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Alexey Kotlyar - Welcome Solitude | Orchestral

I haven’t heard a whole lot of music from this artist, but the progression of this track is really quite pretty, and whilst some parts feel a bit raw, that somewhat adds to the emotion of the piece. 31 more words

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Little Jester - Walk | Chill

Following on with the relaxing vibes, Little Jester brings us a playful little chill track about Twilight that walks along beautifully, pulling us in its wake. 14 more words

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Epic Music Monday: Dragonland by Thomas Bergersen

I love epic music! For me it is a perfect combination of the classic orchestral scoring, chorales and electronica music that I have enjoyed for decades.

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Yet More Syndication, Day 1 - "Sunday Traffic" from The City by Aaron Copland

This week’s theme is…Yet More Syndication! I’m hard at work on more great content for the weeks ahead.  Until then, enjoy just a few more of my favorite episodes in rerun :) 1,310 more words


20th Century Bach - Virtuoso Orchestral Transcriptions: Stravinsky / Webern / Stokowski / Schonberg / Saito

1992 Philips Classics CD. 10 tracks (1) Toccata and Fuge D Minor (2) Musikalisches Opfer (3) Partita in D Minor (4-9) Vom Himmel hoch da Komm’ ich her (10) Prelude and Fuge in E flat. 7 more words

GhostXb - All Hope is (Not) Lost | Orchestral

Comissioned by a friend for another friend, GhostXb has created a soundtrack for the fanfic series Crystal Siege. You can find the link to that in the video description.

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