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[LAMINARIA (Shiokonbu)] Beckoning Cat

Really fine piece of art from Shiokonbu.
Available at Panda and below:



My Review of Kiss X Sis

Keita Suminoe is a fifteen year old middle school student who only wants one thing… To pass his finals, and make it into the same high school as his older twin sisters, Ako and Riko. 2,321 more words



Type: My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute (well, mine are. I  can’t speak for yours)

Synopsis: Hey, did you hear about Kirino Kosaka, that middle school straight-A track and field star who models professionally on the side? 495 more words


30 Day Anime Challenge - Day 5 & 6

Day 5 – Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed

Okay I have a little explanation here.  What happens is that when I first watch an anime, I either hate it, drop it, or fall in love and keep watching, obsessing over it until it ends (okay, okay, not every anime I watch falls into this category).   280 more words



I finished OreImo just yesterday. I’ve been watching it slowly for the last couple weeks from the beginning of the first season to the end of the second. 1,285 more words


Top 7: Anime Couples I Don't Care For


Whenever watching a romance anime, the goal is to bring the couple together and while the development is happening you have to ship the two. 842 more words