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5 Foods of Asian Origin That You Thought Were from Elsewhere

Brace yourselves because what we’re about to tell you will change your perception about food forever. You may already know that your beloved biryani and… 457 more words


Five of the best things about home cooked food

Every foodie would agree that there’s nothing quite as tasty as a home cooked meal. Full to the brim with delicious ingredients, always flavoursome, and unbelievably fresh tasting, they smell as good as they look, and when it’s steaming on a plate in front of you, it’s almost impossible to resist. 333 more words

Authentic Food

“Wonton, Dim Sum, Momo, Baozi — They’re All The Same!”

Not exactly.

Every time you try to order snacks online Bangalore, you might come across terms such as dim sum, wonton, momo, and baozi. And more often than not, these names are used interchangeably. 527 more words


Asian Cuisine: The Best Companion On A Rainy Day

With the monsoon setting in, most of us face the urge to curl up under the blankets with a good book and a hot, soupy dish. 446 more words


A Vegetarian's Guide To Asian Food

Just look up the words ‘food home delivery near me’, and you’ll find a range of restaurants dotting the city, serving up a variety of cuisines. 518 more words


Asian Cuisine: The Champion of India’s Food Delivery Scene

A decade ago, the food scene in India was very different. Eating outside was an elaborate, often celebratory affair – with people dressing up, navigating infamous traffic, and reaching the restaurant only to have to wait for a table. 433 more words


The Cull available online

Harry and I have just heard exciting news from Amitabh at Poets Printery – The Cull is available to order.  If you access the Amazon website (see below) you can pre order and expect delivery from May 20th. 43 more words

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