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Chopstick Like the Japanese

Vastly different from its culinary counterparts like the spoon, fork, or the spork, chopsticks enjoy the most amount of attention and awe. If there is such a thing as a unique piece of cutlery, it is this. 789 more words


Top 10 Healthy Food To Eat During Periods

This time of the month is really challenging for every woman no matter at what age you are. You all are very well familiar with what happens when your period hits. 369 more words


Lights, camera...

Ironing out a few technical kinks, but new kind of Tarot Reading Coming soon to Quirk & Flotsam. More on the mystery blur to come.


Go Street: Five Asian Street-eats You Must Try!

Street food ﹘ a cautious taboo for some, a forbidden fruit for others, and a delectable indulgence for the rest. Regardless of how you perceive it, there’s only one way to define street food ﹘ lip-smacking! 495 more words


Online Shopping in India

After doing lots of purchases from different sites recently I have some interesting observations.

  1. Discounts on branded items seems to be real. All other discounts are bogus.
  2. 513 more words

9 Asian Desserts That Will Make You Feel on ‘Cloud Nine’

After a long day at work, all you really need is a decadent treat to pamper yourself. And if you’re craving something sweet on a lazy Friday night, look no further than Asian desserts! 746 more words


5 Foods of Asian Origin That You Thought Were from Elsewhere

Brace yourselves because what we’re about to tell you will change your perception about food forever. You may already know that your beloved biryani and… 457 more words