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There’s a place called VanJCamp where a few vans and buses congregate around thanksgiving time! On the way there I made a couple stops.

I made a stop at an old ranger station after leaving the farm! 420 more words


Crater Lake in the Yetibus

You may have noticed there are people who I’ve met in almost every post since I made it down into Washington and Oregon! It’s been an amazing place to be not only exploring but having people to explore with! 304 more words


Cape Perpetua and a stop in Florence

The Devils Churn!

West Shelter on Wispering spruce trail. Overlook of the Devils Churn.

I was told that this shelter was used to spot submarines because of its high vantage point. 116 more words


Yaquina Bay Lighthouse in Newport, Oregon

I stayed with friends around the corner from the Devils Punchbowl and helped them build a Catatorium, or Catio, or Cat Porch. Whatever you call it. 127 more words


Tillamook and the Blimp Hanger

I picked up some squeaky cheese from the Tillamook Cheese Factory! Then I went and checked out these old blimp hangers down he road a ways. 44 more words


Burnside Skatepark Portland

I made a plan for leaving the farm! One of the first stops was Portland, mostly to check out burnside skatepark and to meet up with my local friends who showed me around Mt St. 132 more words