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Retired social worker writes about pioneering work with sex offenders

Conversations at the dinner table were different growing up in the Callahan home.

When your mother is best known for her work with sex offenders, that’s to be expected. 11 more words

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Millennials, Psychopaths, and Science Take Stage at PSU TEDx

Oregon State Hospital’s Octavio Choi discussed mental health and mass shootings, and will go into greater depth at a presentation Friday.

Psychopaths could make better use of their natural low empathy by becoming surgeons instead of mass murders. 42 more words

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Oregon State Hospital Wants Patients to Keep Medicaid Insurance

Oregon State Hospital officials have a new strategy for ensuring patients do not have to worry about their health insurance when they leave — never cutting off their Medicaid coverage in the first place. 7 more words

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Oregon State Hospital hires new superintendent

Officials with the Oregon Health Authority announced Thursday that Dolly Matteucci has been hired to lead the Oregon State Hospital, filling a void atop the state psychiatric institution that has gone without a permanent superintendent for a year. 7 more words

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State hospital concludes Montwheeler unfit to stand trial

Oregon State Hospital evaluators have concluded that Anthony W. Montwheeler is mentally unfit to stand trial, creating uncertainty about when he will be prosecuted on charges he stabbed to death an ex-wife and killed a Vale man in a collision during a police pursuit. 42 more words

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How one incident caused 47 patients to die at the Oregon State Hospital

A ghastly scene unfolded during dinner 75 years ago at Oregon State Hospital.

Patients began dropping like flies after eating a batch of poisoned scrambled eggs, vomiting blood and writhing on the floor in agony. 35 more words

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Oregon State Hospital Population Down, But Could Rise with Winter

The state has tried to work proactively with counties to get them to stop warehousing people in the state mental hospital when they are too sick to stand trial. 28 more words

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