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Now, please don’t be defeated and please don’t shed a tear
During these times when you’re seemingly about to disappear
Just believe in your own voice… 24 more words


For the love that dried out!

He said our love would be like the trees, evergreen and everlasting. Six months down the road, I’m still standing here trying to figure out how the autumn took the leaves and our love along with it. 16 more words

Riding About: Spring Thaw 2017

With the rain and snow melt the water levels are really high this year.  The highest I have seen.

Right now would not be a good time to take a canoe under the bridges I stood on for these pictures. 83 more words



As Important as

I think I’m almost as important as the President.
I get noticed by the I.R.S. every year,
Although no one makes fun of me on SNL. 130 more words

The Unique Experience in Everyday Life

I’m not sure when at first I started noticing my complete love and happiness in the simplest experiences in life. To be honest I’ve always been an anxious person. 330 more words

The Calling of The Unknown Brother

When I was eighteen I had the opportunity to visit a missionary couple in Peru. I traveled with them up and down the coast watching and engaging in ministry work with them. 140 more words

Biblical Thinking