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From the Battlefield 26: Dwarfs vs Dark Elves/Orcs

Hello again! As many of you know, after posting an Army list, I like to follow up with a battle report featuring that army in order to show you how it fares on the field.Today, I’m going to continue this little “tradition” of mine, as we’ll see Filippo’s… 2,085 more words

From The Battlefield / Cronache Dal Fronte

Why I like Dragons

Dragons are staples of the RPG fantasy landscape. Countless adventurers have stumbled across dragon lairs, been forced to defend kingdoms from dragon attack, and even befriended and allied themselves with the beasts. 267 more words


So you want to write a fantasy novel? For and against

Last week I looked at the PROs and CONs of writing a historical novel.  Hopefully, I managed to show some of the challenges a historical writer faces.  448 more words


The Scrolls of Sion - Broken Bloodlines, by T. J. Therien

The journey continues on. I would like to present you Book 2 in the Scrolls of Sion serie, called Broken Bloodlines. Tim Therien is back with his fantasy writing that is this time even more epic. 127 more words

The Choir Of The Damned

Happiness is standing still ...

In my wood. Yes, you heard that correctly. My. Wood. Those of you who read this blog will know that Ive recently  moved house. Despite the fact that our previous house was perfectly good, I’ve never really felt ‘at home’ there. 452 more words


The Two Towers

Although The Lord of the Rings is almost always referred to as a trilogy, that was not Tolkien’s intent. Tolkien meant for The Lord of the Rings to be a novel composed of a single volume divided into six books. 570 more words

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Lot Casting Propaganda

Lends me your ears, brothers and sisters, for but a moment. I bear news you should hear.

As you know, the Kelkinov Executive Warchief Lot Castings are fast approaching this year. 312 more words