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Did Azerbaijan Buy The Iron Dome?

Last week the Times of Israel reported an alleged sale of an Iron Dome battery to Azerbaijan. Citing a Hebrew news site and unspecified Azeri media as its source without further attribution, the short article from the Times did admit the sale couldn’t be independently confirmed. 485 more words


Here's An Example Of Dearborn Heights Ordnance Department Hard At Work.

Wondering why abandoned homes are never taken care of in Dearborn Heights? Well, I think we found our answer this is a picture from a resident of what the ordnance department left on an abandoned home that they reported to the City of Dearborn Heights. 7 more words

Dearborn Heights City

Old Military Explosive Found Near South Jersey School

By Anita Oh

MANTUA Twp., NJ (CBS) — If you heard an explosion on Golf Club Road in Mantua Township on Thursday night, it was planned. 309 more words


Indian BrahMos Makes Token Appearance At ADAS 2016

The firm behind one of the world’s deadliest cruise missiles was in Manila this week to advertise their only product. In what appears to be a serious effort at exporting a world-class missile system, especially among countries near China, BrahMos Aerospace put on a lavish exhibit in their corner of… 330 more words


25 Pounder Shell Casing

Arguably the best all round field gun in use by the British Army in the Second World War was the 25 pounder. The 25-pounder fired “separate”or two-part ammunition—the projectile and the propelling charge in its (usually brass) cartridge case with its integral primer were loaded separately. 353 more words

British Army

30mm Aden Cannon Link

The Aden Cannon was developed in the immediate post war period to provide a weapon with a much higher rate of firepower than wartime aircraft cannon. 275 more words

Post WW2

Legacies of the Cold War in Asia: Laos

By PISA Staff Assistant, Leeann Ji

As the battle against communism raged in Vietnam, a lesser-known civil war between the Pathet Lao – a communist movement – and the Royal Lao Government ravaged Laos. 812 more words