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Shaman, energy workers and Medicine people a Diversity that we need.

Traditional shaman, who deal with spirits initially, whether from the land and the culture or being so close to death, they are patterns of the same process. 869 more words




So my day started with radiation, then a visit to the oncologist. The visit produced the need for two blood transfusions. I’m now in the midst of them and these will take around 8 hours. 52 more words


If I let you go, then you’re not here.

But if I make you stay, then you’re not there.

This ordeal, I must say, is not ideal. 30 more words


Hero's Journey 7:You're in!

This is a significant new stage. The special world of the adventure has now been entered. The conventional world has been left behind and a new world has swallowed the hero. 2,085 more words

Part 8 - The Charles Ordeal

I had finally come up with answers to my question. I was going to allow myself live my life the way I wanted it which was pretty much the same – nerd – with some adjustments. 2,089 more words


Three Days Ago's Mandala, Today

This week began with best intentions but even though the mandala was scanned weeks ago and I started a comic on Friday, somehow the time slipped out and the first never got posted and the second never got finished and THEN I lost 2 days of my life to circumstances best forgotten but permanently scarring, and they weren’t even the worst 2 days of this month. 99 more words


Herbalist’s near-death experience and ordeal in hands of gunmen

The university town of Nsukka which was not long ago thrown into confusion and mourning following invasion and murder of 827 more words