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Last night I did not sleep.

The pins and needles and burning in my hands are now unchanged by any sleeping position I can discover. I tried taking nearly every medication in my night stand – insomnia, nerve pain, muscle relaxant, prescription-level (and now nearly impossible to obtain due to its side effects) anti-inflammatory prescribed in similar doses to horses. 1,311 more words


Upon One Sunday Morn

And one more ordeal is thankfully over now
And angels sing ‘hallelujah’ as my head I bow
In thanksgiving for strength and, too, just how… 111 more words



Lost approximately 4 hours of my day today (how apt, lol) because I got stuck on my own balcony. I eventually made it back into the apartment but that entailed breaking the entire outer door handle (which is made of some sort of metal, not plastic) and working my fingers raw. 49 more words




I was late to be last night but as I’d not planned to do too much today I could lay in bed for as long as I wanted. 750 more words

Random Thoughts

Daily Shorts - Unsafe

A few days ago, my parents went through an ordeal we all naively thought would never happen to us. Our house was burgled in the early evening, with items worth thousands being taken. 212 more words



A hard, painful, and/or prolonged experience. Old English “ordal” < Proto-Germanic “*uzdailijan”=to deal out or share out.


No respite

“It’s harder to heal than it is to kill.”
Tamora Pierce