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Chilling Out with Chickens and Dogs, and Other Thanksgiving Adventures

Yet another Ocean Beach Orphan Thanksgiving has come and gone. This year we had about thirteen people, so a “small” gathering indeed. I did a 22 pound turkey just in case though. 510 more words

Backyard Chickens

About letting it RELIVE before it gets recycled

Store-bought celery does sprout!

​Most often, I look at internet tips with a good deal of scepticism (while being fully aware that I add to the stockpile quite a bit and quite often, too!). 278 more words

Endlessly Green

Farmstart Woodbank at Woodbank Park

Are you looking to make a gradual transition from community or allotment growing to commercial production, build up your skills and experiment with organic growing on a larger scale. 54 more words


My Tips for Sustainable Living

I am loving Nathan Crane’s series on sustainable living.

I am learning a lot from the people in this series and gaining new insights and new ideas.  602 more words

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

I like to think that all my plants are in good condition but occasionally I have to think again. Sometimes when visiting other gardens I see plants bursting with health and I realise that I’ve been neglecting mine. 806 more words

Collecting Autumn Leaves

How I manage Marestail (proper name Horsetail)

I carefully dug the whole plot a spade and a half deep and removed every bit of root I could. Then I dug a spade depth trenches every 4ft and filled them with woodchippings, leaving permanent beds in between. 68 more words

How to further enrich your compost

First things first: My first experiment with lab-produced microbes took place in June 2013. And, I am still learning. One lifetime is not enough to unravel the mysteries hidden in a fistful of soil. 814 more words

Endlessly Green