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Blimey, Blood Bowl IS popular!

Greetings watchers, viewers and sideline dwellers,

Been quite the week, hobby wise.

I am a member of a Facebook group started by Ash Barker of Guerrilla Miniature Game fame called the 2016 Hobby Resolution Group. 905 more words


The End and the Beginning

Bron lay face down in the dirt. When he opened his eyes he could see it was dirt. He was not sure where he was or even if he cared where he was. 945 more words


Match Report - Blood Bowl (LRB6) - Throwback Thursdays Ep 77

Not that you’re likely to spot a difference (apart from the rules we flub), but here’s our last Living Rulebook 6 match between the Secund Sunz and Yensid Villains!

Guerrilla Miniature Games

Monsters, Mean People, and Orcs

I continue to be troubled by the Red Pills, specifically the so-called Christian wing of the Alt Right. Never mind politics here, it is the sheer meanness and cruelty being promoted and advocated under the guise of Christ’s name. 501 more words

A very quick battle

After my GSC game there was a guy at the club who I had not played against, who wanted a game. I needed to leave within the hour, but we decided to have a quick game and see how it went. 494 more words

Battle Log