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Just a reminder – husband went on his first date last Thursday. I was a wreck half the time. Not all of the time. You can read about in the previous post. 795 more words


Comparisons of data types supported between Oracle and R

A comparison at a high level:

Oracle DB       R
-------------   -----------------------------------
Table           Data Frame
Columns         Vectors
Rows            Elements / Values within the vector

Data Type mapping:  24 more words

R Programming

I'm Gonna Climb It

Dusty says, “I’m gonna climb it.” The chorus of men standing under the ore chute shout, “NO!”

'N' Other Stuff


Black and
in my
bleeding from
  mining darkness
    Veins of light

A sack
  of ore my reward,
   light headed
I… 11 more words


Ore, Twintail ni narimasu! 01

My readers,I like twintails.

My readers, I like twintails… nay, readers, I love twintails!

I love Strawberry twintails.

I love Innocent twintails.

I love seitokaicho twintails. 114 more words

Ore, Twintail ni narimasu! 02


Twintails is one of those shows, where the first episode so balls to walls out of the park crazy yet so fucking amazing, you immediately worry if the next episode can live up to it. 200 more words

Ore, Twintail ni narimasu! 03

dat ohimesama dakko squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~

Tail Blue Osananjimi is too awesome. Why is she so perfect? She even fights way better than Souji hahahah.