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[ASOS] RoomVR - Looking For Solitude | Orchestral

Next to being an Asos release, a platform full of Awesome and Lovely people… RoomVR gave us this beautifull Orchestral song. Man the atmhosphere, the compassion and heartwarmingness in this track are astounding. 72 more words

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A Year in 52 Albums – 2/52: A Short Album About Love – The Divine Comedy

I was sick last week, so rather than listening intentionally to something a bit less familiar, I returned to an old favourite and write about that for week two. 418 more words


Epic Music Monday: Epic North Music — Sky Map

I love epic music! For me it is a perfect combination of the classic orchestral scoring, chorales and electronica music that I have enjoyed for decades. 36 more words


Elias Frost - Jyc Row | Celtic Orchestral

A tribute to the eponymous and renowned Celtic Orchestral musician Jyc Row, this new song by Elias Frost is also a challenge to try and compose something in Jyc’s style, and I think it definitely succeeded in both aspects! 30 more words

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London Symphony Orchestra / Sir Simon Rattle - Genesis Suite & Bartók Concerto for Orchestra

Simon Callow, Rodney Earl Clarke, Sara Kestelman, Helen McCrory (narrators), Gerard McBurney (creative director), Mike Tutaj (projection design), London Symphony Chorus and Orchestra / Sir Simon Rattle… 713 more words

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Ataraxia - Becoming | Piano Solo

Ataraxia transcribed into music the moment in the 4th EQG movie Friendship Games when Sci-Twi comes back to her senses, and it is nothing short of beautiful and emotional! 27 more words

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