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Attitude makes the difference

“Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.”

In order to allow yourself the widest possible choice in your activities, and so give yourself a better chance of finding something rewarding, you must surely discard any pre-defined ideas about what is ‘fun’, or what you ‘should’ be doing.  

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Poem with an explanation: Freedom

the sunshine
and nothing

This poem is about ending an ordeal.  The ordeal can be a variety of different things, but generally is something negative that was endured.  256 more words


A Bonfire Celebration

Have been here, several times, but couldn’t collect my thoughts enough to write anything. That happens at times. And is usually depressing on some level. However, this time it wasn’t. 412 more words


In camps and ruins, Mosul civilians' ordeal is far from over

MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) – The battle for Mosul is all but over after nine months of devastating urban warfare between government forces and Islamic State militants, but Iraqi civilians are suffering in a humanitarian crisis of monumental scale.

ordeal as the require


and its own keeping

and telling

as the side

and way as its own moment

as the truth

and held as its own point… 45 more words


Make it or Break - a Choice

How healthy is it go against our desire? I am not talking about wanting a jelly doughnut or a chocolate bar. I am referring to the difficult situations in which we let ourselves get stuck or in which we are thrown into by life’s events. 121 more words



Days bled into years, at last the inescapable agony caught up.

And the ordeal is here to stay evermore, for the role of destroyer has now exchanged.

–Sadvansha Munshi