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Cabin Fever Craft Hour #5

Sometimes, living on a tiny island can be less than idyllic.

There’s only so much fishing, crabbing, reading, writing etc. you can do before you start to go slightly insane. 41 more words

A Selection of Wild Flower 'Trios' from Fife

In response to this weeks ‘Weekly Photographic Challenge – Trio‘,  I’m posting seven wild flower ‘trios’ all taken around Fife in the last few months. 58 more words


Busy days.

Ok to get to work this week on two commissions.  One is of an Australian Magpie bird and the other is of deep red orchids… 64 more words


Our Thanksgiving Orchids

Our Thanksgiving orchids this year… We found these two at Trader Joe’s on Saturday. The first is a Colminara Wildcat, which has one spike, two new growths, and a dozen blooms — a very nice plant. 73 more words


Young Woman Nearly Gives Stranger Her Orchids...

Why? Purely for being a chubby, cute and seemingly sweet old man!

The woman was reportedly waiting for the bus, having just picked up some bits and bobs (and orchids!) from her local grocery store. 84 more words

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