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Pepper, You're a Good Pup

My walk home from the train varies a bit depending on how I catch the lights as I pass the busier streets, but sometimes I walk past this mural at the… 46 more words


Growing Up Expat: Summer Break

We are continuing our nomad summer up in Oregon and enjoying every minute.   While it is a much needed break for all of us, I am wondering if I am going to get my kids on the plane back to Colombia when the time comes? 307 more words

Expat Life

Road Trip part 3: The End of the USA

By George we’ve got it!

You know this travelling stuff is a great gig, we are ALL learning so much, the places we have visited, the people we have met, the information we have retained. 1,210 more words


What the Inland NW has to offer

The Northwest… it’s an idyllic gem in the minds of many. To dream of Idaho, Oregon, or Washington, is to dream of mountains, ravines, and more trees than thought possible. 218 more words



This is supposed to be the best moment of my life. I’m a twenty six year-old guy who has nothing going for him other than a piece of paper I worked my ass off for and a twenty thousand dollar debt to the government that I had to take out just for the opportunity to prove that I could learn a “major”. 5,255 more words


Demand for eclipse toilets is 'astronomical'

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — One of the developing issues with the impeding total solar eclipse is something people probably don’t think about until they need to use it — a toilet. 203 more words



I’ve never actually watched the show “Portlandia,” but I figured since I now live in this infamous city, that the title of this post was fitting. 792 more words