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From the Garden: Springtime Update

Spring has sprung. April showers, warmer temperatures, and hands-on attention make a happy garden. Farming is subject to the whims of Mother Nature, and so far, she seems content to help. 384 more words

Finally got back to the garden after a week of heavy rain. We just planted some new plant babies recently (dragon carrots, tomatoes, a few different kinds of lettuces, and kale) and I was really excited to see how they were doing. 251 more words

Beer Trap

April; The Cruelest Month for Gardeners

It is April, beautiful April in my backyard.

When I walk into my garden, I know that no matter what goes on in Washington, D.C., I have this patch of peace, of paradise, to turn to. 271 more words

Organic Gardening

Webfinder : Green Lawn & Garden

Bug Review offers descriptions of some common home & garden insect pests, with photographs, habits, potential damage, and non-chemical control recommendations (University of Illinois). 444 more words

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A Garden Interview With Douglas And PJ Worth

This garden interview is with my friend PJ Worth and her dad Doulgas Worth.  PJ has grown deep roots on the place where she has lived and gardened for her whole life.   480 more words

Organic Gardening

New Vegetable Varieties for Organic Gardens

An organic garden is fun to maintain due to the different crops a gardener can grow throughout the year. The crops grown, in this case, vegetables are mostly determined by the different seasons in which they are to be grown. 698 more words

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