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A Healthy Diet Ain't What It Used To Be

Google the words “healthy soil,” and you’ll find a plethora of initiatives across the country seeking to save our farms and ranches.

Why is the quantity and quality of our soil so important? 695 more words

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Parker: Blush Lane Organic Market a fresh face in Bridgeland

Sellers of produce talk about the importance of freshness. At Blush Lane Organic Market, you can smell it when walking into the new store on the north side of the Meredith Block at the bottom of Edmonton Trail N.E. 660 more words

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Crazy Thing My Gremlins Taught Me About Antioxidants

Gremlins and Stalkers.

When weird things happen, people like to blame the gremlins. My gremlins have names. Whenever something really weird happens, something disappears or goes missing, strange gifts arrive, or any other event that I can’t explain, I jestingly blame my gremlins. 615 more words

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Huge Reason Organic Oranges Are Better than Conventional

Growing up in a small town, where the nearest big city was an hour drive, I learned several things about growing conventional oranges. On the commute to the “big city” we passed by thousands and thousands of orange trees, and I was able to observe some interesting practices. 598 more words


'Misleading' lessons in modern agriculture?

I read with interest how middle grade students recently attended an organic food production event at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. It’s great when students learn where their food comes from, especially those who might not have family or friends in agriculture. 213 more words


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The fancy label……

Recently I have seen my friends all leaning towards buying more organic produce. And I am no different then them , I want the best for my family too. 50 more words

Organic Foods

Hands on learning teaches kids about organic food

Chantel Kaufmann had an ulterior motive when she brought her students from Pilot Butte School to an organic food event at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. 457 more words