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"A Barry Island of the Mind," is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other digital stores/platforms

“A Barry Island of the Mind” is now available for streaming and download!  Click here to download the album on iTunes.

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Double Cleff - Luck of the Rose | Electronic Orchestral

Double Cleff revitalizes a very old and very good piece of his in this reboot. A song about Roseluck positively filled with love, happiness, and vibrancy, Luck of the Rose is already a good song. 19 more words

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LoneBrony - Fluttershy's Cottage | Epic Orchestral

Epic Orchestral is perhaps my favorite non-electronic genre. I was a big fan of Evening Star’s work, and LoneBrony channels that same spirit in Fluttershy’s Cottage to stunning effect. 62 more words

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4everfreebrony - House of Glass [2017 Re-Record] / Aviators - House of Glass [Cover] | Orchestral

4everfreebrony resurrects an old classic with his 2017 re-record. Opening with a truly stunning melody plays on woodwinds, and progressing into piano, this track is an absolute masterpiece of composition. 84 more words

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[P@D] Frozen Night - Frozen Heart / Fellowship Symphonies - Heroes' Respite | Orchestral

Two more awesome orchestral tracks from Guardians. We start off with this orchestral / metal fusion from Frozen Night who never fails to impress me with their combination of guitars and epic cinematic strings and drums. 41 more words

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[P@D] Jyc Row & lia;quo - Bat Pony (ft. Kjellska) | Orchestral / Dubstep

We’ve got a real mishmash of both genres and nationalities in this one here. Jyc and Lia have often been featured both here on the site and on Ponies At Dawn albums in the past, but I believe this is the first time I’ve seen Kjellska’s name anywhere, and her sweet Japanese vocals are a welcome addition to the track! 28 more words

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Vylet Pony - The Watcher (ft. Silva Hound & Lavender Harmony | Soundtrack

InklingBear already covered this in his huge rwiteup of Vylet’s new albumMystic Acoustics, but I thought this would be a particularly cool track to highlight individually. 58 more words

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