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My Elflings have been bugging me to make latkes, so last night I caved. I do love potato pancakes, but I don’t always feel like making them. 129 more words

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Veggie Sandwich

I was so excited to have more veggiennaise, that I made yummy tomato and mixed greens sandwiches. They were so delicious!

I had to be fast to grab this shot.  21 more words

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Happily Healing

Last week I burned my fingers making Mandioca Frita, but I’m super-happy with how well they’re (especially my left, middle digit) is healing. 100 more words

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Colourful Juice Blend

This was the blend of fruit and veg (apples, ginger, yellow beets, carrots, beet stalks, kale) I put through our juicer yesterday. The colours are so cheerful, and the juice itself was gorgeous! 24 more words

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Veggie Burgers

I’ve been curious about making Veggie Burgers, but until tonight hadn’t taken “the plunge” and tried. I’m happy I did! They were a massive hit. =0) 254 more words

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April 1st Birthday ~ Chocolate Marble Cake

Despite this photo, my cakes are not radioactive.

It was my mother’s birthday today, so I was busy making a cake to bring for her. I wanted to dodge any potential queries from my Elflings for nosh, so I also brought along a… 270 more words

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Spinach Biscuits

Our yummy Spinach Biscuits from lunch. They were super-good, and came together pretty quick. I was craving garlic biscuits, so we whipped these up.

Biscuits… 169 more words
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