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Throwback Thursday | ImTheMoon | Artist Spotlight

Breaking the infamous curse of unlisted videos, I present to you ImTheMoon, one of the most forsaken pony musicians to have graced us with their music. 291 more words


A mixed quartet of cities


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Iwaki Auditorium, Southbank

February 10

Begun in 2003, this exercise serves as a welcome outlet for creativity and an opportunity for young writers to hear their works in a professional setting.   1,083 more words


Jyc Row - Legends of the Everfree | Orchestral

Inspired by the image seen in the video, Jyc Row brings us a deep, heavy and epic-feeling orchestral track about the legends of the Everfree Forest, with some slight Celtic influences also audible throughout the track.

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Shining Silver, Day 3 – Malambo from Estancia by Alberto Ginastera

This week’s theme is…Shining Silver!  Silver gleams and glistens.  It’s gold’s sleek, slick, and stylish cousin.  Where gold holds court, silver courts.  Silver has driven the history of the world just like gold, and appears in music in many different ways.   1,281 more words


What grinds my gears?? Les Friction!!

Little something something

Recently, an awesome friend recommended this band to me. I’m surprised I have not heard of them before.

Les Friction is an independent band of 3 members. 24 more words


Selenys - Repentance | Piano Ballad

French pony musician and singer Selenys brings us a concept track revolving around Luna and her post-Nightmare Moon feelings of guilt, reminiscing of the Tantabus episode. 21 more words

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Daniel Ingram - Babs Seed (Michael Picher Arrangement) | Steampunk Orchestral

Composer Michael Pitcher brings us this wonderful orchestral arrangement of one of the classic songs from the show, ‘Babs Seed’. Full of steampunk undertones reminiscent of old works by DrDissonance, this is a delightful interpretation of the original from Daniel Ingram, well worth a listen.

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