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LuRhythmic - Awoken (Covering Glaze & H8_Seed) | Piano Solo / Jazz

Now here’s something that I love to see and that is so very lovely. With expert hands, LuRhythmic did a Piano improv using chords from the famous… 58 more words

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Epic Music Monday: Iliya Zaki - Rise Of Fire

I love epic music! For me it is a perfect combination of the classic orchestral scoring, chorales and electronica music that I have enjoyed for decades.

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Aviators - Open Your Eyes (ThisSideOfOblivion Remix) | Electronic

ThisSideOfOblivion presents us a remix of a classic from 2013, Open Your Eyes from Aviators. With a solid rearrangement bringing drums, strings, and even delightful sax, it doesn’t fail to pay tribute to the original in a chill yet intricate way!

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Frozen Night - Everfree Forest Board | Soundtrack

Frozen Night presents us a forest map BGM from a never-released pony fan game and from 2013, and it has those delightful “wooden” plucks and such choices of instruments that are so reminding of many forest map BGMs I’ve heard in my J-RPGs. 23 more words

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Introducing: Vispa

Hailing from Iran, electronic artist Vispa is hoping to make a name for himself with his retro-styled brand of music.

His new single ‘Cosmic Force’ will take you straight back to an 80s video game (if you’re old enough to remember) with its dramatic computerised string sections and old-skool synth sounds. 170 more words


Sense - Sleepless


originally released 2004 on
Ucover-20 Ontayso / Sense / Tim Koch ‎– Where Have You Been? What Have You Done? And Why?



Jyc Row - The Final Showdown | Orchestral

An epic orchestral track depicting a battle between Twilight and Tirek. Jyc Row bring us this amazing piece which perfectly embodies the moment. Filled with strings, percussion, epic drums, brass, and obligatory choir, the track truly packs a punch. 17 more words

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