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Strength in a Heartbeat, Diary of a Heart Transplant, why I created my book

      My book Strength in a Heartbeat, Diary of a Heart Transplant was created from a

journal I would write in when Lauren and I were living in Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston Ma. 373 more words

Heart Transplant

Books, books, books - S1.E2

Welcome to the Lennox family's life.

Day 2

James and Marilyn wake up quite early waiting in eager anticipation for the summer festival in Bridgeport. Marilyn sees that it is raining outside and she gets changed into her outwear but when it stops raining, she gets dressed into her shorts and t-shirt. 308 more words

The Lennox Family

Why be an Organ Donor?

Hiya! I just thought I’d let you know I finalllllyyyyy signed up to be an organ donor! I know you can be whatever age to register as an organ donor but for some reason, I thought you had to be over eighteen. 664 more words


Untitled II

A few weeks off the blogging groove leaves an author such as I somewhat tongue-tied. There’s no shortage of current events to comment on, but who hasn’t heard enough already? 391 more words

SEPTEMBER 26 -- The Caitlin Book

From a little notebook of Caitlin’s:

April 27th, 2012
I am grateful for —
My parents
My friends
My apartment & car
My dog
My ability to be able to go out and have fun even though I’m sick.

469 more words

Are we murderers for not donating our organs?

Zell Kravinsky risked his life to donate his healthy kidney to a complete stranger. Would you do the same?

Kravinsky is a radical altruist. He believes in giving away as much as possible to others, including his nearly $45 million fortune and his own body parts. 571 more words

Economics Of Sin

The Repurposed Human Hand Backscratcher

Aren’t you tired of finding the perfect back scratcher? They’re so expensive and confusing. What should I pick? One with a tiny hand on the end of a stick or one with a tiny little rake on a stick? 124 more words