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Organic Squash Vine Borer Control for Zucchini

So it all started with what I thought was an overwatering problem.  My zucchini was doing amazing and then one day I came out to find many of the leaves on the plant wilted and pretty much lifeless.  1,044 more words


The best invention ever

In just two weeks, we had hundreds of them snared. Leafhoppers, cucumber beetles, mealybugs – all hopelessly trapped in our garden, thanks to the genius invention that is the yellow sticky trap. 168 more words


2012/2013 Shoppers guide to Pesticides in Produce...What not to buy

The environmental working group released those vegetables and fruits that tend to be more ridden with pesticides.

The 14 fruite and vegetables most ridden with pesticides are: 108 more words

9 Secrets to creating a Natural Pest Control Program

Creating a  natural pest control program is a much safer and better than using harsh chemicals, pesticides and insecticides. When we use these harsh chemicals we are only creating a temporary solution. 534 more words

Why Use Organic Insect Controls

There are several reasons to use organic insect controls.

1. Chemicals and pesticides are toxic and can cause harm to you, your family or animals. Many pest control companies and do it yourselfers do not read the pesticide labels correctly therefore not using the product the way it is intended. 135 more words

Bedbug sprays fail to kill even vulnerable insects in researchers’ test

I found this study on the web. It just goes to show again that using pesticides are not the way to get rid of bedbugs. 683 more words

Organic Insect Control for Ants - I Will Reveal My Secret "Witches Brew"

My customers always ask me how to get rid of insects, especially ants, using natural and organic products.

SO, here it is:

Ingredients: 5tsp brown sugar, 2tsp honey, 3cups boiling water, 6tsp boric acid, 3cups tap water, a spray bottle and a few bottled water caps. 162 more words