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Will distributed satellite facilities and automation maintain holiday hiring as volumes grow at FedEx and UPS ?

An article in the Wall Street Journal (Sept 30, 2016) titled “FedEx, UPS Gear Up for Holiday Season With More Sorting Hubs, Technology” describes moves by FedEx and UPS to create satellite facilities and mobile delivery centers respectively, and increase sort automation to handle the holiday surge in packages. 101 more words

Supply Chain Issues

How treating colds in China impacted the donkey supply chain in Africa

An article in CNN.com (September 29, 2016) available at http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/29/africa/china-african-donkeys/index.html describes a Chinese remedy, ejiao, used to treat colds and insomnia, that uses donkey gelatin. With a fall in the donkey population in China from 11 million to 6 million over the past 20 years as China shifts away from agriculture, there has been a surge in demand for donkeys imported from African countries like Niger and Burkina Faso. 121 more words

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Okay get this; Your pizza gets baked en route to delivery, 'BY ROBOTS'

Yes, Robots bake your Pizza. And while it’s being delivered to you, meaning it gets to you still fresh and steaming. Plus the company (Zume Pizza) promises the pizza to be delicious, wholesome and artisan. 300 more words

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How to order dishes in Mandarin?

Chinese Restaurant are everywhere. They sale cheap and delicious food. In America, you can order food in English or numbers. However, have you ever thought about going to your favorite Chinese restaurant and ordering your favorite dishes in Mandarin. 320 more words

Chinese Traditional Culture

How to Taco Bell Like a Vegan

You know those days where you get up in the morning, but not because your alarm went off, but because your mom is yelling at you to get up since you forgot to set an alarm? 208 more words


Tfti! No, but really!

Now that you have a ring on your finger (Woo-Hoo!), time to write a list of all the friends and family you want to celebrate with! 139 more words