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Puding Susu Oreo

@Regrann from @resep_dapurku – Puding Susu Oreo yang Lembut dan Sederhana

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800 ml susu cair
5 keping biskuit oreo
120 gram gula pasir… 641 more words



@Regrann from @resep_dapurku –

PUDING SUSU REGAL by @dapurlinna
2 bungkus agar agar bubuk putih
1 liter air
1 kaleng susu kental manis… 188 more words


Android O :The latest Android version

Android 8.0 OREO

Google pulled off one of the best version on Monday, by taking advantage of the solar eclipse with a cool name for Android O. 208 more words

Android O(Oreo) arrives officially:

Finally, Android O is now officially called Android Oreo!

Just yesterday on 21st August Google finally has unveiled its next version of Android, its latest major operating system update that will be released in the coming days.

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"We should be always curious:" How long should you dip an Oreo in milk?

LAKETOWN, Rich County — There’s a science behind dipping cookies in milk, and researchers at Utah State University say they’ve figured it out. They spent two weeks in search of the ideal dipping time. 445 more words


Android Oreo briefing

So it’s been another year for Android and Google has come out with their latest iteration in their long line of tasty desserts. The latest one, Android 8.0 is being called “Oreo” and yes, Google does seem to be having a tie-up with the company that does indeed make the real Oreo much like it did during the Kitkat era. 542 more words


Why Do Smartphones Slow Down With Time

You may have realized that when you bought your smartphone it was performing at the best speeds possible, but with time, a year or so, things started to go downwards in terms of performance and the excitement was quickly fading away. 795 more words