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Worse than Slavery Parchman Farm and the Ordeal of

The United States was a nation built on compromise and yes, there were many people in the new country that owned slaves. Yet the people who wrote the constitution did recognize the inconsistency of creating a nation based on equal rights and opportunities while allowing an evil such as… 265 more words


“Magai!” he shouted exultantly. The affectionate abbreviation of my ‘home-name’ soared above and bent its way around and between the breadfruit trees, startling their feathered inhabitants into flight. 274 more words


two types of hero

A presidential candidate has me pondering this question…

What is a hero?

If you’ve endured a prisoner-of-war camp, do you automatically qualify as “hero”?

I once knew a man—a pilot—who’d spent years in a POW camp. 224 more words


Mick Fanning, Surfer Attacked By Shark, Opens Up About Ordeal in New Interview

Mick Fanning, the pro surfer who was attacked by a shark and miraculously escaped unharmed, is opening up about the scary experience while surfing in South Africa. 29 more words


First off, in case you missed the magenta, the Mashed Radish has a new look. Let me know what you think. Special thanks to my brother, Andrew, whom you probably know for the doodles he whips up for my posts, for the new images and input.  598 more words