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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Mathew 7:7

This has been a crazy summer! It started Mother’s Day when my husband calls to tell me that he’s on his way to the Emergency Room for a broken finger. 701 more words

Creating servers and keeping basic configuration consistent and compliant

I am a strong believer that whatever you develop should be, if possible, easily usable by any administrator with sufficient access rights. Hence, maybe not everyone will be involved thinking about better ways of deploying servers and services (in this case), but I do think that everyone with sufficient rights should be able to use whatever automation developers create and should be able to apply those automation rules easily to any server. 310 more words


SMA - Error “Root element is missing”

While I was building SMA runbooks in the past couple of months I bumped into this rather strange error. So happen few days ago, I tried to call (invoke) a child runbook, from a parent runbook function. 487 more words


DNS Self-Service with Orchestrator

Monday morning, you’re sitting in the comfort of your cubical, playing Minecraft, building a giant pixelated reptile, determined and focused, when suddenly a new outlook toast with “New DNS record creation request” as the subject appears… You feel like: 739 more words


Orchestrator Job Statuses

When you’re querying the Orchestrator DB for job statuses there’s a useful query to show jobs currently queued for execution. Running this query is a great way to see if any of your runbooks have got queues building up which could lead to problems: 97 more words


Access denied in Orchestrator RunBook Desginer when trying to connect to remote Management server.

Error Message:

Access Denied. If you are using the local administrators group to manage permissions, you might need to start the Runbook Designer with Run as Administrator.

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Nineteen Eighty-Four performed by Northern Ballet

Work is nearly complete composing the score for 1984 which will be performed by Northern Ballet and directed & choreographed by Jonathan Watkins. The live 90 minute score will be performed by the 30 piece… 51 more words