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You think compassion is well-calculated risk
And the sands of time cannot touch your beliefs
You gaze at the mountains
And they call to you… 71 more words


Senseless killings in a Southwest Chinese village

News of a 27–year old Chinese man who killed his parents and 17 neighbours – ostensibly, in a desperate bid to cover the crime by eliminating witnesses – was widely reported yesterday in the mass media. 214 more words


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Day 106 : The Infamous 22:22

I heard a faint sound, while I slowly opened my eyes, keeping them half opened, as a light was pulsating in front of me. I shook my head and looked around getting my bearings. 660 more words

Journal Entries

Lessons For Leaders

Teacher: Bishop Joseph Walker


1) There is a specific anointing for leaders.

2) Leadership is about influence.

3) If you are leading, someone must be following you. 279 more words


Website Guide - Order and your Artwork - YouTube

Check out our new guide to accessing your artwork and your order


This is not a poem

It’s an assortment of words

Arranged rather erratically

Conveying nothing in particular

And serving no purpose whatsoever

But still you go on reading… 69 more words