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Where Oreimo went wrong

DISCUSSION – With the release of the new anime series, Eromanga-sensei, it made me draw comparisons between this series and Oreimo. The same format – we’ve got an unreasonably nice big brother who has a brat of a sister that doesn’t appreciate what he does for her. 499 more words


Eromanga-sensei - Episode 2

REACTION – Welcome to the second episode of “It’s not Oreimo, what are you talking about, Onii-chan? B-b-baka!” the anime series.

This episode started off with Masamune’s inability of produce a good manuscript for another light novel series. 286 more words


Kirino is best girl?

Anyway, let’s get started. “Why would you pick the most annoying character as best girl?” you might ask.
No, I’m not crazy or anything if that’s what you were thinking. 229 more words


Eromanga-sensei - Episode 1

FIRST LOOK – Eromanga-sensei focuses on two step-siblings who are now living by themselves after their parents die in an accident. The older brother, Masamune Izumi, is a light novel author studying in high school while his little sister, Sagiri, is a shut-in who hasn’t left her room due to her mother’s death. 335 more words


Eromanga-sensei First Impressions

“Your illustrations are really erotic!” – Izumi Masamune

If you liked OreImo, then you’ll most likely enjoy EroMan (That’s what I’ll be coining the short version as). 605 more words


Oreimo author teases plans for 10 year anniversary

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, the light novel series affectionately abbreviated as Oreimo, will be celebrating its first double-digits anniversary in 2018. 126 more words


Otaku in Anime: Kirino Kousaka

In anime, I find the portrayals of Otaku to be quite fascinating. Often written by Otaku themselves, this personality trait that originally started in a derogatory sense (and still is to some) is now the most likely type of character to resonate with fans of anime (probably). 971 more words