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The Accidental Organ Donor

This was originally written in November 2015, but I never posted it. Please note that there is an update to this story, as well, so read all the way to the end. 592 more words


The Donation Dilemma

Broadcaster: BBC News

Year: 2015

Genre: Documentary

URL: http://bobnational.net/record/307809

Review by Emma Sterling

For people from an ethnic minority background like me and my family, finding yourself in a situation where you need an organ transplant can sometimes feel like a death sentence.” 737 more words

Cell Biology

Myth Busting: Charges For Organ Donation

This just hasn’t been sitting right with me since it happened.  Though I will not mention names, in the best interest of myself & my ability to speak openly I unfollowed & unfriended this person on social media outlets. 1,117 more words

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Saskatchewan watching organ donation debate, but no plans to change

The Government of Saskatchewan has no plans to implement policy that presumes all adults will donate their organs upon death. Provincial Health Minister Dustin Duncan said Saskatchewan will stick with its current opt-in model versus an opt-out method. 278 more words


Life on Hold: Renee Beaulieu's Adrien (Le Garagiste) at #VIWIFF2016

Adrien (Le Garagiste) is a compelling story about a 50-year-old garage owner in the small town of Trois-Pistoles, Quebec, coping with kidney failure. With a supportive, loving wife by his side, he endures 12 hours of dialysis a week, hoping for the donated kidney that will give him back the quality of life he has lost, yet so richly deserves. 323 more words

Festival Highlights

Breakfast Buzz: Should we adopt presumed organ donation consent?

SASKATOON – A group in Manitoba wants their province to be the first in Canada where people would automatically be organ donors, unless they opt out.  133 more words


How a Brazilian soccer club campaign saved hundreds of lives

In the state of Recife soccer is not a sport, it is a religion. When the home team Club Sports Recife plays, much of the state of Pernambuco shuts down as thousands of loyal fans stream to the stadium to worship the players clothed in red, black and yellow. 250 more words