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week 33: remains

 In September, 2016 I started a year-long personal challenge of doing something each week that I’d never done before then writing about it. This is week 33. 591 more words


Oregon Senate president Peter Courtney demands more mental health money

The state’s need to take care of its mentally ill is getting lost amid the state budget push and pull around public schools, universities, roads — and everything else, according to Senate President Peter Courtney. 11 more words

Oregon Legislature

Oregon's Senate President Says Lawmakers Should Support Mental Health Investments

In a year when Oregon lawmakers are grappling with a $1.6 billion budget shortfall, even some legislative leaders are having trouble gaining traction for their priorities. 37 more words

Oregon Legislature

Mental health is important, just not today (Guest opinion)

Everybody thought we should do something. Just not today. Something else was always more important.

Decade after decade, Oregon’s system of mental health treatment was neglected. 19 more words

The Oregonian

EDITORIAL: Public deserves more state accountability on Montwheeler – Malheur Enterprise

After two people died on a highway outside Ontario in January, state health officials kept mum. They said they couldn’t breathe a word about the suspect, Anthony W. 37 more words


Review board has high percentage of success | Opinion |

The recent arrest of Joshua Jaschke for the stabbing death of a man in an apartment complex near South Eugene brought to light that at the time of his arrest he was under the supervision of the Psychiatric Security Review Board, based upon his having been found guilty but for insanity in a prior stabbing incident. 54 more words

Guest Opinion

Mental hospital doctors suspected for years accused killer was faking, records show

State doctors suspected nearly 20 years ago that Anthony W. Montwheeler was feigning mental illness to avoid prison, newly disclosed records show.

The records, a portion of state files on Montwheeler, give no indication that officials acted on that suspicion until Montwheeler admitted his ruse two years ago. 15 more words

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