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Jivabhumi A Trusted Fresh and Healthy Food Suppliers

Jivabhumi is building a farmer and consumer community and connecting the consumers with local farmers for the supply and consumption of naturally grown food. This food is safe as well as healthy. 497 more words

Organic Foods


Reluctantly, we’re back reviewing the “news”.

Probably better to watch grass grow and actually, watching grass grow might be more interesting given the “news” that the main street media is having their next cow about – that being the current POTUS firing the FBI Director (great stuff to keep that Russiaphobia shyte going), and the former POTUS  596 more words


How to Eat Organic Foods on a Budget?

While organic food is healthier than conventional food, some people put up a very logical argument as to why they cannot eat it – it’s expensive, and rightly so. 498 more words

Organic Foods

question: what does organic really mean?

The word organic is popping up everywhere. Organic milk, strawberries, and tomatoes. Organic cotton and organic pet food. These items are undoubtedly more expensive than their conventional counterparts and they are often stigmatized as being yuppie products or just another marketing scheme. 426 more words


10 Survival Tips That Kept Your Great-Grandparents Alive

Written by: Kathy Bernier Extreme Survival [ repost: http://www.offthegridnews.com/extreme-survival/10-survival-tips-that-kept-your-great-grandparents-alive/ ] Unless you are fairly young, chances are your great-grandparents already have passed on. But if they were around in today’s tenuous times, our great-grandparents might have a few words of advice for us.

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Green Eating, Bees and Butterflies: How Pollinators are Linked to Nutrition

As the weather turns warmer and flowers start to bloom, you may have noticed more pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, visiting those flowers.  What you may not realize is that animal pollinators (which also include many other types of insects, such as beetles and ants, and larger animals, such as bats and birds) are needed for the production of… 346 more words

Rhubarb, strawberry and apple crumble

The Swiss grocery stores and markets now have fresh rhubarb and today, I made a rhubarb, strawberry and apple crumble. This healthy and easy-to-make dessert is packed with minerals, vitamins, organic compounds and fibre. 310 more words