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News: Dengeki refreshes Eromanga-sensei anime's lead seiyu announcement

Since Dengeki’s last update on A-1 Pictures’ anime of Eromanga-sensei, the latest series from the light novel team that brought us Oreimo, it’s been a quiet few months with no further announcements. 165 more words


Why are the OreImo Girls so Likeable?

I can’t seem to find people who like OreImo who don’t like at least one of the girls a hell of a lot. Of course I think that that’s actually pretty cool that they are so likeable to so many people, or at least the ones who like the show. 613 more words


Gone Too Tsun: Anime’s Tired Female Archetype [Thoughts (Anime), #2]

Before I get to the meat of this discussion, I’m going to be upfront and admit that I have little investment in normal commercial anime. In the last year and a half, the only series I’ve watched in their entirety are One Punch Man (there’s only one season as of right now anyway) and Shirokuma Cafe, and I loved both. 586 more words


Eromanga Sensei Gets An Anime Adaptation

From the author of OreImo comes in another anime adaptation of one of his works, “Eromanga Sensei”.

Romantic comedy about light novelist whose secret illustrator is his own shut in sister… 205 more words


OreImo Can't Possibly be a Good Gateway Anime!

You know, the anime world is full of snobs. The people who put so-called “intellectual” shows on a high pedestal while looking down on the common harem show with no more than a glance of disdain. 810 more words




Cross-promotion between Dengeki and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications using Kirino from Oreimo (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute)  to teach the public about changes to voting laws (lowering from 20 to 18)

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