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Vijkhal The Brave

Vijkhal The Brave is definitely larger than your average Orc and carriers a scythe larger than the average Orc.

I do like this model, he is a no nonsense close combat Orc with a decent armour value and plenty of close combat bashiness.

28mm Miniatures

Peoples of Tòlanar VI: Nuekìnar (Orcs)



Nuekìnar is the term Araèlikìan academics use to refer to the orcish peoples. It means “beastly, and so is viewed as derogatory by the orcs, who refer to themselves as Kamkram [ 2,219 more words


WarCraft Shifts Release Date Creating a Showdown Between Blockbusters

Although video game adaptions have yet to find their stride on the big screen, I think Warcraft will finally be the success that the genre has needed. 253 more words


New Release - Edgar and The Wizard by Cleve Sylcox

Edgar and The Wizard – The Potion of Fardu

Cleve Sylcox (Author)

Short Story
A mass of evil battles good for the jewel O’net. Wizard against Wizard. 43 more words


Bittersweet: Waiting

The energy in the hills around them had shifted. The breeze smelled sweeter, the birds had returned, and the woods had emptied of their unwelcome guests. 455 more words


Orc Brutes

The basic Orc warriors are all pretty brutal looking. I don’t think I have any duplicates in the mob that makes up the core warband. 42 more words

28mm Miniatures

Orcish Views on the House of Black and White

(Orcish Envoy’s Notes: Spoilers for Game of Thrones. If you’re not up on the show, don’t complain to the orcs. They just don’t care.) 325 more words

Game Of Thrones