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Day +2: Cautious Optimism

Forward: It was a day of little drama. I was exhausted. Anyone who knows me well will know that the quiet is usually a great opportunity for me to do some quality overthinking, but I was starting to surprise myself. 766 more words

Kidney Disease

The World Brain Death Project: What It Means


In December of 1967, the first successful heart transplant was performed in South Africa by Dr. Christian Barnard. At that time, there were no guidelines for the diagnosis of death for beating heart donors. 1,269 more words

Medical Ethics

Day +1: Beyond All Odds

Forward: Things are starting to calm down. I can’t get dressed or get to the toilet unassisted but I’m counting my lucky stars and at this rate, running out of room in the sky. 888 more words

Kidney Disease

I am now Immortal...

I Have a problem, Death scares me. I know everyone dies, but I don’t want to… not ever…. Living is better, its cooler, its more fun… Living gives me a high, yes I am high on life… 519 more words


Registrar of birth and deaths

Last week I wrote on the issue of Deceased Organ donation and related challenges in India. One reason for low organ donation was the lack of clarity in declaration of death. 610 more words


Think twice before getting breast augmentation surgery

I recently lost my twin sister. Being identical twins, we were connected much more strongly than either of us were with our other two siblings- that’s why her death hit me so damn hard. 4,484 more words


Online repository of donors up & running

Publication date: March 3, 2020

Ahmedabad: From March 1, Gujarat joined the handful of Indian states having online system of updating the brain stem dead patients across hospitals. 319 more words

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