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Frost in Portland

When it does not happen often, you appreciate it when it does.  The beauty of how frost outlines the leaves especially grabs me this year.  Three days of winter weather  here in PDX.   15 more words


Cathedral CYO 8th Grade Champions 6 Year Sweep!

Cathedral Coaches: Christian Buchholz & Megan Aguon.  Players: Alison, Cierra, Claire, Meaghan, Scout, Grace, Abigail & Ava.

St. Cecilia Coaches: Francis Brown, Hannah Brown, Kelly Larson, Mary Massey.  158 more words

CYO 7th Grade Girls - St. Joseph Takes it in Two

St. Joseph, Vancouver, WA Coaches: Casey Moltrum & Eileen Stemple.  Players: Alyssa, Caroline, Sydney, Rylie, Tyra, Lauren, Renee, Bridget, and Taylor.

Cathedral Portland, OR. Coaches: Fergie Bush, Tully Bush and Patrick Ryan.  147 more words

6th Grade CYO Volleyball Championship All Saints vs St. Joseph

All Saints Coaches: Mitzi MacCallum, Colleen Obryant.  Team: Chloe, Sofia, Ava, Logan, Shannon, Charlotte, Maggie, Sarah and Molly.St. Joseph (Vancouver) Coaches: Becki Garrow, Ed Garrow.  Team: Drew, Jocelyn, Claire, Lauren, Katie, Sophia, Kaitlyn, Ella and Kassidy. 150 more words

Holy Trinity Battles to CYO 5th Grade Volleyball Championship

Holy Trinity Coaches: Lina Kwee Nguyen, Anh Khoa Nguyen.  Players Mikayla, Marjorie, Emmanuelle, Kendra, Lauryn, Kyla, Taylor, Leia, Adrienne, Ericka, Lauren, Mackenzie

St. Matthew Coaches: Marisol Levick, Lacey Puncochar.  143 more words

CYO Championship

Creepy Halloween Shoots

I participated in two creepy Halloween shoots in Marcola, Oregon in October and November.  I have to admit I had a blast.  It is not that often I get to be THAT creative.   55 more words


Petrified Wood Haiku

Imagine 30 million years ago; a young Cascade volcano lays down a tropical forest with its mighty eruption. Great tree filled mudflows choke rivers and form tidewater bogs. 46 more words