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023 Hematite – 12g & 23x18x10mm – is a reddish-black mineral consisting of ferric oxide. It is an important ore of Iron.


Under Armour unveils footwear design center in Portland, Ore., near Nike headquarters

Under Armour has unveiled a footwear design and development center in Portland, Ore. It’s less than a dozen miles from the global headquarters of Nike, its archrival. 40 more words

Near Nike Headquarters


124 Lodestone – 18g & 30x18x15mm – is a naturally magnetized piece of the mineral Magnetite – a grey-black magnetic mineral which consists of an oxide of iron and is an important form of iron ore.


Experiencing Totality Totally Worth the Time and Effort

“Mom, it won’t be back in the same place for another 375 years,” my son, Tim, was telling me in a phone conversation just a few days before the August 21 solar eclipse. 1,403 more words

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