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“Tock the Gnome: The Rescue Quest” is about a Gnome woman named Tock, who lives in a Steampunk culture in a high fantasy world. 79 more words

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The angst continues…..

Also continuing to use Orcish un-translated, since it’ll be important HOW they handle Tock and Bumble’s lack of understanding. 78 more words

Tock The Gnome

To Catch an Orc

After you have spent some time at Isengard, Saruman tasks you with travelling to Methedras in order to capture the orc Mugash, whom he, for some reason, wants to be taken alive. 5,954 more words


The Blood of Gondor

Every once in a while, the developers give us with a scenario that has some special mechanic that really flips the normal phases of the game upside down. 6,724 more words


Odd little jobs

With the advent of BB2016 my beloved Chaos Pact have been blessed with a new addition to the roster.  He’s a racist (Animosity in Blood Bowl parlance) Orc Lineman.   164 more words


The Morgul Vale

This article will contain spoilers for the conclusion of the narrative of the Against the Shadow cycle. If you haven’t played this quest yet, go in blind and come back in order to not be spoiled by the big surprise. 5,602 more words



Beren finished hacking the orc leader’s head off then kicked it towards the fire. Hathaldir’s arm was nearby and he picked it up. He looked around the camp and saw the Ent lumbering off down the ravine. 1,356 more words