO’s True North Festival concluded and climaxed with a performance of Jeffrey Ryan’s and Suzanne Steele’s Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation — an hour-long oratorio for multiple choirs, four soloists, and full orchestra. 672 more words


Books of ages

Do they work, these string-quartet arrangements? Oh, yes. They make the preludes and fugues different (I think they are keyboard works, fundamentally). But Bach is still Bach.

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It's the Four Seasons, Buenos Aires-style with the SSO

Violinist Pascale Giguère joins the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra and music director Eric Paetkau for their first Baroque concert of the year on Saturday, Nov. 4 at Knox United Church. 134 more words

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Music Video A Hitman's Decision: Hitman by Kevin MacLeod

I think I was listening to several songs by Kevin MacLeod when I heard this song. It’s definitely cinematic sounding so, I’m sure I figured I would make a video for it. 150 more words