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Enabling Orchids to Bloom

I’m named after the Biblical Garden of Eden. As such, I’ve always thought it would be ironic if I couldn’t manage to grow a decent garden. 601 more words


Montagne D'Ambre - a fairyland forest

Montagne d’Ambre (Amber Mountain) National Park is one of the most visitor-friendly parks in Madagascar. Located in the north, a couple of hours drive from Diego Suarez (don’t be fooled: it looks very close on the map but Malagasy roads cannot be defined on the same scale as normal roads), it has well-marked and maintained trails. 189 more words

Bush & Wildlife


It was 1984
He met her first
She saw him last
They danced
He made her a mix tape
All the songs they danced to… 128 more words

Location, Location, Location

Here is a great example of how the decision of where to place each of your plant matters: It is currently the middle of winter here in England, and yet my orchid plant has bloomed again! 122 more words


Catasetum Orchid

The Catasetum orchid genus has unisexual flowers, either male or female (they look different); which type appears is controlled by the lighting. If grown in low lighting like a Phalaenopsis, male flowers will appear; if grown in high lighting like a Cattleya they’ll have female flowers. 298 more words


Spring on Kootenay Plains

The flood plain of the North Saskatchewan River (Kootenay Plains) before it becomes Abraham Lake was a sea of spring green in early May. 61 more words