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Women, Marriage and Ordination

“…the reality is that whoever wrote this letter, they (in the same fashion as Paul in 1 Corinthians) were expressing a ‘desire’, not an imperative they believed was sent from God or even official church teaching they were passing on.

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Why can't we get the Sacraments ?

As we know hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world cannot receive the Eucharist or have a sacramental life. This is because most of us receive the sacraments from the secular priest, celibate and supported by a parish, and the secular priesthood is a thing of the past. 371 more words


Ordination of a Seminarian in Articulo Mortis ("at the moment of death")

An ordination to the Priesthood is a relatively rare event these days, especially in the secularized West.  But an ordination on one’s deathbed is even more rare!   1,223 more words


Shemini (Lev. 9:1 - 11:47)

Previously in Leviticus…

The holidays are over.  We’re still counting the omer until Shavuot, and there are still a few leftover Pesach things to pack or unpack, but the daffodils and hyacinths and trees are blooming and it’s time to pause and take a deep breath (unless the pollen gets to you and you’re not on an antihistamine). 1,753 more words

God's Yoke Is Easy and God's Burden is Light

OK, nearly all translations will say His yoke is easy and His burden is light. And if you know your Handel then you’re probably hearing that tune in your head right now. 616 more words

Feast of Saint Paternus (15 April 2015)   

April 15th is a very important date in my life, because on April 15th, 1963, my classmates and I were ordained to the priesthood.  It was a date to which we had looked forward for years; it is a date that I will celebrate as long as I can.  380 more words

Daily Messages

Youth Pastor- Trans Trailblazer?

When I graduated from my first round of Seminary in 2012 with a Master of Arts in Bible and Theology, I searched nationwide for any Church that seemed to be affirming of LGBT people that had postings. 524 more words