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Duron Bloodaxe in: The Hunt is Not Yet Won (Part 2)

From here they would head to the Bashine River. It flowed down from the peaks of Mount Pitreiok, and highly considered to be the best place for fishing near the village. 1,907 more words


From Lirshar with Love: Part IV

Well…at least she thought she was close.

Lirshar had covered her wounds in a paste made from mashed up Peacebloom and Silverleaf, an old trick she had learned from her mother, but her rest that evening was very sporadic. 1,610 more words


The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Part II

The foul stench of stale grog and the orcs’ bodily funk filled Grognar’s nose as the pair stumbled drunkenly to their feet.  They slurred something about it ‘being Frank’s birthday’ and ‘he should have gotten off guard duty already’ as they rose from the table and drew their weapons.   895 more words


Duron Bloodaxe in: The Hunt is Not Yet Won (Part 1)

As the moon rose over the great village of Karak Azgul, it was greeted by unusually enthusiastic hoots and hollers that had no place in her domain. 2,391 more words


From Lirshar with Love: Part III

It was early evening when Lirshar picked up the faint hissing sound. At least, it started faint. It grew louder as the creature came closer and closer to her hiding spot. 1,288 more words


Some WIP on Page 71, and some news!

Hi everyone. Here’s a little bit of the next page again – progress has been really slow lately as I have some Big Art News going on that applies to all my Faerie work, not just Tock. 206 more words

Tock The Gnome

The Elf and the Orc: Part 12


      The gates of Thranduil’s court opened and the army entered, led by Legolas and the generals that had gathered.

     Lindariel watched them enter in high spirits, laughing at their success. 1,736 more words