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Much at stake

I (stupidly) forgot to take any photographs of my rye winter cover crop before Jon tilled my garden for spring planting, but it was impressive. Supposedly, the density of the cover crop will have choked out much of the weeds that have plagued my garden and my sanity for the last two years. 582 more words


Soil Recipe-1: Amudham solution, a catalyst for plant growth

War, pestilence, even climate change, are trifles by comparison.
Destroy the soil and we all starve.
– George Monbiot.

This is the International Year of Soils. 275 more words

Endlessly Green

Cabbage Patch, Calendula & Diamataceous Earth

I may have been a little over enthusiastic in sowing the seeds for my cabbage patch.  I have over 60 little plants.  Cabbage is great for saurkraut, of course,  and if you make your own you can add all sort of good things to it…carrots, kale, onions..even oranges.   215 more words


What is landscaping? - ArtyPlantz

I love this essay; I love the underlying thought and philosophy it is base on.  What is landscaping? – ArtyPlantz.

Looking out my kitchen window at my back yard, I have never thought of what’s… 284 more words

Organic Gardening

Spring Flowers, Winter Thaw

The first flower has  sprung!  Most of the snow in the front yard has melted.  The back yard is still  snowy but a heat wave of 60 degrees is coming so that should be gone soon.   77 more words


Compost, Honestly.

It’s colorful, it’s wormy, it’s a personal recycling plant, and it’s easy as pie. If you’re not yet a compost-er, please become one. If you’d like to be inspired or to know how, please read-on. 283 more words


My Artistic Bliss on Pinterest

I love Pinterest!

Pinterest is a fun way to collect and organize inspiration for whatever passions you may have or project you may be working on, and easily  access it whenever you’d like. 148 more words

The Artful Life