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Orcs in my world have the following traits:

  • Ability Scores: +1 Strength and -1 Intelligence.
  • Scent: Orcs can detect and follow odors much like a dog or a pig.
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The Siege of Cair Andros

Much like the Core Set, the third scenario in the Heirs of Numenor expansion is a tough nut to crack. The Siege of Cair Andros is rated as the fifth hardest scenario by the community… 5,563 more words


Visual notes - Orc Teeth

Some unexpected visual notes – I could do better with Orc tusks. So here we are.

Consider me humbled and impressed at all the gorgeous and impressive Orcish cosplay out there (which my Wife and I relied on *heavily* to correct this situation. 81 more words

Bonus Images/information

God of Knowledge

On March 17th, a party of adventurers answer the call restore the flow of the West Confluence that was blocked upstream during a recent storm. Without its flow, Kite is in danger of running out of fresh water. 1,131 more words


Behold the future!

And I’ve knobbled it up….

I got 3 orcs printed, not sure why 3, but I’m not complaining, and quite majestically I’ve made them too small… 86 more words

Blood Bowl

Orcs And Goblins Pdf

Orcs and Goblins enjoy nothing more than a good scrap, unfortunately rules, written by Mark Havener, for Orc & Goblin warbands. 8 Da Mob Roolz. Orc skill table Why Play Orcs & Goblins. 435 more words


Orc 'Eadbashers #8 - The mob so far

With two new recruits and a total of seventeen orcs, I finally reached the halfway point in the project. Here’s a group picture.

As you can see, there are some issues when it comes to put the bases together in the unit, one more reason to plan the bases for the unit as a whole at the end. 49 more words