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What are the Advantages of Organic Fertilizer?

Organic fertilizers are fertilizer blend which contain one or more types of organic matter. The ingredients may be vegetable or animal matter or a mix of the two. 410 more words

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Organic Fertilizer

Best Products from Chungbuk, Korea

Microzen specializes in developing and manufacturing eco-friendly organic fertilizers using microorganisms.

The enterprise owns patented technology for producing Aminofertilizer using microorganisms for enzyme decomposition of animal proteins. 152 more words

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The best organic fertilizer (it's made from fish)

I caught up with Phil Lansing of Carpe Carpum—you’ll read about him in our August issue—to learn more about his Idaho-produced organic fish fertilizer made from invasive European carp in nearby freshwater rivers and lakes. 522 more words

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Enjoy the Sun this summer with Healthier Lawns and Gardens

With a shinning sun above in the sky, anyone would love to have beautiful lush green lawn or garden at their property. Studies have shown healthy lawn or garden helps in creating plenty of oxygen, which is considered good for the environment. 406 more words

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Closing The Loop: Generating High Quality Compost from Food Waste

Everyday, we at Saahas manage 12 tons of waste. We compost close to 5 tons of food waste everyday to generate 15-20 tons of high quality compost a month. 465 more words


Oregon Food Processor Wants To Turn Invasive Carp into Organic Fertilizer

Introduced to Malheur Lake as early as the 1920s, likely as a food source for people living in the arid region, the invasive carp have now taken over the lake. 234 more words

Liquid Fertilizer/Aerator Creates a Healthier Lawn

We all know that basic lawn care practices like fertilizing and watering are necessary to have a healthy lawn.  But it is equally important that water. 383 more words

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