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Collecting on a Short Fuse

When I embarked on my quest to gather facts and information about my ancestors’ service to this country, I never intended to become a collector of militaria. 475 more words

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The joy of small boys and ordnance

We have observed large box shaped ordnance whilst heading east from Stanley to Whalebone Cove or Surf Bay or Gypsy Cove on many occasions since our arrival here and on each occasion the boys have asked ‘Can we go there one time?’ After our Islander flights this idea was particularly prevalent as Sam had enjoyed seeing said ordnance from the plane. 216 more words

2"Parachute Illuminating Mortar Round

The 2” mortar was to remain in British Army service from 1937 until it was replaced by the 51mm mortar in 1981, it was a very simple but effective weapon and as time went on a large range of specialist rounds were developed for the mortar including drill, smoke, high explosive and the subject of tonight’s post, the parachute illuminating mortar round. 267 more words

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No 68 Drill Grenade

By 1940 it was obvious that the Boys Anti Tank Rifle was completely obsolete. It would take time to develop a new anti-tank weapon (what would eventually become the PIAT) and what was needed was something in the interim that was cheap to produce, effective against armour and could be got out to troops rapidly. 455 more words

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7.62mm Drill Round

In order to safely test and demonstrate a firearm inert rounds are needed that can be cycled through the action. These rounds need to be the same weight and shape as a live round, but clearly distinguishable to prevent any mix ups- the dangers of feeding a live round through a weapon in a classroom are easy to appreciate! 210 more words

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Did Azerbaijan Buy The Iron Dome?

Last week the Times of Israel reported an alleged sale of an Iron Dome battery to Azerbaijan. Citing a Hebrew news site and unspecified Azeri media as its source without further attribution, the short article from the Times did admit the sale couldn’t be independently confirmed. 485 more words


Here's An Example Of Dearborn Heights Ordnance Department Hard At Work.

Wondering why abandoned homes are never taken care of in Dearborn Heights? Well, I think we found our answer this is a picture from a resident of what the ordnance department left on an abandoned home that they reported to the City of Dearborn Heights. 7 more words

Dearborn Heights City