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How one incident caused 47 patients to die at the Oregon State Hospital

A ghastly scene unfolded during dinner 75 years ago at Oregon State Hospital.

Patients began dropping like flies after eating a batch of poisoned scrambled eggs, vomiting blood and writhing on the floor in agony. 35 more words

Statesman Journal

Oregon State Hospital Population Down, But Could Rise with Winter

The state has tried to work proactively with counties to get them to stop warehousing people in the state mental hospital when they are too sick to stand trial. 17 more words

The Lund Report

Machete attacker convicted of murder sentenced to state hospital, prison

Erik Meiser, who is diagnosed with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, was sentenced in Clackamas County Circuit Court to concurrent sentences of life in prison with a minimum of 25 years and up to 20 years under the supervision of the state’s Psychiatric Security Review Board for the death of Frederick “Fritz” Hayes in 2012. 11 more words

The Oregonian

State: Woman wasn't insane; had drug-induced psychosis

A woman who stabbed a man in Medford and was judged guilty except for insanity, was released from state psychiatric custody after officials determined she was suffering from drug-induced psychosis — not mental illness. 38 more words

Mail Tribune

Psychiatric Patient Missing Near Eugene

An Oregon State Hospital psychiatric patient is missing from a facility in Junction City. Officials reported 34-year-old Peace Wickham missing on Thursday. He is not considered to be a danger to himself or others, but anyone who sees him should call 911 and not approach Wickham. 7 more words

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Mother of Ashland murderer tried to have him committed

Pedro Sabalsa-Mendez’s mother fought to get her son civilly committed, but she couldn’t meet Oregon’s high legal bar even though he threatened to kill himself and others. 48 more words

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