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Mushroom Log Cultivation Workshop, Eugene, Or - This Sunday 11/16

     Hands-On Mushroom Log Growing Workshop with Ja Schindler and Fungi For The People this Sunday, November 16th. We will meet from 12-4pm and transform a variety of fresh hardwood logs into a mushroom garden on-site. 168 more words


Mushroom Gardening Workshop this Sunday in Eugene, Nov 2

Growing edible mushrooms as annual and perennial patches is the focus of this Hands-On workshop. We will use a variety of common mulch materials to plant out King Stropharia, Wood Blewit, Elm Oyster, and Black Morel mushrooms in gardens and landscapes on-site. 159 more words


Candy Cap Mushrooms

“Candy Caps” or ” Curry Milkcaps” are highly aromatic mushrooms, which go great in pastries, desserts, pancakes, custards, ice cream & curry dishes. The taste profile varies from maple syrup to fenugreek. 73 more words

Some Great Recipes

Mushroom Log Workshop announced for Eugene:

Where:  1315 Sunnyside Drive, Eugene, Oregon, 97404

When: February 16th 2014, 12-4pm 

Come join us in Eugene, Oregon for an afternoon Mushroom Gardening workshop!

This is the second in a Series of workshops for Growing Mushrooms at home, both Outside and in the Greenhouse. 194 more words


Pop Quiz #3: Name that mushroom!

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Clues: Height 4cm, Width: 4cm

Spore color: Pale pinkish white

Veil: none

Family: Tricholomataceae

Habitat: Scattered under conifers, winter through spring in the North West… 32 more words


Mushroom Hunting in Oregon-Precious on the line again

The people who know me well in my life know that I am probably the most competitive person in the world.  I have been told I am a Jack Russel Terrier, never back down to a fight, even when I am know the odds are against me.   566 more words


The Morel Mushroom Ring (Precious) gets passed on to new King

The beginning of the Morel season has begun.  My old buddy Trevor Storlie and I have been pounding away over the years, competing in ever sense of the way, on who can collect the most morel mushrooms in a single weekend. 680 more words