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The Power of the Ordinary #LCFC

It was all super- ordinary! Mayhem in the Jamie Vardy House, Gary Lineker pondering a new career in lingerie and Gus getting a call from Claudio, thanking him for Chelsea’s second half performance… 709 more words


Sacred Dailiness

Most of my life feels fairly ordinary. I wake up in the morning, pour myself a cup of coffee with a little cream, scramble some eggs, brush my teeth, and face another day that looks similar to the ones that came before it. 121 more words

avoid the ordinary.

what i do on mondays.

and many times on other days too.


"Commonplaces Never Become Tiresome"

I was not particularly looking for wisdom when a friend and I walked into a Thai food restaurant; I was just looking for food. And I was trying to make sense out of a menu filled with genuine Thai cuisine. 523 more words

The Paradox of Still.

I’ll explore the paradox of still

within the buzz of my thoughts

and the gentle cocoon of sketching

an outline of now versus what will be… 53 more words

Poem And Prose

Beautiful Ordinary

This is an incredibly extraordinary world we live in. Don’t believe it? Just think…the 231/2 degree tilt of the earth’s axis is precisely perfect to support the four seasons we enjoy each year. 440 more words


Not So Ordinary

Let’s talk about ordinary: what is ordinary to us?
The most likely answer would be: everything. Everything is ordinary, since we steadily are bombarded by informations shots, coming from TV, newscasts, blogs and social networks. 463 more words

Contemporary Art