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8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Colon Cleansing

The colon is an organ that gets a lot of attention due to cancer risks, but that few people really understand. The colon is basically the last 5 feet of the large intestines, and its job is to absorb water, electrolytes, and nutrients from digested foods. 27 more words

A Reluctant Organist

If you asked me ten years ago if I would ever consider learning to play the organ I would probably say, “Nope.” For the last couple months, I have been pondering the idea and with the help of a fellow choir member and colleague, I found someone who was willing to teach me. 1,020 more words


How to Re-harmonize Hymns

Have you ever wanted to learn how to re-harmonize hymns, to accompany congregational singing? My latest blog post on Prelude Music Planner provides a 5-step process on how to do this. 21 more words


Red opens at 6pm on Monday...

Hot on the heels of Cultivate’s triumphant return to Dalston’s  beautiful basement gallery known as BSMT Space with the Fragile show two weeks ago, Cultivate brings you Red. 552 more words


13 Questions, an ongoing series of interviews with artists who excite...

Over on Cultivate’s Sister website Organ, you’ll find the start of an ongoing series of interview with artists, here’s the links to the first four… 257 more words


A quartet of concerts

Because we never seem to do anything by half, the last few weeks have featured more concerts than we’ve been to in months. 563 more words