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Ladies and flys

A rainy afternoon took me orchid hunting to Covert Wood near Barham in Kent.

There is something secretive in orchid hunting, passed down by generations who protected the plants from people intent on digging them up for their beauty and the supposed aphrodisiac properties of their roots. 246 more words

Venus' Lady's Slipper

I was in the bush a little over a week ago looking for orchids. All I found was a few flat petals on top of the moss. 188 more words

How to re pot your orchid

Having an orchid can be a great addition to your home, they are beautiful showy flowers, and some varieties even have an amazing smell. The one I have here is a phalaenopsis orchid and is probably the most popular breed of orchid on the market. 875 more words


The Orchid Repotting Process

Today I will talk about the orchid repotting process and my personal strategy to ensure that your orchid can recover from its travels.

I will have larger versions of the images at the bottom of the page. 841 more words


Pyramid Orchids

This is what I mean about hundreds of orchids. A bit of the meadow in front of the study window before the storm started. You can only see the pyramid orchids because they’re big enough for my camera to pick up, but there are dozens of bee orchids in there too.