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Rejuvenating our Blueberries

We have thirty-three blueberry bushes. This year eleven of them were harvested from, next year we will pick berries from twenty-seven bushes, and then in 2018 all thirty-three bushes will be mature enough to harvest from. 364 more words

Natural Gardening

Our Daily Life

Good afternoon!

Everymorning our free range chickens work in the organic rabbit feces fertilzer into our small vegetable garden.

Of course they all return to our chicken yard at feeding time. 217 more words


We started our spring prep.

Good evening,

We started prepping for spring planting today by moving our rabbit poop and chicken poop compost to our smaller vegetable garden.

The darker soil is our home made organic fertilzer. 201 more words


How to Use Recycling to Make a Cheap Organic Vegetable Garden

Recycling is really finding new ways to use old, discarded or seldom used items around the home or sometimes the dump. Being creative with these items will help you to save money and have the benefits as well. 478 more words

Eco-friendly Gardening

Bio Organic Fertilizer Liquids

Increasing  number of the green house and the home  gardens around the world are turning against the chemical fertilizers as the main source of the manure for their plants and turning towards the  bio fertilizers liquids .there  are certain number of reasons behind the vague of the idea that the foods that are grown out of  the chemical fertilizers are creating lot of health related problems and shaping into the form  of t epidemics they are un  natural and the not only spoiling the  fertility of the soil but causing lot of environmental problems also. 138 more words

Bio Fertilizer Plant

Liquid bio fertilizers

If we compare our physical strength and the sizes with our grandparents. We feel weaker than and smaller than them the nutrients contains in the food is the main factor behind the physical strength, our earlier generations were consuming cent percent organic foods full of natural nutrients and various types of health benefits while in the modern days there are numerous factor have lowered the standard of the food quality. 354 more words

Bio Fertilizer Plant

Dog Days of Summer: Recap of Food Forest

My blackberry plants have been ravaged by gophers.  By the time the plants wilt, it is too late.  Over the last year, I went from 67 plants to 17 mostly due to gopher damage.  489 more words

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