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CNMC Goldmine acquires Kelantan rights

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Gold miner CNMC Goldmine said on Monday morning that it will pay RM2.5 million (S$0.79 million) to acquire KelGold, a Kelantan company with rights to explore gold, iron ore and other minerals. 93 more words

Money Matters

Suspension (bridge) of disbelief

In the swarf of used grinding paste
Lie magnetic bits of unconformity.      12
The last attempt of the material
To maintain it’s nature, it’s culture.    24… 30 more words


Ore & Ink

Ore & Ink

The polished wooden pen

writes because its roots

are ink and its leaves


Its scope, as the

canopy umbrella of

the baobab tree, that… 28 more words


Reddit challenge w30 revisited (Eve)

Week 30: Ready your pickaxes! from KerbalSpaceProgram

  • Kerbin -> eve orbit 6300
  • eve orbit -> eve ground : aerobraking at 80km
  • eve ground -> eve orbit 8100…
15 more words
Mission Reports