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Facebook Posts: There is No Ideal Time

When Facebook started to be a tool for digital marketers, there was a whole slew of data that came out about ideal posting times. Each digital marketing consulting company had a different time of day and day of the week that they designated the “ideal posting time.” 577 more words

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How to Use “Spammy” Website Tricks Efficiently

Let’s start right off the bat and make it very clear that we are not encouraging you to spam your customers or trap people with clickbait. 715 more words

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How Online Reviews Impact Your Business

Word of mouth regarding people’s interactions and experiences with a business, has been the age old method of spreading the word about the reputation of a business. 575 more words

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Writing Web Content People Will Read

Creating web content is hard sometimes. Creating web content that people will actually read is even harder. When it comes to writing for the web, you have to create content carefully and intentionally. 655 more words

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Posting Your Blog Content on Facebook

Having a corporate blog is an important digital marketing strategy. It helps with SEO, gives your customers and clients important information, helps educate new customers and clients, and is a great platform to talk about what you do and how you do it. 627 more words

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Why Your Organic Facebook Reach is Declining

It’s no secret that Facebook’s organic reach has been declining over the last few years. If you are a marketer and have noticed that fewer and fewer people seem to see your Facebook content unless it is boosted, you aren’t going crazy. 600 more words

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How to Calculate the Value of Organic Traffic

So how do you calculate the value of organic Search Engine traffic? Assessing the value of organic traffic may seem like a daunting task. However, if you know the value of organic keywords, the process won’t be so difficult as you initially thought despite being organic. 517 more words