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Ero-Manga Sensei is a trash....and so am I for enjoying it.

In 2016, thanks to a website called Baka-Tsuki, I was able to read the english translated version of the Ero-Manga Sensei light novel up to the end of volume 4 (the anime covered up to the end of volume 3 so far). 1,061 more words


Picture Of Kirino & Sagiri Standing On White Background = $200 USD

If you’re eager to throw away $200, then mark your calendars, as pre-orders start at the end of the month for a simple image of… 130 more words

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Kuroneko Is Getting Her Own Novel

Eromanga Sensei’s ninth novel volume came with big news, Kuroneko is finally getting a dedicated novel of her own. It’s said the book will be the complete and comprehensive Kuroneko tale – the best girl story of your dreams. 149 more words

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Claris doing ska is this season's best OP theme

Of the anime series I’ve kept up with this season and haven’t dropped, Claris’ gloriously upbeat Hitorigoto (the OP to icky, but irresistible Oreimo clone Eromanga sensei) is coming out a country mile ahead of any competition. 279 more words

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"Eromanga Sensei" Does Kimonos & Kuroneko

Eromanga Sensei is back still mostly service-free with its eighth episode. It compensates for the lack of imouto fanfare and pink undergarments with copious amounts of references to other popular series, including Spice and Wolf, and as well as other little sister incest favorites such as… 317 more words

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