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ordeal as speech

through as the river

as when it was the circle

and blend

as the stars

and whom

the meaning

and whom

the try

as its own rush… 43 more words


Ordeal Day 1

Don’t take anything for granted. I’m not educated to know who said this but…I agree.


Doon Doon Doon

I slowly open my eyes and groan in annoyance as I sit up and rub my eyes. 44,438 more words


Foredoomed-Ordeal Review

Origin is haunting, slithering and melodic, the perfect opener. Ghost Recurrence is brutal, progressive and slithering, with the right mix between absolute brutality and melody. Undawning shimmers between melody and darkness, with the riffs shifting as the tone dictates. 172 more words


A Faith’s Ordeal

Stands torn apart, at Satan’s trial
A faith falters, at jihad’s altars
How’d resurrect, a fallen idol
O’er tombs of, myriad mean martyrs!

Enslaved to past, estranged to today… 77 more words


Be Sensitive: The Devil Behind Ordeal

Life is a battle field. We are fighting with devil in order to collect our birthright. The one being created cannot be greater than his creator. 848 more words


Ordeal - Root in Superstition

I don’t think people would be offended if I was to say that Montréal hardcore was in the middle of a minor renaissance. Within the past year or so, there have been several new bands and new releases from old bands including Violent State, Wax, Front Commun, Gazm, and Cell. 387 more words

New Releases

The Ordeal Of Colonel Johns EPUB

The brilliant scouting and skirmishing of the riflemen under Colonel Peter Johns prevented the breakthrough of Captain Fosdick’s column and the possible flanking of the American army before Saratoga. 499 more words