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I’ll never forget my first ... order. ;-)

Now that I’m done with the packaging, a few challenging questions popped into my head… Who will be my customers?  How will I market my product? 123 more words


MASSIVE NEWS: "Recently vaccinated children a threat to public health: Evidence shows they can SPREAD disease and CAUSE outbreaks"

“Scientific evidence demonstrates that individuals vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or months afterwards and infect the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. 51 more words


Growth Chart Rulers - Now available for order/purchase!

My uber-talented Mister made me a growth chart ruler for Mother’s Day a few years back.  Since then, he’s had numerous inquiries and requests so we’ve decided to make them more available. 35 more words


Message from the book “Day after Day with Swami Dayananda”

Everyone is governed by the laws of Īśvara. Īśvara is the creator as well as the creation; he is not simply a creator of the world, sitting somewhere ‘there’. 46 more words

Day After Day With Swami Dayananda

Sexy Ambitions & A Scattered Mind

There’s something about ambition that I find ridiculously sexy. I think everyone does. It links to their dreams and the fact that when someone has them they’re working towards something… bigger. 536 more words

Low blood pressure with medicine tied to faster mental decline


And why it is so important to grow and protect our natural food sources! Give nature a chance to heal you, and give nature a chance to heal too! 9 more words


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Order from chaos

I love making lists.

I’m always making long and detailed lists of things such as our DVDs, old-time radio shows, music, and so on. I have known many people who think it odd, because they assume it has no real value or purpose. 402 more words