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The Balefire Symphony - Red Eye | Orchestral / Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 19 March 2018.

What an awesome orchestral track we’ve got from The Balefire Symphony here! It’s a heavy orchestral/rock hybrid track about Red Eye, an antagonist from Fallout Equestria. 16 more words

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Namii - Wonderbolt (covering dBPony) | Piano Ballad

Namii done a cute! This song still holds a firm place in my heart and the hearts of so many others, and it’s really interesting to hear a slower, more stripped-back version of the song in a softer tone.

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Epic Music Monday: David Eman — Infinity

I love epic music! For me it is a perfect combination of the classic orchestral scoring, chorales and electronica music that I have enjoyed for decades. 36 more words


Jyc Row - Healing | Epic Orchestral

In his latest track showing that he can compose literally anything and make it awesome, Jyc Row gives us this brilliant tribute to the Pillar of Healing, Mage Meadowbrook. 53 more words

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Pärt Remixed

I built a patch to remix some orchestral music into more of an ambient style. In doing so it turned out as dynamic and complex as orchestral music. 48 more words


Music Review: Cinematic Volume 1 by Grégoire Lourme

Year: 2012
Tracks: 18 (this release
Genre: Soundtrack, Classical, Orchestral, Electronic, Ambient, World
Similar Artists: Celestial Aeon Project, MuswayStudio, Epic Soul Factory
Online: … 249 more words


Lovely meeting you @nils_frahm, amazing show! Enjoyed our space...

Lovely meeting you @nils_frahm, amazing show! Enjoyed our space echo chat. 🤓 Happy travels stateside.🖤🎹🎛 Friends, you must see catch him when he swings thru. 4 re-501s, pianos and synths galore made the journey from Berlin! 15 more words