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Oreo Fudge Brownies


Everyone loves oreos. And, everyone loves brownies. By that faulty logic, one might conclude that there is a high probability that everyone will like oreo brownies too. 218 more words


First blog post

Setting up a blog is not very easy. I’m frustrated. Amy isn’t much help. :(

I’m learning how to use technology.  On the side, I ate Chipotle tonight. 98 more words


adidas Running Ultraboost 3.0 - "Oreo"

adidas Running Ultraboost 3.0 – “Oreo” ($180)

The re-tooled 3.0 Ultraboost arrives in the black and white, or “Oreo” colorway. With a variably-patterned black and white upper, a white cage, and black heel cup, the versatile version sits on boost cushioning a gray Continental outsole. 12 more words


New Oreo Flavor!

Oreo releases new flavors more frequently than we know what to actually do with, and their latest rumored flavor is set to give your tongue a bit of a sensation. 107 more words


Chris & Nina Oreo Peeps Karaoke Challenge [VIDEO]

Chris Matthews is known for his music knowledge and guessing song titles just by hearing a small sample of the tune. How does Chris do guessing the songs while Producer Badger sings them with a mouth full of Oreo Peeps??


Oreo's New Flavor Will Have Exploding Candy Inside It

It seems Oreo churns out new flavors by the day, but this new flavor is exploding onto the market.

Oreo is introducing a new flavor that includes popping candy inside the vanilla creme, according to… 61 more words


Photo: The Newest Oreo Flavor

The newest Oreo flavor will have EXPLODING candies in the cream??!!

Oreo is releasing ANOTHER new flavor.

The next limited-edition flavor is called FIREWORK OREOS, and they look like plain old regular Oreos, but with a slight twist: Little red and blue exploding candies like Pop Rocks are mixed in with the cream. 51 more words