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Miltonia Orchid

This is my first miltonia orchid. I stumbled across it in the clearance section of my grocery store this morning. Some of the flowers are in a state of elegant decay but several remain fresh. 42 more words


Wilsonara Tiger Brew 'Pacific Holiday' is in bloom

Wilsonara Tiger Brew ‘Pacific Holiday’ is in bloom.  I purchased this orchid from Gold Country Orchids on January 14th.  This is the first of six flowers that will bloom.   21 more words


Bulbophyllum Frank Smith 'Vera Cruz' HCC/AOS

I received this Bulbophyllum Frank Smith ‘Vera Cruz’ HCC/AOS from the raffle table at the Sacramento Orchid Society meeting on Wednesday, February 3rd.

I planted it into S/H on Thursday.   116 more words


Bee pollinates orchid, video

Jean Claessens, the maker of this video, writes about it:

In Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany) I had the chance to observe the pollination of the orchid Spiranthes spiralis…

120 more words

An Exploration of the Fringe: What’s Blooming in the Smithsonian Gardens Orchid Collection

Winter is one of the most prolific bloom times in the Smithsonian Gardens orchid greenhouses and each year I am astounded by the diversity that is on display. 528 more words


Growing Cymbidium canaliculatum in Adelaide 1983 and Now

In 1983, Ron Robjohns, NOSSA’s first treasurer, wrote a comprehensive series of articles about growing epiphytes in South Australia. Thirty years on Ron’s information for growing is still helpful and applicable for today. 417 more words

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