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Have You Ridden on a Corcl?

This is the summer to be a 5 to 10 year old at Camp Howard!  We are focusing on their summer activities and plan to kick it up a notch for this age group at camp this year. 137 more words

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival Photoshoot

For fun, I met with some very talented models and photographers at dawn at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival.  The group was a lot of fun to work with.   64 more words


What Happened on Holy Thursday?


Holy Thursday commemorates the activities leading up to the Passion of Christ.  The meal (Last Supper) takes place with a sense of foreboding.   141 more words


Pfriem Brett Wit

Wits or Blanches have long been one of my favorite styles. Unfortunately in the US, most people’s first impression of the style is tainted by Coor’s faux-craft Blue Moon which is a pale shadow of a pale shadow of a poorly constructed Belgian Wit. 278 more words

Beer Reviews

Freelensing Magic

My main camera is at Nikon having recall work done on it.  It has been away for about 3 weeks now, and I miss it, but I am less afraid of damaging my older camera  and have been pushing myself in other ways because of it.   164 more words


CYO Track and Field 2017

It all began today with somewhere around 1800 participants signed up to compete around the Greater Portland area including Clark County, WA.  Before we know it, the four short weeks of meets will be over and we will find ourselves in the championships!   82 more words

Bed bugs have been traumatizing humans for almost 11,000 years

There is a certain horror that comes with facing a bed-bug infestation. Some researchers have compared the anxiety these tiny parasites produce to be as bad as… 322 more words