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yellow lady's slipper

During Spring in the mountains when one orchid is finished another is starting to bloom. The Calypso has retreated into the mossy forest floor.

The Yellow Lady’s Slipper is now blooming close to springs and bogs. 41 more words


A ripple of movement snags my gaze, a tiny slender wand alights, with cellophane wings and huge prismic eyes. At just the right angle, Sunlight, ever the opportunist, finds delicate wings to magnify her shine. 294 more words


My Book of Uncommon Prayers: Words Fall Flat

When I feel the need to defend myself to the universe,

words fall flat.

There are never enough words to balance out the weight of weakness, the sting of sarcasm, so why not be content to let criticisms fall where they will, 50 more words


Gumption. Or, in layperson's terms, Getting on in the world.

Marjorie is pretty big on Gumption. It’s the kind of quality that you’ll know when you see it in action. For me, having gumption means not complaining about minor difficulties and reminding myself that certain problems are not that stressful in the grand scheme of things. 115 more words

this shop have orchids on display.

london 7.11am 12.6C sunny friday 2016

this shop in belgravia is the only one i visited. it has a splendid display of orchids.

Digital StillCamera… 571 more words

Showers of Blessings

Golden Shower Orchids or Dancing Ladies Orchids? Both. These brilliant golden petals, the size of our thumbs, dazzled our eyes in the bright sunshine. While Ben ended up with blurry close up shots of the orchids, painting them close up with my blurry eyes was difficult for me too. 259 more words