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Book Review: Elves and Orcs Erotica Super-Collection - Apparently, Slaanesh wills it

There is absolutely no acceptable reason for why I do this to myself. I’d like to blame the Sneaky Squirrel but alas, you cannot be forced to read something, except maybe… 982 more words


Stormguard: An Island Frontier

I was about to start writing a campaign report for my current Stormguard test campaign when I discovered that I haven’t posted the map of Stormguard yet. 1,717 more words


Battle Report: Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Ed. Skaven vs Orcs & Goblins (1500 points)

…and another battle is behind me. And what can I say… the traitors are everywhere. Lord Quiksqueek was defeated. Again.;)

…but let me start slowly from the very beginning. 3,031 more words


Book Review: The Philosophy of Tolkien

Anyone who knows me well (or even vaguely) has a good chance of knowing my die-hard passion for

The Lord of the Rings. ┬áSince I was 7 years old, when my mom read us the books, and since I was 8, when I saw… 684 more words

C.S. Lewis

Midlands GT 2015: Day Two, Game Five

I turned up to the Midlands GT hoping for either one draw or win. Here I was in the final game on table 3, after winning 3 out of 4, against an opponent who had made the Warhammer Masters and with a genuine (in theory) chance at a podium finish out of nearly 100 people. 738 more words

Midlands GT 2015: Day Two, Game Four

After a night with the Faulty Dice crew, a few beers and pork scratchings, I strolled down to the venue in time for game 4, the first of two on day two. 628 more words