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Orctober: Leigh Peterson's Orc Son, Bruno

This year, Leigh, better known as pawfulgood on Tumblr, is here to discuss their good orc son, Bruno. Given Leigh’s artistic inclinations, they included some wonderful photos to go with the story. 648 more words


The latest trailer for Bright really illuminates whats going on.

If you where following our SDCC coverage on our instagram account you no doubt would have seen signs for this popping up somewhere. Bright is like the fantasy version of Alien Nation and District Nine. 170 more words


DMs Guild Review - Minotaur's Betrayal

Minotaur’s Betrayal┬áis an adventure for a party of 6-8 level characters, by P.B. Publishing. 953 more words


Orctober: Ashe Plays D&D

Over on Tumblr, I’ve been documenting the D&D game my friends and I started in February. I thought maybe I’d take the time to talk about my Battlemaster Fighter, Gorthos. 968 more words


Orctober: Notable Orcs in D&D

Well, now, here’s a rough topic. In my google searches, I can only seem to find three famous orcs for D&D but they’re all older editions. 648 more words


Da Mighty Redz - Orc Blood Bowl Team

I finished something! My Orc Blood Bowl team, Da Mighty Redz are now done! And what’s more, just to add a cherry on the top, my camera is working again, so I actually have half decent pictures of them. 636 more words

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