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Compendium 5. Races d) Orcs

After the first failed attempt to create an army of mutant images of themselves, the demons decided that they needed to try another time. They knew that they couldn’t conquer Land of Oyr by themselves (being cowards deep down) and so another mutated curse came to torment the land, Orcs! 1,631 more words

Epic Fantasy

Bonus art update on Patreon!

The first two sketches are posted for ALL patrons, no matter what pledge amount, and the last one is the monthly bonus sketch for $10+ patrons. 28 more words


PJ and Orcs


Ever since the Hobbit movie trilogy has come out, I have been becoming more and more dissatisfied with Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy ironically enough.  826 more words


Are Orcs the Blacks of Middle Earth?

I have mentioned the influence of my race a few times. It goes without saying as I am discussing various aspects of natural hair care. In the world of… 620 more words


Malacath O Malacath

I was torn. I didn’t know what to do. He was willing; that didn’t make it feel any better. Still, I had a bigger issue to think of.


Elect II—14 Creatures Strike Back, part 2 of 3

Jessica found three different sets of tracks in the slush and mud of mid-winter before the week was out.  She remained unconvinced that she was much of a hunter, but she was willing to let Artemis guide her eyes, just in case. 861 more words


Blood Bowl 

Started playing BB again with my boys. So gave one of the new miniatures a test paint

Turned out rather ok, I think.