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Rustic Orchid

A beautiful arrangement for any room.


Thursday thingies

This week began with an encounter with a 6ft long king brown snake as thick as my wrist. It was attempting to get into the ceiling of our outside pantry, a building that is half sculpted into the surrounding rock. 395 more words


Good orchid news from Dutch desert island

This Dutch video is about Hompelvoet desert island in Grevelingen lake in the Netherlands. Autumn lady’s-tresses orchids grow there.

This is a rare species in the Netherlands, living at only a few sites. 82 more words


Welcome to the jungle

I am not usually a nature lover, but even I was captivated by Singapore’s Botanic Garden, which also contains a jungle and the world famous Orchard Garden. 40 more words


Flowers, a smile from the earth

“As beautiful flowers, with color, but without scent, are the sweet words for the person that worketh not agree with them” Buddha

Versión en Español: 

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Monday, October 5

Self portrait with my darling camera, Francis, and some pictures of my orchids’ buds and some of the flowers. I bought two new glazed pots last night because two of the pots the orchids came in just made me cringe with their bright, cheap-looking colors. 25 more words

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