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Five Reasons to Create an Alfalfa Patch

Several years ago I planted four little patches of alfalfa in the orchard. I did that for a number of reasons. Here are five of them (I didn’t count the last two for reasons you will see): 906 more words

Holistic Gardening

A Beginner's Guide to Organic Gardening

By using only organic gardening supplies; your gardening tasks will be easier and more enjoyable.

Compost, an all natural soil amendment is made through the use of… 532 more words

Eco-friendly Gardening

What Gardening Can Do for Us

If you have the special ability to make plants grow and love growing plants, especially growing vegetables to eat, then organic vegetable gardening is the way to go. 465 more words

Eco-friendly Gardening

Molasses As Marijuana Fertilizer? Organic Fertilizer Tricks For Your Grow.

Perhaps some of you home growers (or those interested in starting your own grow) have heard of using molasses to improve growth and increase bud size, etc. 565 more words

Growing Tips, Tricks, And Techniques

Why Should we produce organic fertilizer?

what is organic fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer granules are a kind of natural based fertilizer which is usually used to help plants grow. Many organic fertilizers use all natural oceanic substances like fish guts and seaweed and poultry manure like cow manure,sheep manure and chicken manure. 326 more words

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Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Homeowners appreciate a decent, thick and green lawn. However, they all do not want to pollute their yards with chemical fertilizers that are also detrimental to the environment. 492 more words

Eco-friendly Gardening

How to Take Care of Organic Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are important investments that give your yard/ landscape a lifelong lush view. Organic trees and shrubs rely on naturally made fertilizers and pesticides to ward off pests and harmful insects. 479 more words

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