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Alternate ending

I am freshly birthday’d up and facing – statistically – 40 more years of something.

What? I don’t know yet.
Don’t scoff.
Do you know your next day? 423 more words

Derring Do

The Illusion of Ordinary

Somewhere in an unimaginably vast vacuum, sparsely scattered with exploding fireballs, is one large rock in free fall. That’s your home.

You’re glued to this rock by a force called gravity that no one really understands. 250 more words


ik 140 for July 2015 wp

ik 140

The American 767


we are all unique; beauty
radiates within us
bravery is not to boast

Inspired by: Be brave enough to be ordinary. 135 more words


Ordinary but Quite Interesting

Out of the many people in the whole world, there is a young lady that you may find ordinary but quite interesting. She might not be “the one” that you are searching for. 372 more words

Scale & Observation

Day 14 of Photography 101: Scale and Observation

I captured this cute guy at a retreat center I visited a few years ago. Here is a wider perspective:


Live in each moment

Life can be quite simple if we live in each moment. Not grasping for the next new thing, but rather finding the extraordinary in the here and now. 66 more words

“Everybody is after being extraordinary.And this is the paradox: the more you try to be exceptional, the more ordinary you look, because… everybody is after extraordinariness.

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