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What August has taught me

My last post was about how the world seems to be spinning at rapid speed and how most of us do not take enough time to enjoy the present and  1,054 more words


Giten on Jesus Christ: Sending out the Disciples

Giten on Jesus Christ:

Sending out the Disciples

An excerpt from the book “The Way, the Truth and the Life: On Jesus Christ: The Man, the Mystic and the Rebel”, which Giten is currently writing. 578 more words

Shade (Sha-Dei)

Shade isn’t the prettiest neither is she the ugliest. She lays somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of what society considers beautiful.

Shade doesn’t get that much attention from guys.

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Be a fruit loop

We are all beautiful. So whether we think we stand out for being too extraordinary or blend in for being too ordinary, we need to let it go and let our beauty shine. 64 more words

Today's Thought: Ordinary Folk, Extraordinary Results

The Blessing of Adversity: Time and again, I’ve seen people with ordinary talents possess a constancy of purpose that enabled them to achieve far more than their more gifted colleagues

Daily Thoughts

Just a (Very Little) Bit About Me

Hello. I’m just an ordinary Jewish Teenage girl living in London. I am 17 years old and I am about to start doing A levels, learning to drive, applying to university and doing whatever it is 17 year old girls all over the country will also be doing this year. 44 more words