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Of Orcs And Men

Summer Trailer E3 trailer Of Orcs and Men is a great role-playing game, jointly developed for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC by Cyanide Studios (Concept and Production) and Spiders (Realization and Development). 19 more words


Review - Warcraft (2016)

Now, I know I’m really late and this movie was out quite a while back – but I only just got to watch it. Additionally, I would like to say that I’ve had no prior attachment to the World of Warcraft franchise – I’ve never played the online MMORPG, I’ve never read into the lore, etc. 1,146 more words


Doubling Down on the Dumb

Sigh. So Dalrock really has it out for Mary Kassian and has yet another post called, “Guarding her Equality.” I must say, the more I read of this woman, the more I find myself pleased with what she is saying. 508 more words

Sketch - Faerie Times

Something I sketched up this week while trying to get over some blockage. I will be vending at a Gnome & Fairy Festival this October, and offering free coloring pages, so I hope to get this inked up in time for that too.

Tock The Gnome

Boar Boyz #1

The Orc Refurbishment Project kicks off. The first unit is this one of ten Boar Boyz. They were originally painted back in mid-2000s when my son was about seven or eight and we worked on them together.  64 more words

Warhammer Fantasy

Coming Soon - Maps of Halarite!

Hey there, everyone!

I have some incredible, long-awaited news – the maps of Halarite are nearly finished!  Well, actually, they are finished, the drawing aspect anyway.  428 more words


Bloodbowl Goblins

Very few original colours on these guys. The only thing I haven’t used on other figures is their flesh colours. Inspired by the success with my Troll I’ve put together another mix of colours that’s distinct from the other 3 combinations I’ve used (Orc, Black Orc and Troll). 261 more words