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SPRING Pop Up Weddings #DTJAX 

Have fun and save money!!

Popup Weddings, my grandmother once told me, were the norm in her day. She said big weddings were something only rich and royals did. 38 more words

Spring Weddings

Happy New Year #JAX

Happy New Year 2018!

I am called all the time asking if I’m a mobile notary, to an extent my radius is small in downtown Jacksonville, I don’t drive but I am happy to offer travel to all hospitals in my area and to other locations if needed for a fee. 109 more words

Notary News

When You’re Too Tired

The days continue to get shorter, eclipsing the few days of bare sunshine with a cold blanket of stars backlighting the naked trees. There’s something comforting about the black night sky after endless grey days, days that can make us feel a compounding sense of tiredness, loneliness, and sadness. 414 more words



Della Reese, actress, singer, and ordained minister, passed away on Sunday night at her Encino, California home. Ms. Reese was 86 years old. Most people may know Della Reese as Tess, in the long running (9 years) CBS show “Touched By An Angel.” My personal favorite role she played was as Vera in the 1989 movie “Harlem Nights.” Della Reese’s career was much more than Harlem Nights and touched by an Angel though. 275 more words


Camp Wegesegum: vacation hot-spot for kids

With school back in sessions, kids are longing for the time they spent at summer camp.

This past summer nearly 75 children from across the province travelled to the small village of… 490 more words