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I Knew a Goddess

I knew a Goddess

She appeared ordinary

But she moved mountains


if we’re lucky in our lives, we encounter an ethereal spirit; a Goddess who introduces us to other worlds. 6 more words


Spring Breaker

It’s spring break!

Well, it has been for a few days now. While most people are on vacation, I’m here at home, relaxing, reading, and doing a whole lot of nothing. 482 more words


To be just an ordinary person..Episode-1

Life had ever been so bright and i don’t remember of any of my wishes being denied by my parents. Rather i must say, being the youngest sibling in the family i ever had the advantage of getting my dreams come true even before the words were murmured at my lips.

375 more words

The grace of the ordinary

the grace of the ordinary

we can glimpse
the subtle grace of the ordinary:

being nestled
in the arms of a loved one,
the smell of bread, 77 more words


Pondering the Ordinary

Like a perpetual conveyor belt, several months have daily slipped from future, through present, and into the fading twilight of past. Much has happened in my particular life story during that time, and yet nothing has happened: variations of ordinary disguised in busyness; routine with slight hiccoughs of irregularity; mundane moments made meaningful simply because they exist In the larger context of life. 347 more words


The Ordinary Lullaby

“so ¬†much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white 

William Carlos Williams

i am dark.
you are light. 64 more words

My Journal

Duct Tape Will Fix Anything

Actually, Hammy’s head is a child protective screw top. Hammy, of course, being the child in question.

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