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WHAT Are We Eating?

If you’ve watched the above videos, and you’re like me, you must be wondering why food processors are doing these things to our foods. If you Google to “georgia guide stones” you will catch my drift: REDUCE THE WORLD’S POPULATION TO FIVE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE!! 74 more words


Pecan Pie - Recipe of the month

This month for our recipe of the month, we’ve got a classic: Grandma’s Pecan Pie.

Check out how easy it is. 30 more words

Health advantages of Organic Food & Skin Care

If most likely tired of the damaging chemicals, dyes, and additives found in your food, organic and natural is the way to go. Great for your well being, our selection of… 388 more words

Are You Feeding These Deadly Ingredients to Your Family?

Food can be classified into to one basic category: life-giving sustenance.

Yet, habitually¬†we ingest “stuff” that is not food at all. In fact it is the opposite of food, it is poison. 244 more words


Arkansas Grown

Imagine fresh fruits and vegetables grown without chemical pesticides picked especially for you each week from your own community. That is what is happening in central Arkansas. 420 more words


The Organic Rebound

So in America, there’s a lot of dirty things that goes down. This country has its ups and downs but what doesn’t? Everyone is always distracted by something like politics, the news, exercising, diets etcetera. 318 more words

Food And Health

Why Pete And Gerry's Organic Eggs Are Better Than Farm Fresh

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While pastured, organic eggs are the very best on the market, the cost is often prohibitive and the availability scarce. Many people buy… 527 more words