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Day 5 of 30 Day Anime Challenge - My favorite anime can't have me feel ashamed!

Welcome back! Today I’m tackling the fifth challenge!

Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

This clearly won’t count Boku no Pico because I honestly couldn’t enjoy it. 905 more words


OreImo, Episode 1 Rant

This isn’t a series written poorly enough that I can write entire essays on why miniscule details or single lines are the greatest affront to creative thought like I did with SAO. 1,981 more words


Even Kirino and Kuroneko pick up on how to act Tsundere in English

Way back when OreImo was airing!

Anime nowadays will almost always come with radio broadcasting programs to advertise them. It’s one of the best way for anime fans to actually learn Japanese by listening (preferably WITHOUT subtitles) and picking up on common phrases used by Japanese people in the voice acting industry. 64 more words


Oreimo / Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai by Tsukasa Fushimi / Hiro Kanzaki (Vol. 1)

Who decides which manga my library gets? Are they COMPLETELY perverted????

Okay, so there I am in the backroom.  The library I’m at is fairly busy, but, at the moment, there’s a lull.   522 more words

Manga Review

Moso Calibration - Greatest Hits World Selection

Picked up a copy of this disc at Hyper Japan this summer and was absolutely won over by the performance from the band there. They have so much energy and charm, and it pairs perfectly with the high-octane, pumping feel of their music. 127 more words

Soundtrack Selections

Cersei Lannister vs. "Anime Incest"

There are a great number of anime and manga with incestuous overtones, but contrary to what might seem obvious, I’m not so sure how much of it truly has to do with a desire to have sex with siblings, real or imaginary. 285 more words


Anime Series Review: 'Eromanga Sensei'

The world is filled with dozens and dozens of amazing anime series. Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Dragon Ball, One Piece no matter what type of story you may be interested in, there’s at least a handful of anime that would satisfy you. 525 more words