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Aurora knew they were coming. She had seen it in the stars.

But when she told her husband, Silas, he dismissed it as women’s talk. Her tears of frustration fell on barren ground. 384 more words

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Lord of the Rings Land Rover tour in Queenstown

For my final LOTR dose, we took the Nomad Safari of the scenes- Wakatipu basin tour that takes us on a 4 hour tour on a Land rover around the Wakatipu basin to show us more LOTR locations. 179 more words


The Two Towers: is Grishnákh the orc in Fangorn Forest?

Even I doubted what I saw, for many years.

If you’ve seen The Two Towers (film), remember the orc with the evil voice who taunts and threatens Merry and Pippin? 659 more words

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Middle Earth: Shadow of War

The Lord of the Rings, a series easy to forget is named after its villain, holds up mercy as an essential virtue. The hobbits, first as Bilbo and later as Frodo and Sam, choose mercy when opting not to kill Gollum. 793 more words


Shadow of War's New Online Mode Makes It Clear: They Want You To Play This Game Forever

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Ar-Henok The Crusher en route to a big online fight pit win. Players don’t control the fights and must simply watch the orcs duel and hope theirs lands the killing blow. 2,193 more words


Sometimes in life you just have to admit it ... You were wrong.

Sometimes in life you just have to admit it … You were wrong.

Friends of the weberlands – this is me Dwalin, your faithful dwarf brethren, doing just that. 456 more words


Orc 'Eadbashers #4 - Smooth leather

I wasn’t planning to have an update with just one model, but I’m so pleased with how the leather vest turned out that I’m giving this guy the spotlight in a quick post. 44 more words