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August 21st, 2015 - The Extension Hour - Better Living for Texans

Your Host, Yvonne J. Welther talks about “Going Green with Organic”.

Consumers are not only interested in the nutrients and benefits of a healthy diet. They want to know in what goes into the production of the foods they eat. 486 more words


All fruits and vegetables are created equal! Not necessarily…

Adding a variety of fruits and vegetables and of course a larger quantity of them is now a focus for our family. However, which ones, how much? 923 more words

5 Ground Beef Labels To Look Out For & What They Mean

So you’re eating burgers at a cookout with some friends. One pal asks the host, “Hey, is this ground beef organic?” The host smugly answers, “Of course, I only buy grass-fed.” “Oh, so it’s antibiotic free?” queries another buddy, to which the host replies, “Didn’t you hear me? 587 more words

No more high prices for quality or organic products! Let your paycheck stay holy and out of whole paycheck foods. Save 50% on coconut and other oils, organic foods, pet care, nutrition, beauty, health, baby foods, bath and body, home goods and more!   6 more words


Peaches & The Farmer's Market

Guess what tomorrow is?

It’s National Eat A Peach Day. I looooove peaches, especially white peaches. They’re probably one of my favorite fruits. No national proclamation required for me to fawn over this fragrant stone fruit that drips down your wrist with its peachy-goodness the minute you bite into a ripe one. 321 more words


The big business behind the local food

Consumers’ appetite for local foods is exploding. Overall, local foods generated $11.7 billion in sales in 2014, and will climb to $20.2 billion by 2019, … 912 more words


Protein Shakes

Hahahah this post is funny! check it out.Some good points about protein shakes:


Term of the day:

Organic foods: Foods that are free of chemicals,pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. 101 more words

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