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Three years ago, after running a successful radio show about brony music for several months, Lycan got a bunch of musicians to pitch in some songs to make a compilation album featuring them. 112 more words


BlueBrony - The Banishment of Luna | Orchestral

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 17 May 2018.

BlueBrony always seems to be able to weave lovely stories with his music when he puts his mind to it, and that’s absolutely the case here with a heartwrenching piece that covers the multitudes of emotions that are gone through in the classic tale of Celestia banishing Luna to the moon. 16 more words

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Elias Frost - Jaak-Jaaki Dance | Folk

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 15 May 2018.

I truly love when Elias Frost branches out into more folk-influenced stuff, especially when it comes in the form of new original tunes. 31 more words

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Etherium Apex - The Calamity of the Skies | Orchestral

As the first piece of a big project, relatively new producer Etherium Apex brings us this intense original composition. Telling the story of a villain from the far reaches of space and Celestia’s struggle to defeat it, Apex does a great job building tension through the music. 25 more words

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Epic Music Monday: Two Steps From Hell — Super Strength

I love epic music! For me it is a perfect combination of the classic orchestral scoring, chorales and electronica music that I have enjoyed for decades. 36 more words


What’s the score?

Of course it’s pretty vital that a conductor has an overall sense of a work.

A composer’s (sometimes!) carefully constructed opus – a climax here, rest points there – can easily be wrecked by maladroit stick waving and/or misplaced peaks or troughs. 135 more words


Mane In Green - Step! Buck! Leap! Touch! | Celtic Folk

This fun track is from Mane In Green, who was in inspired by a short theme from the recent episode Horse Play. Expanding on the theme composed by composer William Anderson, Mane In Green’s track explodes with jubilant Celtic flavor and dancing fun! 30 more words

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