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A Disturbance in the Force

I received a response from the heart recipient family yesterday.  I hadn’t thought much about receiving a response since I mailed my letter four months ago. 804 more words


Planning for the future

We plan vacations. We plan weddings. We plan birthday parties. We plan for college. We plan for retirement. We plan our lives. Why should we not plan for our death? 512 more words

Clever organ donation PSA starring dog might break your heart

WATCH ABOVE: ‘The Man and the Dog’ organ donation PSA goes viral

TORONTO – A public service announcement intended for Argentina has gone global because of the incredible loyalty a dog shows to his dying owner. 141 more words


Dying Matters: Talk,Plan, Live

During Dying Matters Awareness Week, everyone should talk openly with those closest to them about dying, death and bereavement



Living Dead Girl

It started with my kidneys. One day I woke up and they just weren’t there anymore. I don’t know how I knew. I mean, it wasn’t like that urban legend where the girl wakes up in a tub of ice to find a massive gash in her lower back that’s been stitched up after someone removed her kidneys. 521 more words

Save a life after death: Donating Organs

I’ll keep this nice and short.

For those who don’t know, Australia recently started this show called Gogglebox, where we watch people watching TV. Thoughts of the show before it started were a bit sceptical, but the show turned out to be an enormous hit. 158 more words

This Is NOT A Ramble!