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Bees Susceptible to Neonics Used on Seeds & Seedlings

If you’re an organic gardener, you don’t use neonics which we know are killing bees and damaging the environment. Or so you think.

But, if you are not buying organic seeds and organic plants, you very well may be poisoning bees right in your own back yard. 162 more words

Organic Gardening

Dog Kisses Chicken. Chicken Kicks Dog in the Head.

I’ve been working on part two of the Mexico City trip and should have that up this weekend. But I just had to share this very short video with you guys as it’s had me laughing all day long. 88 more words

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That Solarize Thing

So how did your Solarized bed do? Mine fried like I wanted it to. If you missed the Frost last week, I believe you will have another chance on April 3rd on the Eastern Seaboard, just watch your weather, and remember when the weatherman says, “Cover your tenders” then uncover your Solarized bed. 16 more words

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Beekeeping: Getting Started!

The buzz about beekeeping seems to be getting louder or maybe I am just listening a bit better.

Margaret Roach’s podcast this week is with Olivia Carroll, author of The Bees in Your Backyard. 314 more words

Organic Gardening

How Easy Is Organic Gardening? Very!

I wrote Grow So Easy; Organic Gardening for the Rest of Us forĀ a young woman who wanted to go organic but was sure it was just too hard to do. 676 more words

Organic Gardening

Garden Beds!!

It probably goes without saying, but it’s difficult to have a vegetable garden without garden beds.

Unfortunately, being seven months pregnant isn’t doing my lower back or hips any favors, so depending on the nature of the task, I either have to take it in small chunks or leave it in the hands of someone who is, for the time being, more physically capable than I am. 509 more words

Organic Gardening


I took a walk around the garden this mild spring afternoon. I went to see what vegetables are still growing, and what young tender shoots or flowers are hiding here and there, and of course they were. 410 more words

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